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The Healing Power of Joy: What Early Summer Has to Teach Us

----by Nancy Hausauer

Beltane ritual

Western culture is, for the most part, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I don't mean thrill-deprived. Cheap thrills are a dime a dozen. I mean genuine, deep-seated, heart-centered joy.

To me, this is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We tend to work too hard, minimize the need for pleasure and fun, and trivialize or even demonize what I would call simple, animal joy -- the joy of being alive, the joy of just being.

That's why I love the Celtic holiday of Beltane. Coming on May 1, it marks the beginning of the beginning of summer. A fertility holiday, it was traditionally celebrated with bonfires. Farm animals were decorated and blessed. Rituals to promote fertility (life force and creativity) were observed.

In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, this season is glorious. The the trees have come back all fresh and green, the rhododendrons and azaleas are blooming, the air is sweet with perfume from all the "green people."

For me, it's a yearly call to be joyful, a reminder that joy is more than a luxury. For those of us who tend to be over-serious and fun-challenged, it's a medicine. For energy healers, it's especially important to cultivate joy. We need to feed and balance our energy so we can keep doing the work we do without depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too long since you felt joyful just to be alive?

Here are some ideas for "joy medicine":

  • Make a list of things that give you joy, and DO THEM! (Here are more detailed instructions for making your personal "Joyful Life Map.")
  • Learn more about your second chakra and how to support and nourish it.
  • Taking a cue from the Beltane bonfires, ask yourself, "What 'lights my fire'?" Journal about it. Pick one or two things that stand out and do them.
  • Take a break from your responsibilities and do something purely for pleasure and fun.
  • Stop and breathe in the energy of the season.
  • Celebrate your own beauty.
  • Feed all five senses with beauty and pleasure.
  • If you have small children or an animal companion, let them show you how to find joy in simple things.
  • Create something. Creation is an expression of life force, and it feeds both the second chakra and our joy in being alive.

Have fun! -- Nancy

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Tools To Focus Your Precious Life Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer


A few weeks ago, I introduced an exercise in self-discovery, "Who Do You Admire?" If you haven't done it yet, I recommend you scroll down a few posts (5) to the blog "Letting Your Highest Self Shine Through: An Equinox Contemplation," and give yourself that gift.

Below are a couple of followup exercises, to help you further focus your intentions for your life.

Personal Mission Statement

Why a personal mission statement? Intention is so powerful, and setting a personal mission statement helps you set an clear intention for your life (at least at this moment), and stay on track with it. It helps you channel your energy, conserve your energy, know what to say yes and no to. It helps create a sense of purpose, increase clarity, fine-tune your focus.

It can be one sentence or a few paragraphs, but here's a very simple template to use:

I, [your name here], intend to use my gifts and skills of x, y and z to [how you would like to leave the world better than you found it].

For example, my working personal mission statement is: I, Nancy Hausauer, intend to use my gifts and skills of communication, subtle awareness, creativity and radical thinking to help others expand their consciousness and heal their lives by moving beyond the current reality paradigm.

Definitely include words from the "Who Do I Admire" exercise.

This article is excellent if you need some more direction.

As an alternative, if a personal mission statement isn't your thing, try free-writing about "What Is Life Calling Me To?"

Life Balancing Exercise

  1. Now write down the major areas of your life (sleep, work, spiritual life, family, self-care, home chores, friends, fun, etc.). Include the percentage of time you spend cultivating your highest self and living your personal mission statement.
  2. Estimate the percentage of each day (or week or month) you spend doing each.
  3. Draw a large circle. Divide it into pie-shaped wedges representing those percentages.
  4. Consider: Are you making room for your unique qualities and your singular life-mission, as you understand it to be at this time?
  5. Draw another "pie chart" representing how you'd like your life to be.
  6. Compare. What do you learn? Does your behavior align with your highest intentions? Do you feel called to take any action or make any changes?

I encourage you to post both your life mission statement and your ideal "time pie" somewhere in your home where you can see them regularly.

Namaste, Nancy

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Remember: You Are Not Alone In This Endeavor We Call Life

----by Nancy Hausauer

earthworm stamp

Oh, happy, happy, happy! April is National Poetry Month, which gives me an excuse to post another poem.

This one, by Alison Luterman, is currently rocking my world. It speaks of the universe's support for us, "the invisible work that stitches up the world." It puts me in mind of a client who experiences the energy as an fine, gold web that holds her and supports her.

These lines are particularly powerful for me. "I stopped and let myself lean /a moment, against the blue/ shoulder of the air."

It helps me remember that we are always being carried, and I hope it does the same for you.

Invisible Work

by Alison Luterman

Because no one could ever praise me enough,

because I don't mean these poems only

but the unseen

unbelievable effort it takes to live

the life that goes on between them,

I think all the time about invisible work.

About the young mother on Welfare

I interviewed years ago,

who said, "It's hard.

You bring him to the park,

run rings around yourself keeping him safe,

cut hot dogs into bite-sized pieces for dinner,

and there's no one

to say what a good job you're doing,

how you were patient and loving

for the thousandth time even though you had a headache."

And I, who am used to feeling sorry for myself

because I am lonely,

when all the while,

as the Chippewa poem says, I am being carried

by great winds across the sky,

thought of the invisible work that stitches up the world day and night,

the slow, unglamorous work of healing,

the way worms in the garden

tunnel ceaselessly so the earth can breathe

and bees ransack this world into being,

while owls and poets stalk shadows,

our loneliest labors under the moon.

There are mothers

for everything, and the sea

is a mother too,

whispering and whispering to us

long after we have stopped listening.

I stopped and let myself lean

a moment, against the blue

shoulder of the air. The work

of my heart

is the work of the world's heart.

There is no other art.

Namaste, Nancy

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Energy Hygiene: 17 Simple, Everyday Ways to Tend to Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer


The Importance of Self-Care for Healers and Other Energetically Sensitive Folks

Why do you need special self-care if you're on a healing path?

Your sensitivity is enhanced as your energy/vibration becomes finer through meditation, spiritual work, or healing work. This makes you more sensitive to disturbances and it becomes more important to minimize external junk and to keep your field energized and your energy "clean" and flowing.

Energy Hygiene

Clearing your energy on a regular basis is important, as important as our daily physical hygiene habits (bathing, brushing teeth, etc.). It doesn't have to be involved, but gaining awareness of our subtle energies and having a conscious regimen of some sort to keep them clear helps keep us at our peak levels of wellness (whatever that is for each individual)--on all levels.

How Do You Know If Your Energy Is Out of Balance?

If you feel absolutely fabulous, your subtle energies are in tip top shape.

If you feel less than absolutely fabulous--for example, low energy, mentally foggy, emotionally upset for no obvious reason, ill, in chronic pain, have been having a string of accidents--you may need to do some clearing.

Keeping your field clear and balanced is important because illnesses and injury often manifest in the energy field first, before they show up in the physical body.

Energy Hygiene: 17 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Energy

Clearing and caring for your energy doesn't have to be a complicated or esoteric process. You can take care of your energy by doing simple, everyday things. Adding the intention to care for your energy super-charges even the most humble task or experience.

  1. Belly breathe--especially fresh morning air

  2. Eat high quality food that makes you feel well and truly nourished

  3. Get good sleep--starting before before 10:30 p.m.

  4. Don't watch violent, disturbing or negative media

  5. Surround yourself with beauty in your home and workspace

  6. Wear clothes and jewelry that make you feel good

  7. Ground and center

  8. Get out into nature

  9. Get in the water

  10. Practice gratitude/appreciation

  11. Smile

  12. Laugh

  13. Hang out with people who make you feel great and encourage your highest self

  14. Sing

  15. Create something

  16. Serve others

  17. Meditate or pray

Pick two or three of these things--or other activities that you love--and practice them every day. Just like brushing your teeth, only more fun!

Namaste, Nancy

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Wolf Receives Energy Healing: A Video

A friend sent me this amazing and beautiful video, and I just had to share it.

In it, a wolf with a neurological disorder is given energy healing. By the second session, she is eager to receive it and goes into a deep state of rest or trance as the energy healer works with her. As the commentary notes, it's "a beautiful example of the trust that can be established with the animal kingdom and a beautiful example of how humanity could be behaving towards the entire natural world." Amen to that.

If your browser doesn't support the embed, or if you'd like to see it in a larger format, you can watch it here:

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Your Home Reflects Your Energy (And How to Use Cleaning As An Energy Healing Tool)

--by Nancy Hausauer

It's that time of year: Spring Cleaning time. Why is Spring Cleaning (or any major clearing of your home) energetically important?


As life coach Martha Beck says, "Our living spaces are basically three-dimensional portraits of our inner lives. You can't de-clutter your living space without de-cluttering your inner life and vice versa."

Hmmm. . . Take a walk through your house. What do you see? How does each room feel? When you come home, what's your general feeling? Do you feel peaceful or agitated when you walk through the door? Does spending time at home make you feel energized or lethargic? Clear or foggy? Cheerful or downcast?

You can use the act of spring cleaning intentionally, to help clean up your energy system, open chakras and support energetic balance and flow. A good cleaning and decluttering can really shift your energy.

And the other way around, if you notice an irresistible urge to clean and declutter, it's usually a sign that your internal energy is in the process of shifting.

You don't have to undertake a whole-house-cleaning, if you don't want to. You can shift a lot of energy just by tackling one room or even one cupboard or drawer. Or if you're really strapped for time, just clear a single surface, such as a table or shelf, and create an altar or other eye-resting, eye-pleasing spot. This could be as simple as a vase of flowers placed with intention on your cleared surface. It'll help bring more coherence, harmony and order both to your home and your personal energy system.

This is a good example of how you can use any intentionally done activity, no matter how mundane, to heal and support your energy. Everything is energy, everything is connected and intention is a powerful force. So happy cleaning!

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Letting Your Highest Self Shine Through: An Equinox Contemplation

--by Nancy Hausauer

Image of white tulips

March 20 is the Equinox: Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern. On the Equinoxes, day and night, light and dark, are equal. They're moments of balance and equipoise. I like to imagine them as single instants when we're poised, motionless, in absolute peace.

As with each of the great annual solar events, the Equinoxes offer us wisdom and an opportunity for healing. In particular, they are celestial reminders to pause in our lives and take time for reflection.

This Equinox, I offer the following as something profound (and perhaps surprising) to reflect upon.

Who Do I Admire? A Self-Discovery Exercise


  1. Get two pieces of paper and a pencil. On one page, list 10 people you admire, heroes living or dead, people famous or familiar. Leave some space under each name.
  2. Under each person, List 5 or 6 traits or qualities that you especially admire or honor about them. Really give your best effort to articulating what characteristics you admire about them. You don't have to list unique traits for each one; it's OK if there's repetition.
  3. When you're done, read through all the traits. Adjust as needed. Then circle any characteristics that show up more than once on the page.
  4. Take the second piece of paper. Draw a heavy line three inches down from the top. Below this line, list all the words you circled.

    Don't Read Ahead!

  5. OK, got all that? When you're completely done, in bold letters, write above the line at the top of the page:


  6. This exercise works because you admire traits in other people that resonate with you. They resonate with you because you already possess those traits. It's like a tuning fork.

  7. Sit with this portrait of yourself for a while. Absorb it. Contemplate it. Breathe it in. Accept it.

    It can be hard to accept that you are all that. But it's true. You really are all that.

    As the saying goes, "You are the one you've been waiting for."

    Your job: to let it shine through.

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Relieve Pain with These 4 Top Acupressure Points

----by Nancy Hausauer

If you're an energy healer, you're likely to see people who are dealing with chronic pain -- pain that no one else has been able to help.

It's important to have a variety of tools in your "tool-kit" to help. Acupressure is particularly good because you can easily incorporate it into an energy healing session, plus you can teach it to people so that they can do it at home. (I've had clients have me put marking-pen dots on acupoints they want to work with at home. Looks funny but works great.)

While the treatment of pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine is very complex, one or a combination of these four points will help in many cases.

Four Useful Acupressure Points for Pain

  • Large Intestine 4 (LI4)

    LI4 is one of the most important analgesic points, especially for the head, face and upper body. Excellent for headaches, shoulder and arm pain, toothaches, arthritis, eliminating toxins.

    Location: In the web between the thumb and index finger, on the highest point of the bulge formed when they are brought together.

    Note: Don't use on pregnant women; can cause premature labor.

  • Liver 3 (LIV3)

    This major energy-moving point relieves pain and congestion; clears the energy system; detoxifies; releases pent-up or stagnant energy; reduces anger, irritability and tension headaches. Best used with LI4 (above). When I use LIV3, people often feel a powerful movement of energy.

    Location: On the top of the foot, near the top of the "valley" between the bones leading to the big and second toes.

  • Stomach 36 (ST36)

    This major nourishing point is known primarily for its ability to build vitality, but it's also good for generalized pain relief and any time there's an energy deficiency

    Location: on the outer shin, four fingers-width below the bottom of the knee-cap, in the depression just outside the edge of the tibia (front shin bone). You'll feel a muscle flex strongly as you raise your fore-foot off the ground.

  • Gall Bladder 20 (GB20)

    GB 20 relaxes, releases endorphins, benefits the brain, releases trauma, and relives pain, especially head and neck. Excellent for headaches, stiff necks, balancing brain hemispheres, stress. One of my personal favorites for headaches.

    Location: In the hollows just below the base of the skull, about three finger-widths out from the midline.

How to Do Acupressure

To perform acupressure, press the acupoint(s) firmly with your finger, thumb, or knuckles. If you're working with a delicate area, use lighter pressure. Don't press so hard that it's extremely painful. Hold the point(s) until you feel relief, until you feel the energy shift, or for about a minute. It's good to do acupressure regularly every day until the problem resolves.

Namaste, Nancy

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These Migraines Are Exhausting Me: A Reader's Question

----by Nancy Hausauer

A reader's question:

Poster: Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something?

I have migraines that are cripplingly painful. I have a family and a job, and am trying to keep up my responsibilities, but the pain is exhausting me. Do you have any advice?

Nancy's Response

The Body Speaking in the Language of Pain

Often with severe chronic pain, there are underlying emotional, life-style or energetic issues. Is it possible that your body is speaking to you? Is it asking for change in the language of pain?

Are You Willing To Listen?

Once I worked with a young woman who suffered severe migraines. She was very sad that the headaches kept her from living a normal life. She wanted to go out with friends, have a boyfriend. But the migraines were so frequent and severe that she just couldn't.

However, they always went away when she visited dry climates. It was clear that moving to the Southwest would improve her life dramatically. But she was extremely attached to her ill father, whom she had cared for most of her life. She was unwilling to relinquish care of him to other family members, so she chose not to relocate. She was choosing to sacrifice her life to care for her father.

You, too, are suffering greatly. Your headaches may be telling you something important. Are you willing to really listen? And then are you willing to do what is necessary to truly take care of your own needs, however inconvenient that might be? If not, ask yourself why not.

It might be helpful to keep a journal about when the migraines come and what precedes them: what you ate and drank; quality of sleep; dreams; people you interacted with; schedule; events; stress levels; thoughts; feelings; general feeling tone of the day, etc. Keep the journal for at least a month, and see what patterns emerge. This could help you discover useful places to make changes in your life, if you are willing.

If you resist giving yourself the time and resources to make a serious effort to heal, it's important for you to shine the light of consciousness on that. It's important information. A mental health therapist might be helpful with this process.

More Resources

In addition, I'd see a medical doctor, and then try every complementary and life-style approach available, including energy healing, acupressure, avoiding common dietary triggers, adequate hydration, massage, relaxation therapy, attention to rest and sleep, mindfulness, yoga, herbs and supplements (which you should check out with your doctor), and reading Dr. Gabor Mate's book, "When The Body Says No."

I wish you the best in these explorations.

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Love to See the Dentist? I Thought Not. So Read This

----by Nancy Hausauer

Dentist, 1915A while back I went to my wonderful, energetically-oriented chiropractor*. I'd been in the dentist's chair for two solid hours a couple of days before. While she worked to undo the impact of that on my body, we discussed the energetics of visiting the dentist.

I'm eternally grateful to dental professionals. Their work is so important, and I think it must be really hard.

Many of us (including me) are at best tense when we visit the dentist. I don't know anyone who looks forward to getting their teeth cleaned or filled. And dental professionals, working so closely with their patients, most likely absorb a lot of that anxious, scared energy.

Since I'm guessing there are very few dental professionals who know how to clear their own energy, that means there must be a lot of dentists dragging around a lot of chaotic, ungrounded energy. It shows up for them in high rates of stress-related problems.

All that residual, uncleared angsty energy also has an impact on us, the patients, as we receive dental care. Realizing that was was one of those light-bulb-turning-on moments for me. Energy tends to hang on in buildings and spaces, and I'm sure that a lot of the discomfort, pain, and fear that dental patients feel sticks around.

When we go to the dentist, we're walking into that unhealthy brew. Many of us (me included) add to it, and many of us (again, including me) also soak it up.

It's no wonder my energy usually feels messed up after a trip to the dentist. (And how odd that I never thought of it before!)

My Experiment: Energy Healing My Dentist Visit

So I decided to run a little experiment. Before my next trip to the dentist, when I was having some extensive work done, I cleared my own energy, grounded and centered, did the Zip Up, reached into the dentist office to clear it and fill it with light (It's not OK to work with others or their personal space without permission, but it's OK to work with shared space.), and calibrated the experience as highly as possible.

During the visit, I flooded my field and my mouth with as much light as I could. Afterward, I grounded and centered again, cleared my energy field, cleared the cubicle, and sent light to the whole office.

The effect was amazing.

Usually I'm really sore and my energy is scrambled for days after dental work. But this time, there was no pain and no jumbled energy whatsoever.

Try it for yourself!

(And thanks for the idea, Dr. Woon*!)

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*(Cathryn Woon, D.C., for those of you in the area)

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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