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There Are Many Ways To Experience Energy

And You Probably Already Are, You're Just Not Calling It That

Many people seem to feel that they can't perceive subtle energy. They expect it to feel a certain way, usually the way their teacher or classmates describe it. But it can appear in so many ways. Simply put, there are many ways to experience energy, and you probably are perceiving it without identifying it as that.

Starry Night, By Vincent Van GoghI think Van Gogh saw energy and painted what he saw.
I particularly love it when people who have no knowledge and no expectations of energy healing have dramatic experiences on the table. Recently this happened with a young man who came in to see me. While I was working on him, he experienced what he described as ongoing swells of blue and purple (in his mind’s eye).

A fair number of my clients have experiences of color like this, which I interpret as healing energy in frequencies specific to their needs. I think of them as medicine-colors.

But my young client didn’t know this. For him, it was an authentic, first-time experience of the energy. People’s first-time experiences, especially, never cease to thrill me.

These direct experiences can come in many forms. I remember one early experience I had receiving energy healing. I had come to an energy healer because I was feeling really crummy, and I knew from experience that I had pneumonia. At some point during the session, I was overcome with delicious laughter. I laughed, I roared, I nearly fell on the floor with laughter. It went on and on. It felt so good, and I bounced back from the pneumonia in record time. (As a side note, the energy healer in this case was very responsible and made me swear I would make an appointment with my doctor the very next day. Which I did. Don’t take chances with pneumonia!)

Some of the Many Ways To Experience Energy

In my practice, I’ve seen people experience the energy (or its movement) as

  • light
  • insights and intuitions
  • heat (and occasionally cold)
  • physical reactions such as jumping, twitching, shivering, sneezing, coughing, body movements, ears popping, sighs and deep breaths
  • a clear sense of the presence of the Divine
  • emotional release (e.g. tears or laughter)
  • a current of electricity
  • spirit guides
  • visits from loved ones who have passed on
  • visits from various animals
  • a sense of greater aliveness
  • buzzing or tingling in the body
  • movement or flow (like a current) in their body
  • a knowingness of something
  • something being released from the body, energy field, or mind
  • a hand on their body when they are not being physically touched
  • fire
  • a sacred web
  • a sense of deep peace and calm
  • a sense of everything being right and in harmony
  • and, as I’ve mentioned, as color.

But you may have had different experiences with it. There really is no way that is right or wrong or better or worse. How do YOU experience energy?

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