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Chakra Blockages

and Your Physical and Energetic Health

Chakra blockages are a common energetic problem. By learning more about this phenomenon, you can achieve a deeper health.

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What Are the Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers, or portals in the human energy field. Located along the central channel of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head, they are conceived of as whirling, wheel-like vortices through which universal/cosmic energy flows into and out of a person.

There are seven major chakras, plus many minor ones. Each chakra corresponds to specific glands, organs, and facets of your being.

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. First, it flows up and down along the central channel, connecting the chakras. Second, it flows horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the cosmos.

Blocked Chakras

Chakras can become blocked. The free flow of energy in and out, plus the flow of energy to other chakras, is impeded. Chakra blockages can have significant impact on your entire energy system.

A good description of chakra blockage and its significance comes from the Chios Healing Level II manual (

Blocked chakras coincide with certain psychological issues—with certain existential biases that the patient has adopted in their relationship to reality. These existential biases inhibit the wider range of self-awareness and action available to the patient, restricting it to a limited range of expression. . . .The manner in which the energy in the chakra system (and the body) is similarly restricted, and cannot operate freely and effectively at certain levels, reflects the corresponding way in which the entire life process has become restricted. . . . Unblocking chakras, in concert with other techniques, often provides a great deal of emotional healing and spiritual healing for the patient, and prevents physical disease, too.

Energy healing can help to open chakras and return the physical and energetic systems to better health.

Blockages In Individual Chakras

How might chakra blockages manifest in a person's life or physical body?
  • First Chakra Blocked
    Overly fearful about security and survival, ungrounded, flighty, fearful, feeling of not belonging anywhere, weak constitution; or overly practical, lacking dreams and imagination, plodding, habitual, tied down, difficulty letting go; fear; problems with bones, feet, legs, colon, elimination, weight.
  • Second Chakra Blocked
    Emotionally cold, low-energy, low libido, difficulty changing, difficulty experiencing joy, holds back; or hyper-emotional, overly sexual, overly focused on physical pleasure; guilt; problems with reproductive and urinary systems
  • Third Chakra Blocked
    Lack of confidence, difficulty manifesting desires, lack of self-esteem; or misuse of power, dominance, over-reliance on will (potentially leading to physical exhaustion); shame; problems with digestion, hypertension, fatigue, adrenals; diabetes, allergies
  • Fourth Chakra Blocked
    4th chakra blockage is especially significant because it is in the middle, uniting the upper and lower chakras. Among other things, blockage can manifest as loneliness, lack of emotional fulfillment and difficulty accepting or giving love, lack of compassion; or as unhealthy relationships, "loving too much," love manifesting at a low vibration, or a lack of sense of connection to the divine or to nature; unresolved sorrow; problems with heart or lungs; asthma
  • Fifth Chakra Blocked
    Inability to communicate ideas, problems with self-expression (expression of own truth), problems with creativity; or uncontrolled, low-value, inconsistent communication, manipulative, deceptive of self or others; problems with neck, shoulders, thyroid
  • Sixth Chakra Blocked
    Lack of imagination, lack of vision, lack of concentration, blocked or clouded intuition, can't see "big picture"; or distorted vision, delusional, distorted imagination, misuse of intuition; or overly reliant on logic and intellect; problems with vision, headaches, nightmares
  • Seventh Chakra Blocked
    Spacy, ungrounded, impractical, indecisive, difficulty with finishing things, no common sense, depressed, alienated, confused; or cut off from spirituality, plagued by sense of meaninglessness; or delusional, grandiose; problems with brain, cognition, mental illness

Learn More About Chakra Blockages and How to Clear Them

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