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Gift: Healing Presence Guided Meditation

----by Nancy Hausauer


If you’re feeling discomfort or pain, my guided meditation below is designed to help. It’ll help you bring healing consciousness to places in your body that are trying to get your attention (in other words, places that are in discomfort).

The body loves our presence in it; it loves and thrives on consciousness. So being fully present to your body, especially to a place of pain or discomfort, is very healing and balancing. It can result in subtle changes, or in dramatic ones. In either case, it’s always good.

In the approximately 12 minute meditation, you’ll be guided to give your full attention, your open, compassionate, non-judgmental listening, to your body. Often this is enough to resolve pain or discomfort.

The volume of the recording is a little quiet, so you may want to grab some earphones. Then settle into a comfortable place and start the mediation.

Healing Presence Guided Meditation

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Namaste, Nancy


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Your Amazing Hands Deserve a Hand Blessing Ceremony

--by Nancy Hausauer


My friend Peggy introduced me to the idea of Hand Blessings, which are apparently common in hospitals. For those who use their hands for healing, blessing or any other sacred work, it’s a lovely idea.

Creating ritual can be extremely satisfying, so I encourage you to create your own. Below are some simple ideas to get you started, though.

I would envision this happening outdoors, with participants sitting in a circle with a small table in the center (or a cloth directly on the ground), on which the various physical elements of the ceremony would rest. To minimize talking during the ritual, you can explain how it will work beforehand.

Simple Hand Blessing Ceremony

Welcome and gather the group

Ground and center; spend a little time together in stillness

Speaker 1: Bless these hands and the sacred work that they do.

Speaker 2: May they be able to lay their burdens down when they are weary.

  • Each participant is given two rocks (one for each hand), which they hold to clear the hands of energy that doesn’t serve their highest good.
  • Thank the rocks and return them to the ground.

Speaker 3: May they be channels for the light.

  • Clear and re-charge the hands by pouring over them water that has been left outside for 24 hours to absorb the energy of the sun, moon and stars.
  • Thank the water, the sun, moon and stars.

Speaker 4: May they receive as well as give.

  • Participants face each other in pairs. Person A holds Person B’s right hand between their two hands, sending loving, healing energy. Repeat with left hand. Then A and B switch roles.
  • Thank each other.

Speaker 5: May they be instruments of love and consciousness.

  • Each person holds their hands over their heart chakra for a few moments, then turns them palm up toward the sky, sending loving, healing energy out into the universe.
  • Thank the universe for being.

Speaker 1: Bless these hands and the sacred work that they do.

End with a “namaste” or other suitable gesture.

It’s always nice to share food after a ceremony.


Whether or not you decide to do a hand blessing ceremony, please accept my blessing:

    Bless your hands and the sacred work that they do. May they bring you joy, connection and meaning. May they be sensitive, feeling what words cannot say. May they be tender, bringing loving witness to suffering. May they be strong and useful, bringing into the world what is needed. May they channel light and express the love in the divine heart.

Namaste, Nancy

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How Can I Help My Beloved Experience Pleasure? - Advice to a Reader

--by Nancy Hausauer

My fiancé doesn't get any pleasure making love. I have your book — is there a particular chakra I/we should work with, or are there other things we can do?


Nancy’s Answer

For issues regarding sexuality and pleasure, you and your fiancee should both definitely work on your 2nd chakras. She and you can choose any of the exercises in the section of Chakra Care titled “How to Clear, Balance and Nurture Your Second Chakra.” Choose the activities that appeal to you.  You can do them alone or together.  Just do them with the intention to support the 2nd chakra.

I also recommend you both do activities from the section “How to Clear, Balance and Nurture Your Fourth Chakra.”  This will help strengthen the love and connection between you. Deepening the bond between you will help your fiancee to deepen her trust of you, which may in turn allow her to be more open sexually.

I also suggest that the two of you do activities in the section titled “How to Clear, Balance and Nurture Your Fifth Chakra.” The idea here is to support strong communication between you, which is essential in every marriage, both for the relationship part and for the sexual part. The best sexual relationships are ones in which the partners talk to each other about what they like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t, how they're feeling toward each other both in the bedroom and out of it. Working with your fifth chakra will help with this.

Beyond working with your chakras, if there are things that happened in your fiancee’s past that are making it hard for her to enjoy sex, she may need to see a counselor to help her process and heal them. Even if nothing emotionally/sexually damaging happened to her in her past, in many cultures and/or families, young girls are taught that sex is bad. Then they get engaged or married and suddenly sex is supposed to be good and they’re expected to immediately drop all of those years of training about the supposed evils of sex. Understandably, this can be difficult. Love and patience are necessary.

Finally, I suggest you both do some reading and learning about the female body and sexuality. Female sexual response is different than male, and learning more about it can be helpful for both of you.

I hope this helps. Your love and concern for your fiancee is commendable. I think you will make a good husband! I wish you both a long and happy life together.

Sincerely, Nancy

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Lessons of the Summer Solstice: Savor, Absorb, Appreciate

--by Nancy Hausauer

June 21 will be the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Wisdom of Summer


Like every season, Summer has its particular wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. One of its important lessons is about absorbing, savoring and appreciating:

  • absorbing light
  • savoring sweetness
  • appreciating beauty.

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s hustle and bustle, marching through the wonders of our world unconsciously, lost in thought, so busy that we forget how quickly summers fly by, flowers fade, children grow up, the circus moves on to the next town.

Some moments are perfect: sweet, warm and beautiful, like a lazy, rose-scented afternoon. Summer reminds us to be fully present for these moments. They feed our energy fields, making them strong and vibrant and helping to keep them from becoming depleted during leaner and more challenging times.

Feed Your Field

This summer (and all year long), be an apprentice to the wisdom of the season. Drink deeply of the things that feed your soul. Whenever you encounter light, beauty, sweetness and joy, bring them fully into your body and your energy field.

Here are a few ideas for doing that:

  • Take a single ripe berry and really enjoy all its sensory qualities.

  • Devote a whole day to enjoying a particular sense.

  • Meditate on a flower, noticing as many things about it as you can.

  • Watch a whole sunset or sunrise.

  • Go somewhere remote where you can lie down on a blanket and marvel at the starry sky.

  • Take a morning or afternoon off and do nothing. (No TV or electronics.)

  • Cook a meal that epitomizes summer.

  • Enjoy breathing.

A Poem That Says It All

This excerpt from Mary Oliver’s “A Summer’s Day” captures the kind of radical presence and savoring I’m talking about:

… I don't know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?


Have a beautiful, nourishing summer.

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Comparing Ourselves to Others: A No-Win Trap (And a Self-Healing for It)

----by Nancy Hausauer


Seems to me one of the worst traps we can fall into is comparing ourselves negatively to others. I'm speaking as a healer here, but it applies to any aspect of life.

Comparing ourselves unfavorably to others is common, human, and hard not to do sometimes. But it's discouraging, limiting, and downright destructive.

"Why should I even bother, (you might think) when X is so talented? S/he is able to [fill in the blank]. I'll never be that good, why should I even try? With X out there, why is my work even needed?"

I don't know anyone who doesn't do this sometimes, myself included. We see others' gifts and talents, ignoring their challenges and weaknesses -- while doing just the opposite for ourselves.

Arggghhh! Why do we treat ourselves like that?!

The truth is, when we compare ourselves to another, it's never "apples to apples." Everyone's life circumstances are just too different to make comparisons. You could never have all the information needed to make a valid comparison.

You're unique. Your life path is unique. Your gifts and contributions are unique. Your challenges are unique.

It makes no sense to compare, when there can be no validity in those comparisons. It's almost like we're TRYING to make ourselves feel bad!

A Self-Healing for Negative Comparisons

Here's a self-healing that I suggest if you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone else:

  • Stop yourself in your tracks. Just don't do it.

  • Instead, write down approximately ten self-appreciations: things you do well (as a healer or otherwise), positive traits, strengths, people you've helped, etc.

  • If you're having trouble thinking of strengths, call up someone who thinks highly of you and ask for help.

  • Give thanks for the gifts that are flowing through you, being aware that, whatever they are, they were not given to you to keep to yourself -- they were given to you to share.
  • Next, give thanks for the gifts flowing through the person to whom you were comparing yourself. Aim for being truly glad these gifts are available to the world. This sometimes difficult but very powerful practice really shifts the energy, helping to pop us out of the ego and into a more universal perspective.

  • Sit and meditate for a few minutes.

Know that you are unique and beautiful. The world needs your gifts, your essence. Don't compare yourself to others, and don't create false reasons to withhold your precious gifts from the world.

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Decoding the Messages of Chronic Pain

--by Nancy Hausauer


Chronic pain or discomfort can be a message, kind of like a recurring dream. Decoding the message can often be helpful, both in defusing the discomfort, and/or in moving forward in some important area in your life.

Here are some possible questions you might ask yourself to prompt new insights about your physical body, your life or both. See which ones resonate with you, then give yourself some quiet time and space. Drop the question(s) into your awareness, like dropping a pebble into a still pond, and see where the ripples lead or what they tell you about the riddle of your physical discomfort.

    Where am I out of integrity — not keeping promises or commitments to myself or others?

    Where am I out of harmony with my own essence?

    Where am I not loving or respecting myself enough?

    Where am I not protecting myself?

    Where am I out of connection — with my loved ones, with my spiritual source, with the earth or sky?

    Where am I letting the energy, needs or concerns of others into my life too much? Where do I need to give myself permission to create stronger boundaries?

    Where am I not standing up for what I need and want?

    Where am I out of the present — stuck in the past or projecting into the future?

    Where do I need stillness? Where do I need movement?

    Where am I resisting change I need to make or a path I need to walk?

    Is there something I’m resisting looking at, or an emotion I’m resisting?

    Are there ways in which I’m not living up to the fullness of who I am?

    Am I giving too much away? Am I holding back?

    Where could I be in better alignment with my life purpose?

    Are there places in my life where I’m judging myself harshly, trying to be too perfect, or not cutting myself enough slack?

    Am I making room for joy?

    Am I telling myself stories that are holding me back or holding the pain in place?

    Are there ways I need to move forward? Or am I pushing too hard, needing to allow something time to germinate?

    What needs do I have that aren’t being met?

If none of these questions strike you, ask yourself: What questions do I need to ask to move forward in my life? What questions do I need to ask to release this pain? Give yourself time and stillness to allow the questions to arise.

Then see where it goes. Life — the big adventure!

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What's Your Intuitive Style?

----by Nancy Hausauer


Developing intuition is a good thing for energy healers. It’s helpful both in our work with others and in our own personal lives.

But that can be easier said than done, especially if you believe that intuitive information should come to you in a particular way -- as words that pop into your ear, for example, or as visual images.

If you can free yourself from these limiting notions and accept that intuitive information comes to you in your own natural, unique style, it will help you open the doors to intuitive wisdom. Knowing your particular intuitive style, you can more easily recognize intuitive information when it appears.

And this wisdom can help you heal, stay well, grow emotionally and spiritually, and be of help to others.

Intuitive Styles

While intuition appears uniquely for each person, there are some common styles. Personally, I’ve observed the following:

  • visual: images, usually in the “mind’s eye” but sometimes in actual, physical vision
  • auditory: sounds, usually in the “mind’s ear” but sometimes in actual, physical hearing
  • smell/taste — knowing things based on subtle, often non-physical smell or taste (e.g., when you tell someone, “You smell good!” and they’re not wearing any scent)
  • empathic (emotions) — feeling or knowing the emotions of others
  • kinesthetic (physical body feelings) — receiving information as sensations in the body
  • ”just knowing” — receiving information without knowing how it got there — you just know something.
  • environmental — receiving intuitive information from the world around you, such as messages on billboards or the appearance of particular animals.

Most of us have natural preferences for one or two of these styles. None is better -- they're all of equal value.

How Do I Know What My Intuitive Style Is?

So how do you know what your intuitive style is? Practice stillness so that you can perceive the small, delicate tendrils of intuitive knowing. Then pay attention. Notice how the intuitive information came to you. For example:

  • Do you “just know” that something is going to turn out alright? (Just knowing)
  • Do you get “gut feelings?” (Kinesthetic)
  • Do you have a “small, still voice” within that gives you information or advice? (Auditory)
  • Do you find that the appearance of a particular animal seem to correlate with specific circumstances or outcomes or communicate a particular message? (Environmental)
  • Do images appear in your mind’s eye that give you symbolic or actual information or advice?(Visual)

Have fun with this!

What’s your intuitive style? Do you experience other intuitive styles besides those I’ve suggested ? Comment or share on my Facebook page.

Energy Healing for Grief: Caring for the Bereaved

----by Nancy Hausauer


Energy healing can play an important role in supporting people when they’ve lost a loved one.

Grief is a normal human process, something we all go through. So the goals of energy healing for grief shouldn’t be to “heal” it, since it’s a normal process.

Provide Comfort And Keep The Energy Moving

Energy healing should lean more to providing comfort and a bit of respite, and to keeping the already-wavelike energy of grief moving. Because like all emotions, grief is meant to move through us, not get stuck in our energy field or our physical body.

Support Spiritual Growth

Grieving provides a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth. We shouldn’t seek it out for this reason—-all of us will have enough opportunities for mourning. But supporting a grieving person’s spiritual growth is another valid goal of energy work for the bereaved. Personally, I believe that deep grief prepares us for greater service to others. Having experienced profound loss, we can be more compassionate to others. Our hearts are softened, opened. We feel our connection to the rest of humanity. We open to the non-material world. We shed our masks and reassess our lives and what is truly important to us. We are prepared for new growth. Since grieving is something none of us can avoid, it's good to know that there can be spiritual gifts in it.

Provide A Safe Space For Feelings

Another important aspect of using energy work for grief is to help people understand that grieving has its own timetable. In Western culture, we tend to think people should be all fine and dandy in a month or two or even less. People need to be supported in not feeling weird because they're not done mourning in a time frame that's convenient and comfortable for others. Part of your work will be to provide a safe space for your client to acknowledge the reality of where they are emotionally.

The Comfort Of Touch

Mourning has a strong physical component, so physical touch can be very helpful. Just holding someone’s head, with your fingertips gently at their occiput (base of the skull) can be extremely comforting. Holding your hands on either side of their heart (back and front) can also be very comforting, if they're OK with touch that intimate.

Continue reading for more specific ideas for helping the bereaved with energy healing.

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Cultivating Greater Awareness of the Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer


A reader recently asked "how to know if you can sense subtle energy."

The short answer: No need to wonder. You can.

You Already Sense Subtle Energy

I believe that everyone can sense subtle energy, and that we do it all the time. We just don't call it that.

Most of us have sensed another person's cheerful or sad mood, felt the tenor of a happy or tense crowd, encountered a person or a place that we immediately liked or disliked intensely. You have probably read a friend’s face or voice when s/he has said, “Yeah, I’m doing great!” and you’ve known that s/he is not. You may have seen someone who seems to have a subtle gray cloud over their face or someone who seems to have a light in their eyes. You may recall a time when a situation or person or something that was said gave you a chill, either in a good way or a bad way. Some people may give you an immediate sense of peace, while others may make you feel tense or agitated. Almost everyone has noticed that someone seems “radiant.”

That’s the energy, folks. It's not esoteric or technical or woo-woo to perceive it. It's just plain HUMAN to sense energy.

Of course, as with any human attribute, some people seem to have particular strengths in this area. Others develop greater skill in sensing energy through study and practice. But everyone has the basic ability.

You might enjoy taking this day to notice the ways that you already discern subtle energy. In particular, pay attention to your body. It's a reliable reader of energy. Learn to understand its language. (For example, I often get a pleasant shiver down the back of my head, neck and upper back when someone says something that’s important and true, always an energetically powerful moment. It’s a kind of YES! response.)

If you want to take it farther, this page will give you a good start:

Sensing Subtle Energy .


When have you sensed subtle energy? How do you/have you perceived it? Comment or share on my Facebook page.

Joy As Medicine: The Energy Healing Lesson of Early Summer

----by Nancy Hausauer

Maypole Dancing

Western culture is, for the most part, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I don't mean thrill-deprived. Cheap thrills are a dime a dozen. I mean genuine, deep-seated, heart-centered joy.

To me, this is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We tend to work too hard, minimize the need for pleasure and fun, and trivialize or even demonize what I would call simple, animal joy -- the joy of being alive, the joy of just being.

That's why I love the Celtic holiday of Beltane. Coming on May 1, it marks the beginning of the beginning of summer. A fertility holiday, it was traditionally, celebrated with bonfires. Farm animals were decorated and blessed. Rituals to promote fertility (life force and creativity) were observed.

Where I live, this season is glorious. The leaves on the trees have come back all fresh and green, the bushes and bulbs are ablaze with color, the air is sweet with perfume from all the "green people."

For me, it's a yearly call to be joyful, a reminder that joy is more than a luxury. For those of us who tend to be over-serious and fun-challenged, it's a medicine. For energy healers, it's especially important to cultivate joy. We need to feed and balance our energy so we can keep doing the work we do without depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too long since you felt joyful just to be alive?

Here are some ideas for "joy medicine":

  • Make a list of things that give you joy, and DO THEM! (Here are more explicit instructions for making your personal "Joyful Life Map.")
  • Learn more about your second chakra and how to support and nourish it.
  • Taking a cue from the Beltane bonfires, ask yourself, "What 'lights my fire'?" Journal about it. Pick one or two things that stand out and do them.
  • Take a break from your responsibilities and do something purely for pleasure and fun.
  • Stop and breathe in the energy of the season.
  • Celebrate your own beauty.
  • Feed all five senses with beauty and pleasure.
  • If you have small children or an animal companion, let them show you how to find joy in simple things.
  • Create something. Creation is an expression of life force, and it feeds both the second chakra and our joy in being alive.

Have fun! -- Nancy

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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