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Joy As Medicine: The Energy Healing Lesson of Early Summer

----by Nancy Hausauer

Maypole Dancing

Western culture is, for the most part, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I don't mean thrill-deprived. Cheap thrills are a dime a dozen. I mean genuine, deep-seated, heart-centered joy.

To me, this is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We tend to work too hard, minimize the need for pleasure and fun, and trivialize or even demonize what I would call simple, animal joy -- the joy of being alive, the joy of just being.

That's why I love the Celtic holiday of Beltane. Coming on May 1, it marks the beginning of the beginning of summer. A fertility holiday, it was traditionally, celebrated with bonfires. Farm animals were decorated and blessed. Rituals to promote fertility (life force and creativity) were observed.

Where I live, this season is glorious. The leaves on the trees have come back all fresh and green, the bushes and bulbs are ablaze with color, the air is sweet with perfume from all the "green people."

For me, it's a yearly call to be joyful, a reminder that joy is more than a luxury. For those of us who tend to be over-serious and fun-challenged, it's a medicine. For energy healers, it's especially important to cultivate joy. We need to feed and balance our energy so we can keep doing the work we do without depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too long since you felt joyful just to be alive?

Here are some ideas for "joy medicine":

  • Make a list of things that give you joy, and DO THEM! (Here are more explicit instructions for making your personal "Joyful Life Map.")
  • Learn more about your second chakra and how to support and nourish it.
  • Taking a cue from the Beltane bonfires, ask yourself, "What 'lights my fire'?" Journal about it. Pick one or two things that stand out and do them.
  • Take a break from your responsibilities and do something purely for pleasure and fun.
  • Stop and breathe in the energy of the season.
  • Celebrate your own beauty.
  • Feed all five senses with beauty and pleasure.
  • If you have small children or an animal companion, let them show you how to find joy in simple things.
  • Create something. Creation is an expression of life force, and it feeds both the second chakra and our joy in being alive.

Have fun! -- Nancy

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Energy Fields: You're Not Just Imagining Them

--by Nancy Hausauer


Sometimes it's hard being an energy worker. You feel things or see things that most other people aren’t aware of. I know that I've definitely taken some flack for my views and my work.

Fortunately, it doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's painful. People who are skeptical or even hostile to the idea of subtle energy are usually at least marginally polite in person. But when skeptics aren't face to face with you, for example when they're expressing their views in writing or on Facebook, they can be painfully caustic.

So it always warms my heart to remember that science is beginning to be on our side.

In his book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, cellular biologist James Oschman says:

"In the current era of rapid scientific progress, many of the concepts we were absolutely certain about 20 years ago are not longer true at all. But of all the tales of exploration and discovery that could be told, none is more fascinating than the story of the human energy field. In a few decades, scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as energy fields in and around the human body to an absolute certainty that they exist."

He goes on to describe in detail the discovery of the electro-magnetic field that emanates from the human heart. New technology now allows scientists to measure this field as far away from the physical body as 15 feet.

Scientists next found that the brain emitted an electro-magnetic field as well, although not nearly as strong as the heart's. More research led to the discovery that all of the organs, including the muscles, have "biomagnetic" fields that spread throughout the body and into the space around the body. These biomagnetic fields, it turned out, are often better indicators of events taking place within the body than are traditional electrical measurements on the skin's surface.

That's hard science, folks.

So next time you're feeling self-doubt about the work you do or the sensations your feeling when you work with someone's field, remember:

Science supports you.

Love and light,

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Switching the Joy Current ON (A Teaching Story)

(Or, Sometimes Miracles Do Happen)

--by Nancy Hausauer


I tend to keep my expectations for people modest, especially for people with grave illnesses, but you never know. Recently, I’ve been part of an experience with a client that has blown me completely away.

A Negative Prognosis

My client had been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and given a negative prognosis about 7 months earlier. The cancer was inoperable and not treatable by conventional radiation or chemo. Understandably, her diagnosis had been very hard for her. She was still young and nowhere near ready to give up life. She’d experienced a lot of difficulty during her life and couldn’t help but wonder why the universe seemed to be singling her out for such harsh treatment yet again.

However, although being in a receiving position was hard for her, she opened herself to help from a wide range of sources. She was receiving weekly energy healing from myself and a Reiki practitioner (despite not believing in it), plus bi-monthly massages. More conventionally, she was seeing an oncologist, receiving a new kind of chemotherapy and seeing a talk therapist. On top of that, her friends were surrounding her with love and prayer and lots of practical support. A few months passed like this.

Where Did It Go?

By December, this woman whose own GP estimated that she would be gone by fall was looking good, feeling hopeful and swimming a mile and a half a couple of times a week. Amazingly, although the original x-rays had shown two small masses and one large one in her lung, a later X-ray and CT scan showed no sign of the large mass. Since the chemotherapy she’s getting is supposed to halt the spread of cancer, at best, but not reduce it, her oncologist was having a hard time processing this information.

Along the way, in addition to the cancer, she had been diagnosed with an aneurism, and then told by her doctor that this must have been a mistake, as the x-ray upon later examination didn’t show any signs of it. She had also been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, which she was later declared free of.

It seemed like she was just shaking off these profound, life-threatening imbalances in her body.

But beyond this, she was also shaking off the sadness and sense of adversity that had dogged her for her entire adult life. . . finish reading this teaching story here.

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Career Advancement: Elevate Your Work Life With Energy Healing

--by Nancy Hausauer

“BricklayerOften when we think of energy healing, we think of healing the physical body. But energy healing can be applied to any aspect of your life. For many of us, a part of our lives that could really use some energy healing is our job or career.

Here's an energy healing routine that you can use to elevate and improve your work life.

  • Clear the energy of your workspace at the start of your work-week. If you have a window, open it and let in fresh air. If not, open an imaginary window and flood your space with imaginary fresh air and sunlight. Hold the intention to have the real or imaginary air and light clear and elevate the energy in your space. (Do this much more often if you meet with or treat people in your workspace.)
  • At the start of each workday, calibrate your energy. Ground and center and surround yourself with light, or do any other exercise or technique that lifts and clears your energy field.
  • Touch your heart chakra (in the center of your chest at heart level) to remind you to stay heart-centered.
  • Touch your third eye (between and slightly above your eyebrows) to help you think clearly and stay above petty work-place issues.
  • Set an intention for the day. This could be a work goal or something more general such as the intention to be courteous and calm to others, or to maintain a balance between your own wellbeing and the demands of your job. Write it down and look at it occasionally throughout the day.
  • It's easy to get lost in workaday details, so occasionally remind yourself about the highest purpose of the work you're doing. Every job has a higher purpose, beyond the actual tasks that need to be done.

    For example, if you work in the accounting department of a university, you're not just balancing numbers. You're maintaining order and coherence and helping people make the world a better place by employing the gift of their intellect. If you clean houses, you’re helping maintain and elevate the energy of peoples’ homes, which has a tremendous impact on the harmony in their personal lives and the good they’re able to do in the external world.

Most of us spend so much time at work. It’s important that it support us energetically, and vice versa. What’s the higher purpose of your work? What do you do to keep your job highly calibrated?

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Image credit: By Jamain (Own work) [GFDL (] via Wikimedia Commons

Consciousness-Shifting Exercise for Energy Healers

--by Nancy Hausauer


A friend introduced me to the work of Rupert Spira about six months ago and I’ve found his teaching to be remarkably clear on the nature of consciousness/reality. That may sound pretty esoteric, and you may be wondering what it has to do with energy healing, but in my mind it has everything to do with energy healing.

Energy healing works from a different model of reality than the dominant cultural model of philosophical materialism. Philosophical materialism, to put it simplistically, holds that only physical matter is truly real. Obviously, this is not the way that an energy healer looks at the world, at least not while doing a healing.

Being able to switch your consciousness from the dominant model of reality (that only matter is real and the human body and mind is like a machine) to the energy healing model of reality (that there are subtle, invisible forces that shape us and that what we truly are can never be reduced to mere cellular processes or interactions of matter) is therefore extremely useful to any energy healer.

Is it absolutely necessary to be able to do this? Maybe not. But it is certainly helpful. And liberating.

And as with most things, we get better at this consciousness-shifting thing with practice.

I think this short video from Rupert Spira, in particular the “I am the body/I am aware of the body” exercise, is extremely useful for energy healers. It not only helps to develop the ability to shift consciousness/reality models, but also can help us move into a higher energy state to prepare for doing energy work. If you pay close attention, you may be able to feel your energy shift when you go into “I am aware of the body” mode.

If your browser doesn’t show the embedded video, you can see it


Or here:

Enjoy! —Nancy

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The Lesson of the Spring Equinox: Silence And Stillness As Medicine

--by Nancy Hausauer

Spring Flowers

The Spring Equinox – March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere – is the solar event that marks the official beginning of Spring. At the Equinox, day and night, light and dark, are perfectly balanced. I like to imagine a single moment when they're poised, motionless, in absolute peace.

Stillness and silence are powerful healers. My body drinks them in like medicine, when I can get them.

Even before I was an energy healer, I unconsciously used stillness and silence as medicine. During a difficult period of my life, I started attending “unprogrammed” Quaker meeting: a whole, beautiful hour of nearly silent worship. On good Sundays, a deep feeling of peace would descend on the group in that profound, intentional, luminous silence. Slowly, Sunday by Sunday, silence by silence, my emotional wounds healed.

For energy healers, stillness is important not just for personal healing, but also as a foundational part of our practices. The cocoon of peace that we create in a healing has profound benefits for our clients. It allows their bodies to rest and rebalance, their natural self-healing energies to activate, and their intuition to surface.

It's also a doorway to our own intuition. When I’m doing a healing, particularly if I’m at a moment when I’m unsure what to do next, if I allow myself to pause and sink into a moment of deep, undirected stillness, information for my client or a direction for the healing always arises. Often the results are profound.

But it can be hard to find stillness. Even if we can find a quiet, calm place and time, I know from personal experience that it's difficult to stop the persistent internal chatter: what shall we have for dinner, need to call mom and dad, need to send a card to. . .

But we have to do it.

For everyone, taking regular time for stillness is important. For energy healers, it's absolutely critical. Make space in your life for daily meditation, a moment of bed-time prayer, a walk in the woods, a quiet vacation or personal retreat. You give a lot to others, and you have to replenish the well.

So -- how can you incorporate more stillness in your life? I encourage you to take a few moments to think seriously about this and commit to a plan in your journal or planner.

Happy Spring! -- Nancy

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Empath With A Broken Heart: Advice To A Reader

--by Nancy Hausauer

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Reader Question:

A few years ago I meet an amazing woman and the first time we made love, we had a powerful and explosive experience. While in the lotus position, as we breathed in unison we both experienced our heart chakras exploding with the most beautiful, powerful bright light pouring out of us and surrounding us. These feeling lasted for hours and it continued to happen for the 7 years we were together.

I have since felt that my heart is always wide open and that there's no way to protect it.She recently left me, leaving me with a blown wide open heart chakra that is way oversensitive to everyday interactions. And I still feel her as a deep imprint on me. Especially when I see her, it’s like I am still totally connected.

I am hyper-sensitive to everyone's emotions around me and it’s just too much! I feel like a total empath, and don’t know how to control it. I can't take it anymore. That first encounter changed my life and I don't know what to do. Have you heard anything like this before? Any advice?

Nancy’s Answer

First, let me say that I am sorry for your loss. You had a long, amazing experience with another person, and now you’ve lost it. Sort of. Because while in one way, your loss is profound, there is another way in which nothing is ever lost, no connection with another is ever lost—it’s just changed.

So it seems to me you have several issues before you.

The first is your broken, empath heart. How does anyone heal a broken heart? It’s a cliche, but it’s true that time is the main healer in this. That, and just staying open to healing. Asking for healing and staying open to it, in whatever form it comes.

If you are unable to stop thinking about your lover, use it as an opportunity for meditation. Every time your thoughts drift off to her, just return them to the present, to your breath or to whatever is there in the here and now. Keep doing it over and over, without judgment of yourself or her.

Related to that is removing/reducing/changing your connection to her. Energetically, you are still very connected to her though your heart chakra. Try imagining those connections as cords or roots (or whatever image works for you) that go from your heart chakra to hers. Imagine yourself very, very gently removing your roots/cords from her heart chakra, releasing yourself with a loving blessing, and then … continue reading.

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How Your Home Reflects Your Energy (And How to Use Cleaning As An Energy Healing Tool)

--by Nancy Hausauer

It's that time of year: Spring Cleaning time. Why is Spring Cleaning (or any major clearing of your home) energetically important?

A cluttered home reflects cluttered energy.

As life coach Martha Beck says, "Our living spaces are basically three-dimensional portraits of our inner lives. You can’t de-clutter your living space without de-cluttering your inner life and vice versa."

Hmmm. . . Take a walk through your house. What do you see? How does each room feel? When you come home, what is your general feeling? Do you feel peaceful or agitated when come through the door? Does spending time in your home make you feel energized or lethargic? Clear or foggy? Cheerful or downcast?

You can use the act of spring cleaning intentionally, to help clean up your energy system, open chakras and support energetic balance and flow. A good cleaning and decluttering of your home can really shift your energy.

Looking at it the other way around, if you notice yourself getting an irresistible urge to clean and declutter, it's usually a sign that your internal energy is in the process of shifting.

You don't have to undertake a whole-house-cleaning, if you don't want to. You can shift a whole lot of energy just by tackling one room or even one cupboard or drawer. Or if you're really strapped for time, just clear a single surface, such as a table or shelf, and create an altar or other eye-resting, eye-pleasing spot. This could be as simple as a vase of flowers placed with intention on your cleared surface. It'll help bring more coherence, harmony and order both to your home and to your personal energy system.

This is a good example of how you can use any intentionally done activity, no matter how humble or mundane, to heal and support your energy. Everything is energy, everything is connected, and intention is a powerful force. So happy cleaning! (And don't forget to whistle, sing or play music while you work!)

And here's a fun article associating the state of various rooms in your house with specific chakras.

Wishing you a warm and comforting home that feels energetically just right,


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“I Seem To Be A Natural Energy Healer. What Next?” (Advice To A Reader)

--by Nancy Hausauer

Reader Question:

My entire life I have felt sensations with my hands. From a very, very young age.  Before I knew what it was, I was tested for carpal tunnel and other nerve-related disorders. I experienced all kinds of sensations; pins and needles, sharp electric shocks or pain, throbbing pain or just pressure, hot, cold, falling asleep, visual color changes in my hands and up my arms, purple and red hands, etc.

In the last few years I have begun to use my ability  to remove pain from other living creatures with incredible results.

I have no training, no holistic leanings yet am able to pull pain from a person's body. I have always been able to do this. I feel pain in other living things, it flows out of them, through me and out somewhere. They always feel it leaving, when it is happening and sometimes quite dramatically. It's just gone after I no longer feel it.

I don't know what this is. When I speak with people familiar with "energy" work, they want to label it.  Most often Reiki, but this is not what I do.  Nothing I have read, learned or been told fits. I have yet to feel an affinity to any energy healing  discipline.  Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone else is doing this or do I simply not follow current dogma?  I KNOW I’m not unique.  There are many gifted people out there.  

I do not believe anything I am doing removes pain from people. This is something that comes through me.  I am a satellite dish that was properly constructed to receive and send the signal.  

If what I do is out there already, I want to meet someone who can help me cultivate it.  

I’m looking for direction and feedback.

Nancy’s Response

It seems you’re presenting me with two issues.

First, your ability to remove pain from others. I would interpret this as your having the ability to heal others by influencing their energy — i.e. the ability to do energy healing. It’s my strong belief that everyone has the ability to do some energy healing. It’s completely natural. When a parent kisses a child’s skinned knee and the child feels better, to my way of looking at it, that’s energy healing. Nothing esoteric about it at all.

But just like nearly everyone can walk and run to some degree, but not everyone can run a marathon or make it to the Olympics, some people have a greater-than-average ability to heal others. . . . . Continue reading here.

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Nourish Your Creativity With This Energy Healing Technique

--by Nancy Hausauer

Energy Healing for Creativity Word Cloud

A few weeks ago, I wrote about using energy healing to enhance creativity. As I said, the 2nd and 5th chakras are most closely associated with creativity. Here’s an exercise that you can do to support, balance and connect these two important energy centers.

Energy Healing To Boost Your Creativity

  1. First, set aside at least a couple of hours. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Belly breathe for a while, letting your body-mind relax.
  3. Sense or imagine your energy field. Allow it to grow clearer and brighter.
  4. Hold the intention to have your field become balanced between the left and right sides. Just allow this. Don't try, and don't worry about the outcome.
  5. Rest your hand on your 2nd chakra, between your pubic bone and navel. Breathe into your 2nd chakra. Without trying or worrying about the results, allow your breath to clear and energize your sacral chakra.
  6. Surround yourself in a shade of orange that you find appealing. Allow the color to especially nourish your 2nd chakra.
  7. After a while, allow the color to return to clear or white.
  8. Move your hand to your 5th chakra, on your throat. Breathe into your 5th chakra. Without trying or worrying about the outcome, allow your breath to clear and energize your 5th chakra.
  9. Surround yourself in light, clear blue. Allow it to especially nourish your throat chakra.
  10. After a while, allow the color to return to clear or white.
  11. Keeping one hand on your 5th chakra, place the other on your 2nd chakra. Breathe into both chakras simultaneously, allowing your breath to balance them and strengthen their connection.
  12. Enjoy this as long as you like. Then remove your hands and breathe in light to strengthen and raise the calibration of your entire energy system. With each outbreath, release anything that’s hindering your highest level of creative work.
  13. Do this as long as you wish, slowly opening your eyes when you feel ready.
  14. Get up and do whatever calls to you. Don't judge. Don't feel that you must immediately attack that creative project you've been putting off. Whatever calls to you is what you need to do right now to nourish your creativity. Enjoy!

Celebrating your wondrous creativity, Nancy

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Looking for Love? Start by Loving Yourself

----by Nancy Hausauer

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems timely to address the issue of Love -- in this case, self-love.

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Loving yourself is one of the foundations of being able to love and be loved by others. It's also one of the hallmarks of a well-developed heart chakra, and one of the pre-requisites for true happiness.

Yet for most people, it's really hard to do. In developing the heart chakra, it seems to be one of the most difficult achievements. It's so much easier to be compassionate, kind and non-judgmental to others.

All too often, we think and say terrible things about ourselves. It's so ingrained that we barely notice the steady stream of insults and judgements that we lay on ourselves -- things we would never think about others, especially those we love.

For the heart chakra to fully develop, and for us to fully receive the deep, true love that we all want, we must love ourselves.

This doesn't mean that you don't see your own imperfections. It just means that you love and accept yourself anyway. Easier said than done if you have a life-time of unconscious self-judgment under your belt.

But it's just a habitual way of thinking, and all habits can be undone. With persistence, you can learn to treat yourself with the loving-kindness that you probably show to most other people.

Here's a suggestion for how to start practicing self-loving-kindness:

  • Start by noticing your own self-judgment and non-compassion -- the thoughts and words that are less than tender, loving and kind toward yourself. (This alone would take you miles toward your goal of self-loving-kindness.) For example, let's say you've just noticed that you've mentally called yourself clumsy.
  • Now think of someone you love dearly. Ask yourself, would I berate my dear one like that? Would I want them to think such a thing about themselves?
  • Replace "clumsy" with a more charitable thought, for example that you're strong, or enthusiastic, or that being graceful is a lovely trait but not really very important in the grand scheme of things. Or, think of a time when it wasn't true, when you were graceful. Or reframe it in a more neutral way, such as "Sometimes my mind/imagination is so active that I lose track of my body."
  • Make a habit of doing this. With practice, you can do the whole sequence in a few seconds. It will open your heart chakra to yourself, and subsequently to others as well.

Wishing you a self-loving heart, Nancy

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Let Early Spring Inspire You To Wait Till The Time Is Right

--by Nancy Hausauer


How's your energy? Are you brimming with vitality? Is your life going fluidly and efficiently? Or are you overworked, exhausted, burnt out and running into lots of obstacles and blocks in your life?

The Wisdom of Early Spring

In the Northern Hemisphere, February 2 marks the ancient Celtic holiday of Imbolc. It's the beginning of the beginning of spring. As with each of the seasons, there's great wisdom encoded in it. Looking to nature, this season of earliest spring can teach us a lot about how to preserve physical vitality, maintain energetic balance, and make our lives run more smoothly. One of Imbolc's main lessons is to do things when the time is right, and not before.

The Power of Patience

In earliest spring, the light is growing stronger and the earliest bulbs are starting to emerge. Personally, by this time I'm tired of winter and eager for the full delights of Spring -- more light, more warmth, more growth. But it's not here yet!

Patience is required: spring comes on its own timetable, not ours.

For the plants, there's no prize for coming up early. Break dormancy too soon, and their cycle for the whole year will be off. They may even die in a late freeze. So they wait till a complex set of cues tells them the time is right to start growing again.

Wait Till the Time Is Right

Our workaholic culture rewards work for work's sake. Work is a virtue, and not working a vice. So many of us try harder and harder, working continuously, never resting.

Taking the plants' lessons of patience and timing to heart -- giving both work and non-work, action and inaction their due -- can help us maintain our physical and energetic health.

This is partly because it builds cycles of rest into our lives, but it's more than that. When we act prematurely, we run into obstacles at every turn. The universe just doesn't seem to cooperate. Our energy is needlessly frittered away.

But if we wait till the right time, things go much easier. Doors open, people are eager to help, happy coincidences abound. Staying in rhythm with the universe, we preserve our own energy. It can remain smooth and flowing, rather than getting jagged and blocked. It's fueled, rather than depleted.

This year, watch closely as late winter patiently changes into early spring. Cultivate the wisdom of the plants, incorporating judicious inaction into your life. You'll be so much healthier, happier, and more effective.

Namaste, Nancy

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5 Fresh Ways to Rev Up Your Creativity and Clear Creative Block

--by Nancy Hausauer


Who wants to be more creative?

I don’t know anyone who’d say “no” to that.

We think of creativity as being the special province of artists, but in reality it’s important no matter what line of work you’re in. And energy healing can help.

Work with the 5th and 2nd Chakras to Enhance Creativity

When I’m working with clients who want to enhance their inspiration, imagination, inventiveness and originality, I pay special attention to the second and fifth chakras, the chakras most related to creativity.

Here are links for some easy and fun ways to clear and balance them (you'll need to scroll toward the bottom of the pages)

Ten Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear and Balance Your Fifth Chakra.

Ten Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear and Balance Your Second Chakra

You can find more suggestions in my book, Chakra Care, but the ideas on the website pages above are plenty to get you started.

Left-Right Balancing, Another Creativity Booster

Balancing left and right aspects—body, field, brain hemispheres—also supports creativity. The Celtic Weave is a great general technique for left-right balancing. And since most of us are overly reliant on the left hemisphere of our brain, supporting the right brain hemisphere is also usually a good balancer and creativity stimulator.

Theta Brain Waves — to Stimulate Creative Juices

A final creativity-boosting tip is brain-wave technology. Theta waves are the signature brain-wave pattern of the creative process. Audio recordings that embed theta waves behind other sound tracks can entrain your brain into a state of heightened creativity. From personal experience, I can tell you that they really work! (There are a lot of companies that produce recordings using brain-wave technology,also called hemi-synch or binaural beats. My favorite is The Relaxation Company.)

Creativity is fun and juicy and life-supporting and evolutionary. I wish you boatloads of it! — Nancy

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Freeing Your Life Force by Transforming the Fear of Death


The experience of death is, of course, universal: the deaths of others, and eventually, our own.

Yet—despite its absolute commonality and inevitability—there are very few of us who aren’t afraid of death. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? It does me. Like being terrified of puberty.

Some of the fear may be hard-wired in—part of nature’s plan to preserve the species from extinction.

But I think for most of us, fear of death is greatly exaggerated, to the point where it rules our lives, causing us much needless self-limitation and suffering.

We can change that.

The Scary Stories That We Tell Ourselves

The tale that most of us tell ourselves about death IS horrifying. Inculcated with the belief that we are simply matter, simply a physical body, the story of death then becomes “Poof! Lights out! Eternal blackness. Absolute annihilation.” A tragic and nightmarish horror story.

But we don’t have to tell ourselves that story. Shining the light of consciousness on the narrative reveals it for what it is: not THE TRUTH, but rather one metaphor or storyline out of many possibilities, and a particularly unpleasant one at that.

There are others, and we can choose those, or make up our own. And by doing so, we can free ourselves from much of the fear, limitation and suffering caused by cruel and distorted versions of who we are and the nature of death.

Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

Here are some ways that other cultures and individuals have viewed death. I encourage you to experiment with adopting them or making up your own more positive metaphors for the universal experience of dying. I think you’ll find that your life, no longer haunted by a terrifying and tragic prospect at its end, no longer ruled by this prototypical fear which is arguably the source of all other fears, becomes freer and more joyful.

  • Wedding night (The sufi term for the day of a saint’s death)
  • Crossing over (various sources)
  • Going home (various sources)
  • The Great Healing (various sources)
  • Changing worlds (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)
  • Re-emergence into source energy (Esther Hicks)
  • Like taking off a pair of tight shoes (various sources)
  • Like a cloud changing to rain (the form changes but the essence remains the same) (Thich Nhat Hanh)
  • Nothing of him that doth fade/ But doth suffer a sea change/ Into something rich and strange (Shakespeare)

Wishing you the fullness of life, unfettered by needless fear, Nancy

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Image via Daderot, Wikimedia Commons

How to Send Energy Healing to Others

--by Nancy Hausauer

A reader recently asked

How can I send healing energy to a person in need? Do I need to get permission to send them energy?


In my experience, different types of energy healing and different spiritual traditions have slightly different techniques for sending healing energy, but at the foundation of all of them is intention.

Praying for someone is a form of sending healing energy. So is mentally sending good wishes. Quakers say they are "holding someone in the light." If you have a spiritual tradition, I recommend using the form of sending healing energy that’s familiar to you.

If you don't, here's a technique to try.

How To Send Healing Energy

  • Sit in a quiet place and meditate or ground/center/become still. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light.

  • Set an intention to work for the highest good of the person in need. Don't specify a particular outcome--we can't know what’s truly best for another.

  • Light a candle, sound a bell, or perform some other act that allows you to define a beginning and end to your session.

  • Close your eyes and visualize the person you wish to send energy to (I find it easier to visualize someone in motion rather than still); or get a felt sense of them; or if they are less familiar to you, just hold their name in your mind. Picture or feel them in a state of serene contentedness.

  • Send an intention to support and amplify their highest good. Visualize them surrounded by white light. Hold them in this light for as long as feels right.

  • End the session by taking a deep breath and recentering. Notice your breathing and the sensations you’re experiencing. Open your eyes.

  • End the session by blowing out the candle or sounding the bell.

Of course, there are many other ways you can send healing energy. You don’t need to follow a formula. Trust yourself.

As for needing permission, in general, yes, you should get someone's permission before sending healing energy.

However, it’s OK to send energy to a general situation without asking. Also, there are times when it just isn't practical to ask. For example, whenever I pass a car crash or when an ambulance passes, I briefly send healing energy for those involved. I keep it general--sending energy for their highest good.

The more individualized and personal your intent, the more extensive the healing session, the more important it is to ask permission. Common sense is the key here.

How do you send healing energy? Respond on my Facebook page.

The Case of the Injury That Held Its Own Healing Force

----by Nancy Hausauer


Recently a client came to me with an injury to her leg, a huge bruise. The injury had stirred up terrible old fears from a past medical crisis. Re-traumatized by the new injury, she’d really been suffering emotionally. However, she was ready, she said, to face her fears.

As I held my hand in her field over the injury, it seemed to draw a lot of energy. Then, surprising me, my hand felt propelled away from the injury and toward her head. My hand continued to feel slowly propelled slowly headward, stopping over the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras before being being drawn back down the other side of her body, toward her feet. My hand was stopped over her other leg, where she’d experienced other major medical issues in the past. Finally my hand felt released from its guided path.

I’ve rarely felt such a strong sense of having my hands directed by something outside of me. What a powerful healing force!

After our session I told her about what I’d experienced, emphasizing her own awe-inspiring self-healing power. It was my sense that her current leg injury—or perhaps her consciousness at the site of her leg injury— was mobilizing healing power not only for itself, but also for other parts of her body and energy field.

Even beyond that, it was serving as a catalyst to bring old fears to the surface to be healed and to help her restore trust in her own body.

An Injury Or Illness Can Be Part Of The Healing

What I find particularly compelling about this beautiful, powerful experience is that the injury itself seemed to be the occasion for the healing, and even, in a way I don’t pretend to understand, the source of the healing energy.

The Wisdom Of The Energy Field

It illustrates to me the wisdom of the energy field, including the body. It also demonstrates why we try to remain open rather than being directive as we do energy healings, and why we try to remain unattached to outcomes. With my limited perspective, I could never have imagined this scenario, let alone directed it to happen.

Each Session Is Unique

Finally, it illustrates how unique each session is. I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years and have never felt anything quite like that.

Do you have an energy healing experience you’d like to share? Respond or comment on my Facebook page.

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions With Self-Love


It often seems that with the new year come New Year’s Resolutions. They’re usually some variation of “work harder,” “try harder,” “do more” and “deprive yourself.”

So I thought I’d share an excerpt from Kahlil Gibran’s beautiful and wise words about work from The Prophet.

      . . . . Work is love made visible.

      And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

      For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger.

      And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine.

      And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.

So please be kind to yourself. If you’re going to set resolutions for yourself, make them joyful and let them arise out of self-love.

Also, I thought these Spiritually Literate New Year’s Resolutions were lovely and wanted to share them with you. (Just ignore them if the don't resonate. :-) )

Wishing you a beautiful, light-filled 2015, in which you find joy in both your work and your play and will perhaps consider doing less, rather than more. —With love, Nancy

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Wishing You Hope, The Essence of Christmas


As Christmas nears, I’d like to share with you this beautiful writing, an excerpt from The Mood of Christmas by Howard Thurman, about the universal message of Christmas.

"During the season of Christmas in many art galleries, in countless homes and churches, and on myriad Christmas cards, there will be scenes picturing the Madonna and Child. There is a sense in which the Madonna and Child experience is not the exclusive possession of any faith or any race. . . .

. . . The Madonna and Child conception suggests that the growing edge of human life, the hope of every generation, is in the birth of the child. . . .

"The Birth of the Child in China, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, India, America, and all over the world, is the breathless moment like the stillness of absolute motion, when something new, fresh, whole, may be ushered into the nations that will be the rallying point for the whole human race to move in solid phalanx . . . into the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. “

Every child. That's all of us, every one. You yourself, and every single person you know--were, and continue to be, the embodiment of hope.

In this universal spirit, the spirit of hope, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Love, Nancy

(The quote is from the wonderful website, Spirituality and Practice. The image is by Albin Egger-Lienz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)

Seasonal Healing: The Restorative Energy Of Winter

----by Nancy Hausauer

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is just around the corner -- to be precise, December 21st.


The Winter Solstice, the official beginning of winter, is the longest night and shortest day of the year. It also heralds the return of the light--I love the poetry of that.

Like each of the seasons, winter offers lessons about living in harmony with our energy.

The Wisdom of Winter

In winter, nature rests. The nights are long and still, the earth gestates, and many of the plants appear to die. It's part of the natural cycle, necessary for the growth and productivity of spring, summer and early fall.

Often we forget that rest and stillness are also necessary for us, too. This is true for everyone, but especially so for energy healers and others who are sensitive to subtle energy.

In winter, nature teaches us that we must take time for internal stillness, external rest, and self-gestation. If we haven't taken care of ourselves, we can't take care of others. We don't have enough extra light to direct toward healing, creating, and other positive purposes. We must guard our time for restoration and inner stillness with the fierceness of a winter storm.

Staying Energetically Balanced in the Season of Winter

Here are some winter-solstice-inspired ideas for making sure your precious subtle energies stay in balance:

  • Let go of traditions and social engagements that don't feed your spirit.

  • Get out into nature. Get as much natural light as possible.

  • Turn off the TV and do something creative.

  • If you feel tired, take a nap. Allow yourself as much sleep as you need.

  • Nurture your inner child with some play-time.

  • Bring rich, beautiful colors and scents into your home and workplace.

  • Take a mini-holiday every day, even if it's just a five-minute jaunt outside for a breath of fresh air.

  • Schedule regular time for stillness and reflection such as meditation, journal-writing, or contemplative walking.

  • Make room in your life for the distinctive poetry and beauty of the season.

  • Cherish the darkness, which is fertile and restorative.

  • Light candles or build a bonfire to celebrate the return of the light.

Take good care of your precious self, and have a beautiful, wise winter -- Nancy

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Use Aromatherapy to Stay Energetically On Track This Holiday Season

----by Nancy Hausauer


We're into the holiday season now, and it's time to take a break from all the hustle and bustle!

I'm a big advocate of using essential oils to clear and raise your energy. Essential oils, like homeopathy, are a form of vibrational medicine. That means that their effect goes beyond the physical realm, into the energetic/vibrational realm.

Most of us can use a little energetic support during this season, so here are some easy and fun ideas that use aromatherapy.

Essential Oils for the Holidays

If you've got essential oils, I encourage you to get them out and have some fun playing with combinations in your diffuser (or in a pan of water kept on very low heat on the stove).

  1. Oils such as lavender, chamomile, geranium, yang yang, sandalwood, cedarwood or patchouli are great for calming and smoothing your energy.
  2. Clary sage, melissa, orange, lemon verbena, and lemongrass are good to lift your spirits.
  3. Cinnamon, clove, ginger, allspice, citrus and evergreen scents help to conjure up the positive energetics of "winter holidays."

Other Aromatherapy Ideas to Scent Your Holidays

But even if you don't have essential oils, there are ways to lift your spirits and your energy with scent. Here are some ideas. I can almost guarantee they'll make you and your family smile.

  1. Bring branches of evergreen trees into the house for decoration. Don't have any in your yard? Wait for a storm and go out collecting.
  2. Mull apple cider with traditional spices: a cinnamon stick, a few buds of clove, a few allspice berries, and a bit of orange zest.
  3. Peel an orange, saving the peel. Eat the orange and take pieces of the peel into the room(s) you wish to scent. Bend the peel, pointing it away from you, so that the oil sprays out into the room.
  4. Bake cookies, which spreads the lovely, calming odor of vanilla throughout the house.
  5. Burn a pure beeswax candle. It exudes a subtle aroma of honey.
  6. Take a walk outdoors in the fresh air, focusing on the scent.

You can learn more about using aromatherapy and essential oils here.

I wish you a beautiful and nurturing holiday season.

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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