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Cultivating Your Crown Chakra,
the Gateway to Unity Consciousness

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For each of us, it is possible to rise above the worries and confusion of daily life and have a sense of peace, harmony, unconditional love, and even bliss. It is possible to feel unity with all things, including one's "higher power."

Seven chakras© Felix Malu Muluilay |
Clearing, balancing, and cultivating your sixth chakra can help you prepare for these higher spiritual states.

Highest of the seven chakras, the it is located at the top of the head. Called Sahasrara in Sanskrit, it governs spirituality, pure consciousness, transcendence, and unity with the divine.

Clearing your crown chakra can help you fully connect to the Divine power, however you interpret that. Read on to learn five ways that you can clear and cultivate this key energy center. But first:

What Is The Crown Chakra

 The crown chakra is the highest of the seven chakras.
Crown Chakra location(c) Dane Gregory Meyer
It is located at the top of the head (or just above). Its keywords are "transcendence" and "pure consciousness." It is associated with the colors white and purple, and the element consciousness. The seventh chakra is often pictured as a lotus flower, opening to allow spiritual awakening.

The seventh chakra is an avenue to higher states of consciousness. As we develop it, we become increasingly aware of consciousness itself--the eternal part of us that is beyond ego, thought, feeling, and body. This brings more harmony and peace to our lives.

When fully awakened, the crown chakra is said to confer unity-consciousness--the supra-mental understanding that separateness from anything, including God, is an illusion. The fully developed seventh chakra unifies us with the Divine Source, as well as everything else in the universe. This is said to be unimaginably blissful.

The more connected we are to our spiritual source, the more harmonious our life can be. Many nagging issues may just drop away; answers to deep questions and problems seem near-by. We know our spiritual purpose, our reason for incarnation. We feel unconditional love and radiate it back out to others. We are truly liberated, and can live a life of great clarity, meaning, and value.

Awakening of this chakra is said to be the last step in the evolution of human consciousness.

Is Your Seventh Chakra Healthy?

Someone with a relatively clear, balanced, and developed crown chakra usually considers themselves a spiritual (though not necessarily religious) person. They usually spend regular time in prayer, meditation, or other devotions, and enjoy peaceful activities. They have a sense of meaning in life, and feel connected to a higher power or larger purpose, and to the rest of being in general. They may have glimpses of unity-consciousness and spiritual bliss. They radiate good-will and compassionate amusement. They are mentally stable and fairly well grounded, and although they may be indifferent to many social conventions, they still maintain their bodies and at least a few relationships.

A person with a highly developed seventh chakra is usually widely recognized as an an advanced or enlightened spiritual master or teacher.

5 Ways to Cultivate Your Crown Chakra

So you'd like a greater sense of meaning and purpose, more harmony and inner peace, a stronger connection to all-that-is? Here are five ideas for developing your seventh chakra:

  1. Visit places such as mountain-tops that offer high, clear vistas. From the "space between thoughts," dissolve separation and allow yourself to be a part of what you see.
  2. Surrender a problem to your higher power. Be grateful for the help that will come.
  3. Sit with a natural object to which you feel an affinity, such as a tree or large rock. Practice feeling your connection to it.
  4. Breathe the 7th chakra essential oils of rose or lotus (Don't apply directly to skin.), or the scent of the real flowers. Feel their molecules mingling with yours.
  5. Repeat an affirmation such as:
    • "I am connected to and supported by everything in the universe."
    • "I am surrounded and filled by unconditional love."
    • "I walk in complete peace and harmony."
    • "I am open to experiencing my true nature."
    • "I am one with everything I perceive."
    • "Each day, I become more conscious." "

A Seventh Chakra Blessing

May you be at peace. May you see your true nature. May you understand that you are free. May you feel your inseparable connection to all that is, was, and will be.

Learn More Ways To Balance, Align and Support Your Crown Chakra

If you want to learn more fun, practical, down-to-earth activities and exercises to balance and align the seventh chakra (as well as the other six chakras!), you can find them in my book, "Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life"

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Intention Matters!

Remember, when working with your subtle energy, intention matters! Before doing any of the activities above, set your intention. For example, you might set and hold a general intention for Crown chakra healing, or a more specific goal of having more peace in your life.

Just make your purpose clear, perform the activity mindfully, and as you're doing it, occasionally take a moment to silently affirm that your actions are creating your intention. Using any of the activities above in conjunction with an affirmation is especially effective.

Seek Professional Help If

Remember, these suggestions are not meant to replace qualified professional health care. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, seek the help of a qualified medical or mental health professional.

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