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Use Energy Healing To Activate The Powerful Medicine of Relaxation

----by Nancy Hausauer

Relaxation word cloud

Ours is a driven society. We idealize hard work and demonize "laziness." As a culture, we're not big on relaxing.

But relaxation is powerful medicine. It's the state in which our bodies take care of business, including the business of healing. On a physical level, it feels great and allows our bodies' natural self-healing and restoration processes to work like they're supposed to. On an energetic level, being relaxed allows our energy fields to shift more easily to a state of healthy balance and flow. 


It's not that stress is all bad. A moderate, temporary amount can actually be good for you. And as we all know, at least some stress is involved in almost all good outcomes. Think of having children; getting a new job; starting anything new. It seems almost necessary for growth and change.

Good stress like this is temporary and manageable.

The bad kind of stress feels overwhelming and/or doesn't let up for days, weeks, months, even years. This ongoing, heavy tension is a contributor to many kinds of illness and disease, not to mention mental suffering. Prolonged stress makes you vulnerable to illness and accelerates aging. Over time the stress response can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, autoimmune diseases, cancer, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The Relaxation Response: a Prescription for Health & Wellness

Relaxing, on the other hand, turns off our body's response to stress—with remarkable benefits for physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. Here are some of the good things that it does for the body-mind:

  • Slows heart rate
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Slows breathing rate
  • Allows oxygen to be used more efficiently
  • Decreases adrenal gland production of stress hormones
  • Increases production of growth and sex hormones
  • Improves immune system health
  • Increases blood flow to major muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Helps you handle negative emotions such as anger and frustration
  • Promotes energy
  • Improves concentration and creativity
  • Improves ability to handle problems.
See what I mean? It's a veritable fountain of youth and health.

Energy Healing Promotes Relaxation

In my experience, one of the most common and immediately visible effects of energy healing--any kind--is relaxation. You usually can hear your client's breathing slow down, maybe hear them sigh as they let go of tension, watch their face smooth out.

Sessions in which dramatic insights or shifts happen are exciting and rewarding. But if relaxation is "all" that obviously happens in a session, believe me, you've done good work.

It means you've helped your client's energy field become more fluid, smoother, more harmonious, more flowing. It means you've helped them get into a state where they can heal themselves. And that is ultimately what we are trying to do.

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Am I a Healer?

----by Nancy Hausauer

People sometimes ask me, "How do I know if I'm a healer?"

Healer word cloud

It's clear that they think it's a rare and special gift given only to a few. I think a lot of people feel that way.

But I think differently, so for me the answer to their question is simple:

"You don't have to wait for a special sign from above that you're a healer. You are a healer. Everyone is. Everyone has the ability to heal others (or more specifically, to support others in their own self-healing.)

To me, the ability to help others heal is just part of being human. To ask "Am I a healer" is like asking, "Am I human?"

But beyond that, there are two important points to consider.

Many Ways to Be a Healer

First, there are many ways to be "a healer," and you can do "the work" from any place in life. You can be a healer (or not!) as a medical doctor, a nurse, or any of the other conventional healing roles. You can be a healer in a less traditional way, such as being an energy healer.

But teachers, politicians, photographers, counselors, store clerks, moms, dads, administrators, roofers, childcare workers and anyone else in the whole wide world can be powerful healers as well. You don't have to go to school or hang out a shingle. You can do this work from where you already are.

Healing As a Path You Walk, Not an Ability You Have or Acquire

The second point is that energy healing is more a path than a skill set or ability. Anyone can walk at least a little ways down that path, assuming their intentions are good. But to go very far on the path, you must be intentionally evolving, continually working to raise the calibration of your energy.

The Real Questions

So the real questions are:
  • Do you want to be a healer?
  • Do you want to set aside your own ego and help others activate their own self-healing powers?
  • Do you care enough about doing it that you'll do it quietly from where you already are?
  • Do you want to walk the spiritual path, the evolutionary path, that is necessary to develop as a healer?

Because it's not HAVING the gift of healing that's special. It's DEVELOPING it that's special. That happens naturally if you truly want it to be your path—but it has to happen.

So in a way I suppose "being a healer" is mostly about hearing a "calling" and answering it. If you're wondering about whether you're a healer, you've already heard the call. What you do with it is up to you.

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Consciousness Shifting: Perceptual Agility for the Energy Healer

--by Nancy Hausauer


Energy healing works from a different model of reality—a different paradigm—than the one that is dominant in Western culture. That reality model, or underlying world-view, is philosophical materialism.

Philosophical materialism, to put it simplistically, holds that only physical matter is truly real. Obviously, this is not the way that an energy healer looks at the world, at least not while doing a healing.

Being able to switch your consciousness from the dominant model of reality (that only matter is real and the human body and mind is like a machine) to the energy healing model of reality (that there are subtle, invisible forces that shape us and that what we truly are can never be reduced to mere cellular processes or interactions of matter) is therefore extremely useful to any energy healer.

Is it absolutely necessary to be able to do this? Maybe not. But it is certainly helpful. And liberating. Spiritual teacher Ram Das points out the important relationship between the process of spiritual awakening and being able to shift your sense of reality:

"Part of the process of awakening is the recognition that the realities we thought were absolute are only relative. All you have to do is shift in one reality once and your attachment to what you thought was real starts to collapse. Once the seed of awakening is in you, there's no choice – there's no turning back. We all know that reality is relative; we have known it since childhood."

As with most things, we get better at this consciousness-shifting thing with practice.

I think this short video from Rupert Spira, in particular the "I am the body/I am aware of the body" exercise, can be extremely useful for energy healers. It not only helps develop the ability to shift consciousness/reality models, but also can help us move into a higher energy state to prepare for doing energy work. If you pay close attention, you may be able to feel your energy shift when you go into "I am aware of the body" mode.

If you aren't able to view the embedded video above, you can see it here.

Enjoy! —Nancy

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Be A Right Brain Athlete! 9 Ways To Strengthen This Powerful Resource For Healers

----by Nancy Hausauer

Brain hemispheres

I have no hard proof, but it seems clear to me that a strong activation of the right brain is very favorable for energy healing.

Can that state—right-brain ascendance—be cultivated? Absolutely.

Right Brain/Left Brain

A bit of background. The two sides of the brain work differently.

The brain's left hemisphere tends to be analytical, logical, linear, literal, detail-oriented and sequential.

The right hemisphere tends to be creative, non-linear, non-rational, intuitive, relational and holistic.

Both good and important. A balance between them is ideal, but in our highly rational society, left-brain function tends to be more valued—and thus often overrides the right.

The Importance of the Right Brain for Healing Work

Healing work requires both the right and the left sides of the brain. However, trained by our culture, we often over-rely on our left hemispheres.

Being stuck in this intellectual, linear mode can hinder connection to the intuition, compassion, non-judgmental witness, deep presence, non-attachment to outcome, and connection to the universal flow of energy that are so important to healing work.

If anything, in energy healing, we should aim for light activation of the left brain and strong reliance on the right. But for many of us, letting go of our left-hemisphere security blanket can be hard. It can take practice and cultivation.

So how can you strengthen your right brain?

Cultivating the Right Side of Your Brain

Fortunately, right brain activities are fun! Some ideas:

  1. "Magic Pen" exercise

    With your right hand (even if left-handed), start a written conversation with yourself. "Hi, how are ya?" will do. Then, without thinking, write an answer with your left hand. Carry on a conversation like this for a few minutes, getting into meatier subjects if desired. Your left hand may offer you surprising insights--wisdom you didn't know you had.

  2. draw

    (Don't think you're artistic? Try the classic book, Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain, or check out

  3. tell stories

  4. nurture bliss and child-like wonder

  5. sing, play or listen to music

  6. laugh, dance, exercise, get a massage

  7. just experience things and people; take a rest from judging and categorizing

  8. meditate

  9. shake up your routine, e.g. switch hands to write or brush your teeth.

In a nutshell, let go and have some fun! It's good for your right brain. And that will make you a better (and happier) healer.

Namaste, Nancy

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Harvest Season Wisdom: Being In Harmony With Our Labors

--by Nancy Hausauer

van Gogh painting Cypress with Wheat Fields

Like every season, late summer has specific wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. This season of heat and harvest teaches us how to stay in right relationship and balance with work.

At this time of year, the insects and animals are busy, busy, busy, gathering and storing food for the winter. We humans also begin to harvest early crops. It's a season of extremely hard work, but also of community and celebration, as we literally reap and enjoy the fruits of our earlier labors.

In those periods of our life (or our day) when work is foremost, late summer teaches us:

  • To work with joy, love and purpose, so that our labors nourish instead of deplete our energies.
  • To know our limits and take on big tasks in community.
  • To celebrate the fruits of our labors.

Here are some ideas to help you absorb these important lessons about work:

  • Think about something in your life, past or present, that you worked hard to achieve, either alone or in community. Take time to savor it and appreciate yourself for your efforts. Acknowledge your power to make your own dreams come true. What else would you like to make a reality? (Think big.)
  • Take 15 minutes to watch honeybees at work. They have much to teach us.
  • "Work is love made visible," Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet ( What love do you express through your work?
  • Bake bread or savor one or more fruits or vegetables of late summer. Eat it mindfully, aware of the various components that brought it to your table: the sun's energy, the earth's nourishment, the magic of the plant, the grower's labor. In your own work, what/who else beyond your own efforts helps you reach your goals?
  • Take some time to reflect on your work. Is it rewarding? Are you having fun? Does it bring you satisfaction? If not, can you make changes? What is the deeper mission of your work? How can you bring this forward each day?
  • Do some activities to support your 3rd chakra.
  • Get inspired to do great work. Watch "Find Your Great Work" (8-minutes) (
  • Celebrate both harvest and community by hosting a potluck with seasonal foods, including something you've grown yourself. No garden? Resolve to grow at least one thing next year.

May your work bring you joy and fruitfulness. — Nancy

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Simple Energy Healing Can Be Great Energy Healing

----by Nancy Hausauer

Paramhansa Yogananda

Sometimes it's good to be reminded that we don't need a lot of fancy bells and whistles to do great healing work—or great work of any kind.

We may not need to attend that workshop with yet another teacher of energy healing. We may not need to master a new technique. We may not need to add more letters after our name.

To do great healing work, the knowledge and tools we already have are often enough.

We probably already have everything we need, and can stop the endless seeking for improvement, expansion, betterment. All worthy causes, BUT they can get in the way of JUST DOING THE WORK. Not to mention that all that seeking can be exhausting.

There's a beautiful parable that illustrates this point. It's from the classic Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda* (1893-1952).

In this passage, Yogananda is writing about the great teacher Lahiri Mahasaya and two of his disciples (chelas).

Lahiri Mahasaya carefully graded Kriya [yoga] into four progressive initiations. He bestowed the three higher techniques only after the devotee had manifested definite spiritual progress. One day a certain chela [disciple/devotee], convinced that his worth was not being duly evaluated, gave voice to his discontent.

"Master," he said, "surely I am ready now for the second initiation."

At this moment the door opened to admit a humble disciple, Brinda Bhagat. He was a Benares postman.

"Brinda, sit by me here." The great guru smiled at him affectionately. "Tell me, are you ready for the second technique of Kriya?"

The little postman folded his hands in supplication. "Gurudeva," he said in alarm, "no more initiations, please! How can I assimilate any higher teachings? I have come today to ask your blessings, because the first divine Kriya has filled me with such intoxication that I cannot deliver my letters!"

"Already Brinda swims in the sea of Spirit." At these words from Lahiri Mahasaya, his other disciple hung his head.

"Master," he said, "I see I have been a poor workman, finding fault with my tools."

This charming parable inspires me to:

  1. breathe more, study less
  2. stop trying so hard and let things flow
  3. really use and value simple-but-profound, foundational practices such as deep presence, compassion, intention, and belief in a client's highest potential
  4. appreciate my teachers and their teachings
  5. be humble, knowing that humility is always restorative and takes me closer to my true nature
  6. let my head empty out
  7. affirm that, if I'm connected to the universal flow, I will serve
  8. be still and rest.

Perhaps you'd like to join me?

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*Yogananda was a great Indian yogi and guru who introduced many Westerners to meditation and Eastern spiritual practices.

Be a Healer: Start Right Here, Right Now

----by Nancy Hausauer

You can do healing work no matter what line of work you're in. You don't need any special degrees or equipment to be a powerful healing force.

Healing in Nature

But how, you might ask?

A Holistic Definition of Healing

It partly depends on how you define "healing." If you mean "fixing" the physical body, then maybe you do need that degree.

But if you define healing more broadly, as helping people rebuild their wholeness, regain the fullness of who they are, live in harmony with others and the world and be on a fulfilling life-path—then you can definitely be a healer, no matter your profession.

And—if you increase wholeness, fullness, harmony, and fulfillment, you almost always increase physical, mental and emotional health in the process.

Back to the "How" Question

So, as an example, how might a grocery checker do that?

A grocery checker can't prescribe medicine to lower blood pressure, can't balance chakras or relieve stiff necks. But—s/he can smile at you, be cheerful, express kindness. In my experience, an amazing percentage of grocery clerks do just that—and when they do, I always walk away with my energy elevated and a smile on my face. That right there is a healing.

But if you, as a grocery clerk, wanted to make a more conscious, purposeful effort to spread healing energy, you could:

  • Keep your energy highly calibrated by meditating, spending time in nature, cultivating compassion, keeping your thoughts positive and harmonious and maintaining energetic coherence. Your field will positively impact every person who comes through your check-out stand.

  • Clear and raise the energy of your check-out stand when you start your shift, recalibrating as necessary during the day.

  • If a customer looks weary or troubled, mentally surround them with light, or cast an intention for their highest good.

Or, to give some examples from other professions:

  • A roofer could cast healing intentions literally from the rooftops, letting them roll out across an entire city.

  • If you work with lots of correspondence, you could bless it before it goes out, imbuing it with loving-kindness and intentions for the highest good of the receiver.

  • A writer could resolve to write only thing that will have an uplifting, harmonizing influence.

  • Someone who loves nature could share their deep connection with others.

I could go on, but you get my drift. As I say over and over, healing work is mostly about intention.

My point: By all means get that training to be a doula, learn reflexology, go to med school. But don't wait to do healing work until you finish.

The world needs your healing energy. Start now.

Namaste, Nancy

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Do You Think Of Your Body As A Machine? Here's A Reason To Update That

----by Nancy Hausauer

Statue of Aphrodite

Recently, as I was waiting for a client to come out of my treatment room, I was thinking about the metaphors we hold in our minds about the physical body and the impact those metaphors have on us—even though—perhaps especially because—they may be unconscious.

At this point in Western culture, the culturally/medically dominant metaphor for the body is a machine (with the brain as an advanced machine, a computer).

Other culturally common metaphors are body as prison; as temple or vessel for the soul; as dumb, brute beast; as slave for the mind; and as a tool for evil. Each metaphor seems to involve a hierarchy, with the body below—far below—the mind.

Those kinds of metaphors or models for reality have a powerful impact on us—not just psychologically, but physically, too.

I believe that we create our own reality through our thoughts. In essence, we are what we think we are. Thinking of the physical body as a machine or as any of the other negative images that our culture promotes demeans and diminishes not only our marvelous, sacred physical bodies, but also their abilities to re-balance and heal themselves.

So when I work with clients, I prefer to encourage metaphors for the body such as:

  • a river of energy or light

  • spirit

  • a pathway for evolution and enlightenment

  • another form of energy

  • information made tangible

  • a gateway to more subtle aspects of self (energy)

  • a source of wisdom

  • an ally and protector

  • fluid and changeable

  • inseparable from mind and fully conscious, even down to the cellular level.

Underlying it all is my belief that the body is sacred, conscious and capable of re-balancing and healing itself. My sense is that when we let go of demeaning and devaluing metaphors for our bodies, it helps us tap into our near-miraculous powers of self-restoration.

What about you? What metaphor do you hold for your body? Has that image been conscious or unconscious? Does it help you stay healthy? Does it help you heal?

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23 Activities for an Energy Healing "Staycation" to Recharge Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Resting woman

Summer's here. Whether or not you go on vacation, you still need a break from your routines. It's important for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.

If you can't take an "away" vacation, create an energy-healing "staycation." Set aside a week or so to take time off from your normal activities and schedule a wealth of low-cost self-care activities to help clear, balance, and revitalize your energy.

Energy Healing Staycation Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Meditate daily.
  • Belly breathe at least 5 minutes daily.
  • Do energy healings for yourself:

  • Practice a relaxation technique every day.

  • Get out into nature for a hike or a day at the beach.
  • Create a personal altar. Or several.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Get very still and listen for your intuition.
  • Do yoga. (Or any form of restorative exercise, really.)
  • Pamper yourself with delicious and healthy food. Take time to really savor both making and eating it.
  • Plant something.
  • Take on a rewarding home or garden project that will make you feel great when it's accomplished and boost your home's supportiveness to your energy in the long term (e.g. by increasing order or beauty).
  • Write in regularly your journal. Journal your dreams.
  • Schedule some fun and healthy self-care activities such as a massage, facial, haircut, or (of course) energy healing.
  • Buy yourself small, healthy treats—a new book, a fun article of summer clothing, flowers--whatever pleases you. (But don't spend a lot of time shopping. That's an energy-drain.)
  • Create something—whether or not you're "artistic." Just play!
  • Nap.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Devote a whole day to loving-kindness—toward yourself. No bad thoughts or words about yourself—only compassion, forgiveness, and cherishing.

Consciously engaging in positive, restorative activities like these can have a huge impact on your energy field. Fun is good for you!

So make time this summer to take care of yourself. It will help clear and restore your energy field—and you'll be healthier in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Namaste, Nancy

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When You’ve Really Screwed Up: Advice to a Reader

----by Nancy Hausauer

Reader Question:

Pema Chodron Quote

I left my husband for someone, and then that person left me. I carry so much sadness, anger, shame and resentment that I'm unable to move forward in my life. I caused much pain to those I love. Yet I still deeply miss the man I left my husband for. What can I do to heal myself and clear this darkness?

Nancy's Answer

Clearly you are suffering, and I'm sorry.

There's a saying I love, by the Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron. It may be important for you:

"Whatever is happening is the path to enlightenment."

I love this because it's so forgiving. When I've messed up—as we all do, don't think you're alone in this—it helps me feel that whatever I've done, it's the jumping-off point for my next stage of awareness and evolution, the opportunity to learn something I really needed to learn. If you can view your situation in this way, it will help you forgive yourself and shift your energy so that you can move forward.

It does you no good to label what you've done as bad, or label what your lover did as bad. Just be conscious of your actions, look at all of it as clearly as you can, with as little judgement as you can, and use it all to gain self-insight and to evolve.

Of course there's also the issue of the suffering that we cause others, which you refer to.

(And by the way, it's not possible to live and not cause some degree of suffering to other beings. So you're not alone in this, either. To some extent it's part of the human condition.

So we try to minimize the amount of suffering we cause, and when we do cause suffering despite our best intentions, we ask for forgiveness and try to mitigate the damage we've inflicted. And then we try to evolve so that we cause less and less suffering and do more and more good for others and for ourselves.)

Return To Alignment With Your Highest Self

In order to pull yourself back into energetic alignment with your highest vibration (or highest self), you need to repair your relationship with your children and come back into full integrity with them. This is a "do whatever it takes" situation. Your own heart will never heal fully until you have healed whatever wounds were caused there.

This may take time, but just keep showing up, physically and emotionally, keep being there and being consistent for them, keep having their best interests at heart, in whatever ways you can.

If you do nothing else, do this. Do it for the rest of your life (the exact way you do it will change as they grow up, of course), not as a penance, but as a devotion.

Continue reading. . .

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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