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How do YOU Experience Energy?

----by Nancy Hausauer


I love it when people who have no knowledge and no expectations of energy healing have dramatic experiences on the table. Recently this happened with a young man who came in to see me. While I was working on him, he experienced what he described as ongoing swells of blue and purple (in his mind’s eye).

A fair number of my clients have experiences of color like this, which I interpret as healing energy in frequencies specific to their needs. I think of them as medicine-colors.

But my young client didn’t know this. For him, it was an authentic, first-time experience of the energy. People’s first-time experiences, especially, never cease to thrill me.

These direct experiences can come in many forms. I remember one early experience I had receiving energy healing. I had come to an energy healer because I was feeling really crummy, and I knew from experience that I had pneumonia. At some point during the session, I was overcome with delicious laughter. I laughed, I roared, I nearly fell on the floor with laughter. It went on and on. It felt so good, and I bounced back from the pneumonia in record time. (As a side note, the energy healer in this case was very responsible and made me swear I would make an appointment with my doctor the very next day. Which I did. Don’t take chances with pneumonia!)

In my practice, I’ve seen people experience the energy (or its movement) as

  • light
  • insights and intuitions
  • heat (and occasionally cold)
  • physical reactions such as jumping, twitching, shivering, sneezing, coughing, body movements, ears popping, sighs and deep breaths
  • a clear sense of the presence of the Divine
  • emotional release (e.g. tears or laughter)
  • a current of electricity
  • spirit guides
  • visits from loved ones who have passed on
  • visits from various animals
  • a sense of greater aliveness
  • buzzing or tingling in the body
  • movement or flow (like a current) in their body
  • a knowingness of something
  • something being released from the body, energy field, or mind
  • a hand on their body when they are not being physically touched
  • fire
  • a sacred web
  • a sense of deep peace and calm
  • a sense of everything being right and in harmony
  • and, as I’ve mentioned, as color.

So many ways to feel the chi. How have you experienced energy directly? You can respond or comment on my Facebook page.

Image Vincent van Gogh [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Childhood Trauma: Yes, It Impacts Your Health and Happiness as an Adult, and Yes, You Can Do Something About It

----by Nancy Hausauer


Do you or someone you love suffer from chronic illness or pain?

If so, “The Last Best Cure: My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, and My Life,” by Donna Nakazawa, is an essential read for you.

The Interesting News

Nakazawa, a science journalist who had suffered for years from a variety of serious ailments that robbed her energy and happiness, embarked on a year-long quest to get her joy back.

Working with a doctor well-versed in the new science of psycho-neuro-immunology, she learned that science has discovered a STRONG link between childhood emotional trauma and adult chronic illnesses and pain. Emotional trauma to sensitive children predisposes the body to having its stress response always ON. (I would add that it can also damage the energy field.)

This leads to ongoing inflammation and immune system suppression, which can result in autoimmune issues, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, and a host of other health problems in adulthood.

The Good News

The good news is that the body-mind can be retrained to default to peace, happiness, relaxation and joy. This has a remarkable, measurable impact on the health of the body-mind. Stress hormones drop, inflammation markers decrease, and well-being and happiness improve measurably.

Reversing the Damage

So what are some of the things that re-program a trauma-damaged body-mind? Nakazawa explored yoga, acupuncture, laughter yoga, breathing exercises, immersion in nature, and meditation, primarily because they’re all modalities that are widely available and have been thoroughly researched. She gives her personal experience with each, weaving in the current scientific knowledge about their impact and how they work.

These are all things I agree with heartily. Of course, personally I’d add energy work and body work to the list.

It’s highly readable and if you or someone you love has chronic health problems or chronic pain, this book is a don’t-miss.

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Thank You Gift: “1st Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security”

----by Nancy Hausauer


I’m pleased to announce that my book Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing For A More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life is now available as a paperback.

As a thank you for being a loyal reader and to celebrate publication of the final version of the book, you can download Chapter 9 of the book (First Chakra) via the link below.

Gift Chapter

Just click on the link to download your gift chapter.

I think you'll especially like this chapter if you'd like to relax, feel calmer and more secure, let go of nagging fears, and feel that you truly belong in the universe and that everything will turn out basically alright for you.

You’ll find a clear overview of the first chakra, a handy chart, how to tell whether it's healthy or out of balance, a list of signs that indicate it would benefit you to work with it, and finally, dozens of specific, practical, down-to-earth exercises and techniques that you can use to develop and balance it.

Buy The Book

If you’d like to buy the whole book, you can buy the paperback version here. (Or buy it as a Kindle book or as a PDF ebook if you prefer.)

The book contains a chapter for each of the seven chakras, helpful chapters that clearly explain what chakras and energy healing are, and five bonus chapters that tell you how to do basic energy healing practices suggested in the book.

Review The Book

If you read it, I’d very much appreciate a review on Amazon. Reviews really help!

Book Contents

Below is the Table of Contents for the rest of the book.

Introduction: A Welcome To Energy Healing
What Is Energy?
I Have An Energy Body? Really? (What’s That?)
What Are Chakras?
Why Do My Chakras Matter?
How Can I Tell If My Chakra System Is Healthy?
Answering A Few Common Questions About Chakra Imbalances
What Is Energy Healing? (And Can I Really Do It?)
How Do I Turn Simple Activities Into Chakra-Building Powerhouses?
First Chakra: Anchoring Yourself
Second Chakra: Getting In The Flow
Third Chakra: Coming From Your Place of Power
Fourth Chakra: Heart Wisdom
Fifth Chakra: Who Are You Really?
Sixth Chakra: The Extraordinary Eye
Seventh Chakra: The Crowning Glory
Your Seven Chakras: A Holistic System
Three Techniques For Balancing Your Chakras As A Whole
Some Final Thoughts
Bonus Chapters
Appendix 1: How To Ground
Appendix 2: How To Center
Appendix 3: How To Belly Breathe
Appendix 4: How To Use Essential Oils
Appendix 4: How To Use Affirmations
Further Resources


Namaste, Nancy

Let the Fall Equinox Help Balance Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer


September 22—today—is the Fall Equinox. (Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, but the principles are the same.)

On the equinoxes, day and night are equal. It's the season of balance and equipoise, and as with everything in our world, it offers a lesson and a healing if we choose to take it.

Balance: One of the Key Elements of Healing and Health

One of the hallmarks of the Equinox is balance -- day and night, light and dark. And balance is one of the key principles of healing.

Physically, our bodies are in a constant balancing process to maintain homeostasis. Most of us instinctively seek the stability and peace of balanced minds and emotions. And energetically, balancing is one of our key goals.

The Equinox is a good time to rebalance your life and energies -- and recover greater physical, emotional and psychological health.

An Equinox Self-Healing for Balance

Here's an exercise to help you fine-tune your energies and your life.

  • Choose a decent-weather day around September 22. Grab a pen, journal, and whatever you need to be comfortable outdoors. Take a walk in a natural setting. Give yourself time to enjoy the signs of the season -- the sights, smells, quality of light, feel of the air. Breathe it in, and let yourself feel that you're absorbing it into your cells.
  • Find a place to sit comfortably.
  • Ask yourself, "Where does my life feel in balance?" Where in my life would I like more balance?" Let your intuition answer, and free-write about it. Does anything really stand out to you, or surprise you?
  • When you feel done, close your eyes and, without trying or using your mind, intend for your energy to become more fluid. Breathe deeply and allow it to shift, adjust and rebalance, without working to control what happens. You may feel it in your body, your field, or both.
  • Take as long as you like to allow this process to work, and then take more time to enjoy your recalibrated state.
  • Then -- this should take just a second -- lightly intend to have your rebalanced energy stabilize into a kind of "liquid crystal" state -- dynamic but stable. Again, don't overthink this; whatever you do will be just right. (I visualize giving my field a light, quick tap.)
  • When you're ready, bring your attention back to your surroundings. Enjoy the rest of your walk, and over the coming days, stay open to opportunities for further gentle rebalancing.

Namaste, Nancy

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Energy Healing To Keep Your Child Well This School Year

----by Nancy Hausauer


With school starting, I’d share some energy healing techniques that parents can do to strengthen their children’s immune systems (and their own). When my daughter was little, I remember how often she’d bring home a virus that we’d all eventually get. No fun.

Illness-causing microbes are always out there. From an energetic perspective, illness is often the result of the energy field wearing thin because of stress or other depletions such as poor eating and sleeping habits, or from actual breaches in the field caused by emotional or physical trauma. Without these energetic openings, the energies of the illness can’t get a foothold.

As with more practical defenses (washing hands, eating and sleeping well, etc.), in energy healing an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So here are a few energetic preventative techniques to help keep your kids’ energy systems robust and their bodies well.

  • Stress depletes the energy field and inhibits immune system function, so teach your child stress management and relaxation techniques.

  • In particular, teach them belly breathing. It stimulates lymphatic flow, calms the nervous system, and helps balance the energy system. Make it a family activity.

  • Whenever they seem “off,” ground them by holding or rubbing their feet. (Firmly so as not to tickle.)

  • When they’re upset, smooth and balance their field by running your open hand(s) along the contour of their body about 6-12 inches above it, like petting an imaginary cat, multiple times, head to toe. You can also spread your fingers a bit and “comb” their field.

  • Teach your child basic energetic techniques such as grounding (have them imagine they’re sending down roots from the soles of their feet deep into the earth, like a tree), centering , and surrounding her/himself with light.

  • Get your child out into nature—one of the best things you can do for both energetic and physical wellness.

  • Domestic animals are wonderful healers, helping to buffer, absorb and balance energy, so let your child spend lots of time with the family pet.

Donna Eden's classic book Energy Medicine, is a great resource for family wellness, and here are some other ideas, too.

Of course, sometimes microbes catch up with us no matter what we do, so don’t blame yourself if your child gets sick. Just take good care of them (and yourself) and use it as an opportunity to bond with them.

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

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Transform Your Physical Body: Be Conscious About The Metaphors You Hold

----by Nancy Hausauer

Nancy here, back from my 2-month break. I hope you had a good summer, too. Just wanted to let you know that, at least for the next few months, I’m going to be publishing articles every other week, instead of every week, unless some special inspiration strikes. I’m trying to take my own advice about work-life balance. I’ll be posting on my Facebook page more often, if you want to check that out.


Recently, as I was waiting for a client to come out of my treatment room, I was thinking about the metaphors we hold in our minds about the physical body and the impact those metaphors have on us--even though--perhaps especially because--they may be unconscious.

At this point in Western culture, the culturally/medically dominant metaphor for the body is a machine (with the brain as an advanced machine, a computer).

Other culturally common metaphors are body as prison; as temple or vessel for the soul; as dumb, brute beast; as slave for the mind; and as a tool for evil. Each metaphor seems to involve a hierarchy, with the body below—far below—the mind.

Those kinds of metaphors or models for reality have a powerful impact on us—not just psychologically, but physically, too. I believe that we create our own reality through our thoughts. In essence, we are what we think we are.

Thinking of the physical body as a machine or as any of the other negative images that our culture promotes demeans and diminishes not only our marvelous, sacred physical bodies, but also their abilities to rebalance and heal themselves.

So when I work with clients, I prefer to encourage metaphors for the body such as:

  • a river of energy or light

  • spirit

  • a pathway for evolution and enlightenment

  • another form of energy

  • information made tangible

  • a gateway to more subtle aspects of self (energy)

  • a source of wisdom

  • an ally and protector

  • fluid and changeable

  • inseparable from mind, imbued with consciousness

  • fully conscious, even down to the cellular level.

Underlying it all is my belief that the body is sacred, conscious and capable of rebalancing and healing itself. My sense is that when we let go of demeaning and devaluing metaphors for our bodies, it helps us tap into our near-miraculous powers of self-restoration.

What about you? What metaphor do you hold for your body? Has that image been conscious or unconscious? Does it help you stay healthy? Does it help you heal?

You can respond or comment on my Facebook page.

Read Energy With Muscle Testing (Here’s How) — And Some Housekeeping Notes

----by Nancy Hausauer

Just to let you know, I’ll be taking a break from my blog for two months, except perhaps for the occasional announcement. I’ll be working on finishing the paperback version of my book Chakra Care, starting an online class based on the book and making headway on a new book on energy healing for depression. Oh yeah, and enjoying the summer!

I plan to continue posting short items on my Facebook page. ("Like" it, of course, to get it in your timeline.)

Also, for those of you who've been wishing for the ability to comment on my blog, I always put a link to new posts on the FB page, and I just realized that you could comment on them there if you wanted. (Sorry my current blogging software doesn't have the capability to allow commenting directly on blog posts. Long story.)

OK, on to the interesting stuff.


Sense Energy With Muscle Testing

Some people can directly sense subtle energy, and some can’t. In my opinion, you can do energy healing perfectly well without being able to sense energy, but sometimes it’s nice to get extra information about what’s going on.

Muscle testing (also called muscle energy testing) is a way to get direct information from our bodies and energy systems. Donna Eden calls it “biofeedback without the gadgets.”

As she says, it “allows you to determine “whether an energy pathway is flowing or blocked, whether an organ is getting the energy it needs to function properly, or whether an outside energy (such as the energy of a particular food or a suspected toxin) is harmful to your system.”

I’ve written a new page on muscle energy testing, which explains how to do muscle testing both with a partner and solo. It’s fun and can yield some very interesting information.

Have a great summer. —Nancy

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Seasonal Healing: Absorb, Savor, Appreciate

----by Nancy Hausauer

Last Saturday (June 21) was the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Wisdom of Summer

“FirstLike every season, Summer has its particular wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. One of its important lessons is about absorbing, savoring and appreciating:

  • absorbing light
  • savoring sweetness
  • appreciating beauty.

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s hustle and bustle, marching through the wonders of our world unconsciously, lost in thought, so busy that we forget how quickly summers fly by, flowers fade, children grow up, the circus packs up and moves on to the next town.

Some moments are perfect: sweet, warm and beautiful, like a lazy, rose-scented afternoon. Summer reminds us to be fully present for these moments. They feed our energy fields, making them strong and vibrant and helping to keep them from becoming depleted during leaner and more challenging times.

Feed Your Field

This summer (and all year long), be an apprentice to the wisdom of the season. Drink deeply of the things that feed your soul. Whenever you encounter light, beauty, sweetness and joy, bring them fully into your body and your energy field.

Here are a few ideas for doing that:

  • Take a single ripe berry and really enjoy all of its sensory qualities.

  • Devote a whole day to enjoying a particular sense.

  • Meditate on a flower, noticing as many things about it as you can.

  • Watch a whole sunset or sunrise.

  • Go somewhere remote where you can lie down on a blanket and marvel at the starry sky.

  • Take a morning or afternoon off and do nothing. (No TV or electronics.)

  • Cook a meal that epitomizes summer.

  • Enjoy breathing.

This excerpt from Mary Oliver’s “A Summer’s Day” captures the kind of radical presence and savoring I’m talking about:

… I don't know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?


Have a beautiful, nourishing summer.

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Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

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Correction to "The Zip-Up: An Important Tool If You Pick Up Other Peoples' Energy"

Melissa Smith from Tai Chi With Melissa ( ) points out a correction needed for the blog post from a couple of weeks ago about the “zip up” technique. The zip up works with a meridian which I refer to in the post as the “central channel.” It is more commonly referred to in English as the “conception vessel pathway/meridian.” It also emerges onto the surface of the body at the perineum, rather than the top of the pubic bone. (But start the zip up at the top of the pubic bone, anyway.)

Thanks, Melissa!

Take an Energy Healing “Staycation”: 23 Activities to Recharge Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Note: No post next week — I’ll be out of town.


Infinity sign

Summer’s almost here. And whether or not you go on vacation, you still need a break from your routines. It's important for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.

If you can't take an “away” vacation, create an energy-healing "staycation." Set aside a week or so and take time off from your normal activities. Schedule a wealth of low-cost self-care activities to help clear, balance, and revitalize your energy.

Energy Healing Staycation Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Meditate daily.
  • Belly breathe at least 5 minutes daily.
  • Do energy healings for yourself:
  • Practice a relaxation technique every day.
  • Get out into nature for a hike or a day at the beach.
  • Create a personal altar. Or several.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Listen for your intuition.
  • Do yoga. (Or any form of restorative exercise.)
  • Pamper yourself with delicious and healthy food. Take time to really savor both making and eating it.
  • Plant something.
  • Take on a rewarding home or garden project that will make you feel great when it's accomplished and boost your home’s supportiveness to your energy in the long term (e.g. by increasing order or beauty).
  • Write in regularly your journal. Journal your dreams.
  • Schedule some fun and healthy self-care activities such as a massage, facial, haircut, or (of course) energy healing.
  • Buy yourself small, healthy treats--a new book, a fun article of summer clothing, flowers--whatever pleases you. (But don't spend a lot of time shopping. That's an energy-drain.)
  • Create something -- whether or not you're "artistic." Just play!
  • Nap.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Devote a whole day to loving-kindness -- toward yourself. No bad thoughts or words about yourself -- only compassion, forgiveness, and cherishing.

Consciously engaging in positive, restorative activities like these can have a huge impact on your energy field. Fun is good for you!

So make time this summer to take care of yourself. It will help clear and restore your energy field--and you'll be healthier in body, mind and spirit.

Namaste, Nancy

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

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The Zip-Up: An Important Tool If You Pick Up Other Peoples' Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer


I'm not big on the need to protect myself from "bad energy." But at times I'm definitely affected by the energy of other people or situations. That's not necessarily bad -- I don't mind sharing someone else's happy! But if someone’s energy is edgy or negative, I don't want to let that in. And if my field is a bit porous, I may need a little help with that.

The Zip Up

Enter the Zip-Up -- another fantastic energy-healing tool from Donna Eden, useful for healers and anyone else who is energetically sensitive.

The Zip Up works with the central meridian, the energy pathway that runs up the center of your torso from the top of your pubic bone to your bottom lip. It can act like an antenna to channel other people's feelings/thoughts/energies into you. However, you can use the subtle energies of your hands to "zip it closed."

Doing this will help you feel more confident and positive, think more clearly, tap your inner strengths, and most importantly, shield yourself from other peoples' emotions and energies. And it only takes a few seconds.

How To Do The Zip-Up

  • Place your hand or hands at the top of your pubic bone, which is the end of your central meridian. You can do this with your hand(s) on your physical body, or a few inches away from it.
  • Holding the intention to keep your energy distinct from external energies, take a deep breath and simultaneously move your hand(s) up the centerline of your body, stopping at your lower lip. Exhale and lower your hand(s).
  • Repeat three times.

Pretty easy, right? Try it next time you're feeling the impact of other peoples' energies, when you're feeling a bit muddled, or when you need a boost. I think you'll notice a difference.

Namaste, Nancy

Taking Care of Our Treatment Spaces

----by Nancy Hausauer

A reader recently asked about the spaces that we use for doing energy healing: "What should and should not be in a treatment space that we use for clients? What about a space in your home that is used for other things as well as healing?"

Tips for Keeping an Energetically Clean and Clear Treatment Space

This page on "space clearing" (shown below) has 19 ideas for clearing the energy of our treatment spaces, including suggestions for things that potentially should and shouldn't be in the room.

Tips for Multi-Purpose Treatment Spaces

For spaces or rooms in your home that are used for living space as well as treatment, the general recommendations apply, and should be used even more diligently than for a treatment-only room.

For example, I'd thoroughly clear the room/space before AND after each session. I'd keep the room's decorations as neutral as possible. I'd probably "deep clean" the space more often. And I'd develop a simple ritual to energetically signify the transition back and forth between uses. This could be as simple as lighting a candle prior to a session, and blowing it out after your client has left and you've cleared the room.

I hope that's helpful.

Namaste, Nancy

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

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Overcoming Worry and Doubt

----by Nancy Hausauer

Worried Man

I just finished a long page on overcoming worry and doubt, with more than 15 practices and techniques to help relieve stress, anxiety and worry.

As I said, it's long and I'll probably chop it into several pages, or even turn it into a short e-book. So this may be your only chance to read it as one, convenient, free article.

I wrote this while I was over-reacting, as only a mother can, to my daughter's adventures while traveling abroad. The remedies I discuss helped me (mostly) and I think at least some of them will help you too.

Not that you ever worry. :-)

Again, here's the link to the page.

Namaste, Nancy

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

Chakra Care

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing
for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life

Understand the chakras and learn 500 fun, down-to-earth activities to balance, nourish and support them. Buy it here.

Help! My Energy’s A Mess! (And I Have A Client Coming Any Minute)

-----by Nancy Hausauer

Painting by Pieter Codde of melancholy man

We all want to have our energy be beautiful, serene and elevated when we go into a healing session. But it’s not always like that. We’re human, we have our ups and downs.

What do you do when you've got a client coming and it feels like your energy "isn't flowing”? As a reader recently asked, "How can I expect to help others….when my own head isn't in the right place?"

So you’re not feeling so great. Maybe you're ill or hurting, maybe you've just argued with someone, maybe you're worried. You want to give your client your best, but you're not sure you can. What do you do?

How To Get Your Flow Back

  • Most importantly, don't berate yourself. It's human to have ups and downs. Open your heart chakra and be compassionate toward your own imperfection.

    And, remember, as Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron says, that "Whatever is happening is the path to enlightenment."

  • Ground and center. Take a full minute or more to belly breathe. If your mind wanders, pull it back to the present. Click here for more ideas on using your breath to elevate your energy.

  • Smile and hold your body as if you felt harmonious and peaceful.

  • Set the intention to serve to the best of your ability, and silently ask for help -- from whomever or whatever you ask for help.

  • Open yourself up to be a channel for what needs to happen. Trust that whatever needs to happen will happen -- that it doesn't all depend on YOU.

  • Remember that giving a healing will be healing to you as well. In the process, your own energy will quickly balance and harmonize.

  • Here are some fast fixes for a bad mood/shifting your energy.

  • And here are more ideas for preparing yourself for a healing session.

Namaste, Nancy

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

Chakra Care

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing
for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life

Understand the chakras and learn 500 fun, down-to-earth activities to balance, nourish and support them. Buy it here.

Resource for Professional Energy Healers

----by Nancy Hausauer

If you do energy healing professionally, it's an excellent idea to have business insurance. It protects both you and your clients.

I ran across the following resource for insurance and wanted to share it. I'm not endorsing it -- I know nothing about it. But if you're doing energy healing as a business, and you don't yet have professional insurance, it's a place to start looking and comparing with other options.


Here's the address if the embed of the page doesn't show up in your browser.

Warm regards, Nancy

Joy As Medicine: The Energy Healing Lesson of Early Summer

----by Nancy Hausauer

Maypole Dancing

Western culture is, for the most part, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I don't mean thrill-deprived. Cheap thrills are a dime a dozen. I mean genuine, deep-seated, heart-centered joy.

To me, this is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We tend to work too hard, minimize the need for pleasure and fun, and trivialize or even demonize what I would call simple, animal joy -- the joy of being alive, the joy of just being.

That's why I love the Celtic holiday of Beltane. Coming on May 1, it marks the beginning of the beginning of summer. A fertility holiday, it was traditionally, celebrated with bonfires. Farm animals were decorated and blessed. Rituals to promote fertility (life force and creativity) were observed.

Where I live, this season is glorious. The leaves on the trees have come back all fresh and green, the bushes and bulbs are ablaze with color, the air is sweet with perfume from all the "green people."

For me, it's a yearly call to be joyful, a reminder that joy is more than a luxury. For those of us who tend to be over-serious and fun-challenged, it's a medicine. For energy healers, it's especially important to cultivate joy. We need to feed and balance our energy so we can keep doing the work we do without depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too long since you felt joyful just to be alive?

Here are some ideas for "joy medicine":

  • Make a list of things that give you joy, and DO THEM! (Here are more explicit instructions for making your personal "Joyful Life Map.")
  • Learn more about your second chakra and how to support and nourish it.
  • Taking a cue from the Beltane bonfires, ask yourself, "What 'lights my fire'?" Journal about it. Pick one or two things that stand out and do them.
  • Take a break from your responsibilities and do something purely for pleasure and fun.
  • Stop and breathe in the energy of the season.
  • Celebrate your own beauty.
  • Feed all five senses with beauty and pleasure.
  • If you have small children or an animal companion, let them show you how to find joy in simple things.
  • Create something. Creation is an expression of life force, and it feeds both the second chakra and our joy in being alive.

Have fun! -- Nancy

Trace Your Meridians: A Quick Qi Tuneup

----by Nancy Hausauer

Acupuncture meridians, side view

My client (I'll call her Jeanette) was telling me about pain she’d been feeling for a few months on the outside of her right hip and knee and occasionally all the way down to her foot. We'd seen some improvement with treating stuck energy in her hip, but the pain kept returning.

"Could it be my gall bladder meridian?" she asked.

I brought out a drawing of the meridian, and as she studied it she identified other places along it that had been bothering her. She also mentioned that gall bladder problems ran in her family.

It's funny how information can combine and recombine in different configurations, until suddenly, everything clicks into focus. Then it seems so obvious you wonder how you missed it. But that's hindsight for you.

This new focus suggested a new, hopefully more lasting therapy for Jeanette: tracing the gall bladder meridian.

How To Trace Your Meridians

Tracing the meridians, a technique taught by renowned energy healer Donna Eden, is a wonderful, simple way to clear your meridians (the subtle channels through which your qi flows). It balances the energy, shifts blockages, and revitalizes your qi.

To do it you simply move your open hand, either a few inches above or directly on your body, along the general path of each meridian. There's really not much to it besides learning the routes of the 14 meridians.

Because Jeanette’s gall bladder meridian was so symptomatic, I suggested she focus on it, and start with tracing the meridian backward to energetically flush it, then re-tracing it several times forward. When she tried it, she could really feel a shift. She was excited about practicing this technique regularly at home. (And I'm excited to get a progress report.)

Like Jeanette, you can choose to do just one meridian if you've got something specific going on, but for overall wellness, do them all. It's a great way to stay healthy, vibrant, and energetically balanced -- like a tune-up for your qi.

More Resources

This page tells a little more about it and gives you a link to a video in which Donna Eden demonstrates tracing all 14 meridians. She's got it down to a science, so you can do them all very quickly. You'll also find a link to a page that clearly shows each of the meridians. Enjoy!

Techniques For Using Breath To Heal And Uplift Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Healing breath word cloud

Several readers have asked me to write about direct methods to do energy healing for yourself. There are so many tools for self-healing. One that I love, both for its simplicity and for its effectiveness, is breath.

If you've been reading along with me for very long at all, that will come as no surprise. I'm always touting belly breathing both for its physical and its energetic benefits.

But there are many more ways you can use your breath to work with and heal your own energy. Really, your only limit is your imagination.

4 Ways to Use Healing Breathwork For Yourself

Here are four ways that I like to use breath to manage and heal my own energy. You can find 5 more ways to use it for self-healing, plus ways to use it when working with others, on this page.

  • When I find my vibration is slipping, I take several deep breaths and with each one draw my energy up, like a ball of light, to my sixth chakra. From there, I have perspective on my problem or mood and find that my sense of angst has passed. Of course, you can use your breath to move your energy to any of your chakras.

  • When I'm feeling a little down, frazzled or depleted, I use my breath to breathe light into my field. With each breath, I breathe in more energy/light/life force, and see/feel my field expand and grow brighter and brighter. I can either use that light for myself, or send it to someone or something else.

  • When I sense frozen energy somewhere in my body or field, I use my breath like a pump to get the energy flowing again. For example, recently I noticed that the energy in my right thigh was stuck. Starting with my exhale, I used my out-breath as a pump to get the energy unstuck and moving again. Then I used the inhale to draw in light, space and consciousness. (I continued for a few minutes.)

  • As you breathe in, your diaphragm muscle pulls down to draw in the air. This "massages" the third chakra area. So when my third chakra needs some support (such as when I am stressed or overworking), I use deep breathing, in and out, to comfort, balance and nourish it.

Go to this page for 5 more ways to use breath to heal your own energy, and 5 ways to use it when doing an energy healing for another person.

I hope you enjoy these practices.

Namaste, Nancy

Centering: A Fundamental Skill For Energy Healers

----by Nancy Hausauer

One reader asked about "how to find peacefulness when stressed or worried about something specific. I'd like to find a way to bring myself back to center more easily. . . I get so distracted."

Image of Peaceful Swan

Of course, this is sometimes a problem for nearly everyone. One of the best things you can do to restore your serenity and calm is to bring your energy back to your center. For brevity most energy healers just call this "centering."

What Is Centering

Centering is another foundational skill for energy work. It’s simply focusing your energies and bringing yourself into the present. Another way of saying it is that it’s centering your awareness in your own body.

Often our minds, emotions, and energies are all over the place. We’re literally scattered. Our thoughts are on that weird thing the boss said at work yesterday, our hearts are with a loved one who’s having trouble, and parts of our energy are stuck in the past, perhaps still traumatized by that year when we were four and our mother was too ill to take care of us properly.

Centering brings you—all of you—back to yourself, in the here and now. Being centered helps in doing most things, but especially in doing energy work. After all, if there’s more of you present, you have more to work with!

There are lots of ways to do this. Of course meditation is a great practice for centering. Belly breathing can also be a great aid in centering.

How To Center

Here's a lovely and powerful centering exercise for you to try.

Namaste, Nancy

© Peter Elvidge | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Clearing Thoughts and Emotions That Generate Suffering

----by Nancy Hausauer

When we're in pain, there's the actual physical pain, and then there's the additional suffering we pile on top of that through anger, fear, or other emotions.

For example, if I cut myself in the kitchen, it hurts! But I make it much worse with reactions such as:

  • "I'm so careless! How could I have done that!" (anger), or
  • "Oh no! How bad it is? Will I be able to work this week? Will I need to get stitches? How much will that cost?" (fear)

The fear and anger actually make it hurt worse, or at any rate they make the perception of pain worse, and practically there's no difference. If I distract myself by doing something I enjoy, I hardly notice it.

How To Turn Off The Suffering-Generation Machine For Ourselves

But how do we stop the internal flow of thoughts that generate emotions that worsen our sense of pain? Simply by being aware of the internal chatter, and interrupting it. Return to the present, to the situation as it is, and stop beating yourself up and/or scaring yourself with negative scenarios. Just let it be what it is.

Turning Off The Suffering-Generation Machine For Others

How can we do that for others? By helping THEM return to the present, clearing the (perhaps unconscious) thoughts that generate fear and anger.

When doing an energy healing, often we can do that just by clearing the field over the painful area. (Or sometimes elsewhere.) The energy work can often clear the energy of fear and anger from the field, significantly reducing the sense of suffering.

Once I worked on a musician with a foot injury. Moaning with pain and barely able to walk, he was extremely distressed because he had an important performance in a few hours. He was skeptical about energy healing, but desperate. Working around his foot, I felt energy release. When I finished, he just got up and walked off. The pain was quite manageable and he was able to walk and perform quite well enough.

I think this is an area in which energy healing excels.

You can also work more directly with the client's body-mind to bring their awareness into the present and thereby clear the misery-generating thoughts/emotions, but that's a subject for another time.

Namaste, Nancy

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