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Your Amazing Hands Deserve
a Hand Blessing Ceremony

Hand blessings ceremonies are apparently common in hospitals. For those who use their hands for healing, blessing or any other sacred work, it’s a lovely idea.

Hand blessing ceremony
Creating ritual can be extremely satisfying, so I encourage you to create your own, but below are some simple ideas to get you started.

I would envision this happening outdoors, with participants sitting in a circle with a small table in the center (or a cloth directly on the ground), on which the various physical elements of the ceremony would rest. To minimize talking during the ritual, you can explain how it will work beforehand.

Simple Hand Blessing Ceremony

Welcome and gather the group

Ground and center; spend a little time together in stillness

Speaker 1: Bless these hands and the sacred work that they do.

Speaker 2: May they be able to lay their burdens down when they are weary.

  • Each participant is given two rocks (one for each hand), which they hold to clear the hands of energy that doesn’t serve their highest good.
  • Thank the rocks and return them to the ground.

Speaker 3: May they be channels for the light.

  • Clear and re-charge the hands by pouring over them water that has been left outside for 24 hours to absorb the energy of the sun, moon and stars.
  • Thank the water, the sun, moon and stars.

Speaker 4: May they receive as well as give.

  • Participants face each other in pairs. Person A holds Person B’s right hand sandwiched between their two hands, sending loving, healing energy. Repeat with left hand. Then A and B switch roles.
  • Thank each other.

Speaker 5: May they be instruments of love and consciousness.

  • Each person holds their hands over their heart chakra for a few moments, then turns them palm up toward the sky, sending loving, healing energy out into the universe.
  • Thank the universe for being.

Speaker 1: Bless these hands and the sacred work that they do.

End with a “namaste” or other suitable gesture.

It’s always nice to share food after a ceremony.

Whether or not you decide to do a hand blessing ceremony, please accept my blessing:

Bless your hands and the sacred work that they do. May they bring you joy, connection and meaning. May they be sensitive, feeling what words cannot say. May they be tender, bringing loving witness to suffering. May they be strong and useful, bringing into the world what is needed. May they channel light and express the love in the divine heart.

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