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Use the Season of Summer to Feed Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

First raspberry

Summer officially starts June 20 (or June 21, depending where you are).* Like every season, Summer has its particular wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. One of its important lessons is about absorbing, savoring and appreciating:

  • absorbing light
  • savoring sweetness
  • appreciating beauty.

It's easy to get caught up in life's hustle and bustle, marching through the wonders of our world unconsciously, lost in thought, so busy that we forget how quickly summers fly by, flowers fade, children grow up, the circus moves on to the next town.

Some moments are perfect: sweet, warm and beautiful, like a lazy, rose-scented afternoon. Summer reminds us to be fully present for these moments. They feed our energy fields, making them strong and vibrant and helping to keep them from becoming depleted during leaner and more challenging times.

Feed Your Field

This summer (and all year long), be an apprentice to the wisdom of the season. Drink deeply of the things that feed your soul. Whenever you encounter light, beauty, sweetness and joy, bring them fully into your body and your energy field.

Here are a few ideas for doing that:

  • Take a single ripe berry and really enjoy all its sensory qualities.

  • Devote a whole day to enjoying a particular sense.

  • Meditate on a flower, noticing as many things about it as you can.

  • Watch a whole sunset or sunrise.

  • Lie down on a blanket and marvel at the starry sky.

  • Take a morning or afternoon off and do nothing. (No TV or electronics.)

  • Cook a meal that epitomizes summer. Enjoy it with someone or ones.

  • Enjoy breathing.

A Poem That Says It All

This excerpt from Mary Oliver's poem "A Summer's Day" captures the kind of radical presence and savoring I'm talking about:

… I don't know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?


Have a beautiful, nourishing summer.

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*(Of course, it's Winter Solstice for those in the Southern hemisphere.)

Healing Perfectionism, Reclaiming Authenticity, Intimacy and Ease

--by Nancy Hausauer

Poster: Perfect isn't necessarily better

I'd say that for a fair number of people I see in my practice, perfectionism is at the heart of what ails them. The immediate symptom may present as physical illness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, inability to form a healthy relationship, chronic pain… you name it. But perfectionism is a primary cause of the problem.

There's nothing wrong with having high standards—but that's different from perfectionism. Wikipedia describes it as: "strain[ing] compulsively and unceasingly toward unobtainable goals, and measur[ing] … self-worth by productivity and accomplishment."

It's exhausting! The immense self-vigilance and control required suck up so much energy that it's hard to have enough left over for creation or love—especially self-love. The perfectionist sacrifices joy and pleasure to her/his compulsion. Even health is often sacrificed.

Constantly striving for unreachable standards cripples our life force—chokes it off. Instead of channeling energy into the forward motion of life, the flow of life energy stalls out in an endless circling back around that tries to suppress every thing, no matter how small, that's viewed as less than perfect. Thus perfectionism kills ease and spontaneity—the effortless, joyful being plugged in to Source Energy, being in the flow.

Energetically, the perfectionist is walled off from others by fear. Perfection itself is the wall. No one can get inside, making real intimacy difficult.

Perfectionism is based on an inner sense of unworthiness and fear of rejection. Because the perfectionist tries so hard to control everything that emanates from them, their true essence is suppressed. Their authentic self never gets out, for fear it won't be good enough.

Perfection: An Illusion Anyway

All that suffering is especially ironic because perfection isn't even possible. Nor really, is it desirable. Creating the illusion of perfection closes you off—-from others, from creativity, from your heart's desires, from the life force itself.

Moreover, mistakes are evolutionary. They're how we learn and get to the next level. A baby learns to walk by falling down over and over again. And in nature, mistakes in the DNA are crucial to the process of evolution. No mistakes, no evolution.

Healing Perfectionism, Embracing Your Humanity

Here are some things you can do to bring more beautiful, human, balancing imperfection into your life:

  • Stop aiming for perfection. Aim for good enough. Then move on to the next thing.
  • Practice making small mistakes. Have a goal, say two or three mistakes a day.
  • Practice being a beginner in something. Allow yourself to let go of outcomes.
  • Notice your "shoulds" and "musts," spoken and unspoken. Where do they come from? What's underneath?
  • When you notice perfectionism setting in, ask yourself, "What will happen if this isn't perfect?"
  • Practice showing someone your imperfections. Start small. Notice what happens.
  • Work with your first chakra to develop a basic sense of self-worth, trust and belonging; second chakra to encourage pleasure and flow; heart chakra to develop self-love; and 5th chakra to help you express your authentic self.

Be human!

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Your Secret Ingredient For Increasing Productivity

--by Nancy Hausauer

Happy baby

I almost didn't write this post, because I have mixed feelings about productivity. In the U.S. at least, we're so over-the-top about it. We practically worship it—and that's out of balance.

But in balance with rest and play, work and productivity are good things. (And so this post got written!)

The Usual Approach

The usual approach to increasing productivity is some variation on 1) work harder or 2) work smarter. From an energy standpoint, both of these involve pushing loads of personal energy through your third chakra. Eventually that's going to wear you out.

So I love the research by a Harvard professor named Shawn Achor. He's a "positive psychology scientist."

He's done solid research that shows that one of the most effective ways to increase productivity—-including speed, success rate in achieving goals, and intellectual flexibility—is…….happiness.

In our work-besotted culture, that seems so counter-intuitive. But Achor's got the data to back it up.

According to Achor , happiness also leads to less burnout, more resilience, and improved immune system function. His research focuses on the workplace, but these findings can apply to any aspect of life.

From an energetic standpoint, his conclusions makes sense. Happiness is an integrated energetic state. It generates lots of high-frequency personal energy, but it does so naturally (rather than being forced). The happy person is in receiving mode. S/he isn't resisting and so is able to tap into the unlimited energy and creativity of the universe.

Her/his energy is expansive, allowed its full expression. A good analogy is flying a kite. In happiness, you've given your energy plenty of string. It's caught the wind and is flying high, doing what it's meant to do and loving it. When we are allowing the unlimited creative energy of the universe to flow through us like this, OF COURSE we are more creative and productive!

Recipe To Increase Happiness

How to improve your happiness quotient? Try one of these. Or all!

  • Raise the frequency of your energy by consistently "reaching for things that feel good," as the spiritual teacher Abraham-Hicks advises.
  • Hold the intention to open your energy field to Source Energy, the unlimited energy of the universe. Let go of resisting and just allow it to flow through you, like water through a river.
  • Be as present as you can be and allow your personal energy to expand.

Here are more ideas (with a nod to Achor and others). Do one or two of them daily for at least 21 days, to establish a "habit of happiness."

  • Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for.
  • Take a positive experience from the past 24 hours and spend two minutes writing about it in detail.
  • Exercise 15 minutes a day or more.
  • Meditate.
  • Do things one at a time, mindfully.
  • Practice kindness.
  • Cultivate strong relationships, especially with positive people.

To summarize: the secret ingredient to productivity? Just forget about it and get happy.

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Your Energy Healing Practice Will Be Unique

--by Nancy Hausauer

You Are Unique

Recently I was talking about my work with my daughter. She's a scientist and appreciates practicality, so I was telling her that as esoteric as energy healing can sound, a fair amount of the work I do with clients is extremely practical.

For example, although a session with me will almost surely include chakra balancing, general clearing of the field, grounding, and many other subtle energetic therapies, recent sessions have also included: insisting a client who'd had a bad fall see her doctor ASAP to check for a concussion; encouraging an exhausted client to put sleep as his top priority and helping him come up with a strategy for doing it; and suggesting that a client struggling with anxiety cut back on caffeine (you'd be surprised how many doctors prescribe anti-anxiety meds and never ask about caffeine consumption).

And that eclectic approach is pretty much the norm for me. Based on what the individual client wants and needs, of course.

It makes sense. I'm a practical person by nature, I have a lot of life experience under my belt, and I've been interested in health and healthy lifestyles for decades. That just naturally influences my practice and how I relate to my clients.

I'm also a good listener, and many of my clients talk to me quite a bit before getting on the table. In the hour I spend with them, they often tell me small things that concern them. That helps me get a holistic sense of them and how they're doing at any given session.

So I feel that I'm pretty good at steering people toward making health-promoting life choices. It's part of the treatment I offer. (I should add that I'm very careful not to overstep my scope of practice and frequently refer people to doctors, PTs, therapists, acupuncturists, etc.).

My practice is unique to me. I would venture to say that no two energy healers' practices will look the same, especially if they have been practicing very long. Over time, an energy healing practice will be imprinted more and more with the practitioner's personality, interests and energy.

I think that's wonderful! An absolutely unique service is rare and precious.

My Point!

And my larger point is this: If you are new or newish to energy healing, don't compare yourself to other healers. You bring unique gifts and perspectives to your work. It is not only normal, it's good if your practice and its exact outcomes don't look like anyone else's.

So trust yourself. Cultivate your uniqueness. (5th chakra!). Enjoy being the extraordinary, singular being that you are, and let that individuality flow into your own unique style of working.

Namaste, Nancy

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You Have To Be Healthy If You Want To Be Part Of The Solution

--by Nancy Hausauer

You've Got to Fill the Well

Last week, in my post "Energy Healers Are Part Of The Solution," I added a P.S. encouraging you, dear readers, to take care of yourselves. Afterward, I thought, "That deserves more than a post-script."

I think we helper-types can't be over-reminded to practice self-care. Not in a spotty way, but rather as an ongoing practice. Because you can't give people water from an empty well. So here it is.

Self-Care For Healers and Empaths (In A World That Needs You)

  • Block out time in your calendar for self-care.

  • Pay attention to basics: sleep, nutrition, exercise, belly-breathing, time with friends.

  • Practice self-care in an on-going way. Remember foundational practices of energetic self-care, including grounding, centering, summoning light, and gratitude.

  • Allow yourself to be truly delighted at the good fortune of others. This can always be a source of happiness, no matter what is going on in our own lives.

  • Protect your heart. The heart chakra can be opened too wide. You really don't have to connect to everyone and be open to everyone's suffering.

  • Seek support from and accept the kindness of others.

  • Be present in your life; pay attention.

  • Let go of thought (especially worry) and allow yourself to connect to Source Energy, Universal Intelligence, Universal Love—(whatever you yourself call it by).

  • Remember that in any situation you are only called to do your part.

  • Pay attention to where you may be sacrificing your own well-being for another other person, a cause, an idea, or to uphold a particular self-image.

  • Listen to your body and take care of it when it speaks to you through its language of pain and dysfunction, joy and pleasure.

  • If you are compulsively reading the news or social media, stop. It's addictive, so do what you have to do to quit.

  • Many healers are empaths. Learn about empath self-care here.

  • Nurture joy and take care of your second chakra.

  • And here are a whole lot more ideas for self-care.

Self-care: it's not a luxury. For everyone, but especially for energy healers and others people who are geared toward helping others, it's essential.

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Energy Healers Are Part of the Solution

----by Nancy Hausauer

Earth from space, By NASA/GSFC/Reto Stöckli, Nazmi El Saleous, and Marit Jentoft-Nilsen -, Public Domain,

…i held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered

where does it hurt?

it answered




—from "What They Did Yesterday Afternoon" by Warsaw Shire

Many healers are empaths. We feel the pain of the world acutely. Even if we want to stay mainly focused on the positive—an excellent goal—the other—the suffering—is often at some level on our mind.

The pain of the world can seem overwhelming, especially since each of us is small, and the hurt is large.

But, as the legendary children's welfare advocate Marion Wright Edelman has said,

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

And as energy healers, we are in a place to make many "small daily differences" for the individual people we work with, and for our wider community. We must have faith that these small acts of kindness and humanity will add up over time, especially when combined with the multitude of other people doing small, daily acts that make the world a better place.

As energy healers, we can:

  • mitigate suffering, ease transitions, and support evolution for individual clients

  • teach or write about using energy healing as a humane, accessible, complementary therapy to help manage physical and psychological suffering

  • cultivate our own light-bodies and the increased loving-kindness and clarity that naturally flow from that

  • bring a cultivated level of presence, attention and unconditional positive regard to our interactions with others, both in our work and outside of it

  • as we go about our daily lives, resolve to use our energy consciously, aiming to start ripples of respect and kindness that will eventually touch people far beyond our immediate sphere. Have kindness be our guiding light, for, as the poet Naomi Shihab Nye says, "…it is only kindness that makes sense anymore." (Do yourself a favor and read the entire beautiful poem, "Kindness," here. )

We may or may not want to get more involved than that with decreasing the suffering and building a better world. Either way, we must trust that our small, daily acts of kindness, respect and consciousness will make a difference.

Even more, we must remember that energy healing is a revolutionary world view. Holistic, humane, deeply respectful, open-minded—I thoroughly believe that it can play a part in building the kinder, more conscious world we all long for. Just by practicing energy healing, you are a part of that.

With love and respect, Nancy

P.S. Remember to take care of your beautiful self, too.

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How To Send Healing Energy To Others

--by Nancy Hausauer

By ESO/D. Bonaccini Calia and the 4LGSF team -, CC BY 4.0,

Recently, I offered a basic exercise for summoning and charging your energy field with light. You can use it to heal and restore your energy. Also, it's an excellent way to prepare for giving a healing to someone else.

But you can also use this foundational practice to help you send energy/light to others.

Sending light to other beings, situations or places in need is a common practice among energy healers. It lends strength, assistance, protection and healing and can help shift energy to a higher vibration.

Here are examples of things you might want to send light to:

  • particular areas of your own body that are in need of healing or support
  • other beings in need of healing or support (keep it very, very general unless you have their permission, or unless they are public figures)
  • places/locations in need of healing
  • the future
  • a species of animal
  • situations, from the personal to the global
  • deserving causes, goals and intentions.

Sending Energy To Others

  1. Start by doing the basic practice, "Summoning and Charging Your Energy Field with Light," except for the final step (#9).

  2. After you have been through steps 1-8 and your field is thoroughly charged, visualize the person/thing/situation you wish to send energy to (I find it easier to visualize people in motion rather than still); or get a felt sense of them; or if they are less familiar to you, just hold their name in your mind.
  3. Set an intention to work for the highest good of the recipient. Don't specify a particular outcome—we can't know what's truly best for another.
  4. Breathe in light, and do so continuously while you are sending.
  5. Use intention or visualization/imagination to send light to your recipient. There's no way to do it wrong, so experiment with methods. You can try sending light

    • with your third eye/brow chakra/mind's eye
    • your heart
    • eyes
    • hands
    • whole body
    • breath
    • voice
    • or anything else your imagination can come up with. Be creative and try different things to see what feels best.
  6. When you have sent as much energy as you wish to your recipient, turn off the flow of light. Hold them/it in this light for as long as feels right.
  7. Perform some kind of gesture or say a fitting word or phrase to close your session. (A "namaste" gesture would never be a bad choice.)

After you're done, take some time to rest or do something else restorative for yourself.

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Joy Is Not Optional: What Mid-Spring Has To Teach Us

--by Nancy Hausauer

By Emil Rau (1858–1937) - Kunsthaus Lempertz, Public Domain,

Western culture is, for the most part, waaaaaaay too joy-deprived. I don't mean thrill-deprived. Cheap thrills are a dime a dozen. I mean genuine, deep-seated, heart-centered joy.

To me, this is a culture-wide second chakra deficiency. We tend to work too hard, minimize the need for pleasure and fun, and trivialize or even demonize what I would call simple, animal joy -- the joy of being alive, the joy of just being.

That's why I love May.

In the U.S.Pacific Northwest where I live, this season is glorious. The leaves on the trees come back all fresh and green, the rhododendrons and azaleas are ablaze with color, the air is sweet with perfume from all the "green people."

For me, it's a yearly call to be joyful, a reminder that joy is more than a luxury. For those of us who tend to be over-serious and fun-challenged, it's a medicine. For energy healers, it's especially important to cultivate joy. We need to feed and balance our energy so we can keep doing the work we do without depleting ourselves.

How about you? Are you fun-deprived? Has it been too long since you felt joyful just to be alive?

Here are some ideas for "joy medicine":

Have fun! -- Nancy

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How To Clear Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

Energy field

Recently, I offered a basic exercise for cultivating your light-body. It heals and restores your energy, and also is an excellent way to prepare for giving someone else a healing. But you can also use this foundational practice to help you clear your energy field.

Why You Might Want To Clear Your Energy Field

Your might want to clear your field if you feel you've taken on energy that doesn't serve you well. For example:

  • you can't let go of a memory, idea, fear or emotion
  • you've recently interacted with energetically invasive people and feel a vague unease
  • you've let someone get close to you and now regret it
  • someone has done you emotional or physical harm
  • you feel you have taken on the ideas or emotions of others
  • you feel overwhelmed, depleted, or get sick a lot
  • you suffer from depression or anxiety
  • you have an entrenched, semi-conscious or unconscious idea that's limiting you (common!)
  • you work in a field that involves a high degree of interaction with others
  • you're an empath, introvert or highly sensitive person, all of whom generally benefit from clearing their fields often.

How To Clear Your Energy Field

  1. Start by doing the basic practice, "Cultivating Your Light Body," except for the final step (#9).

  2. After doing steps 1-8, strengthen the boundary of your energy field by imagining/intending a thin, extra-bright, crisply defined rim or membrane of light surrounding your field.
  3. Use intention/imagination to pull most of your light back in towards your core, retracting it till it occupies only your central channel (or any aspect of your energy system that feels like it contains just your essence).

    It can be helpful to imagine that you're drawing your field in with your in-breath. Use as many breaths as you like to pull your energy/light back to your core, where there is no "non-you" energy—just your essence. Hold this for a moment.
  4. Then, using your out-breath, slowly start to expand your field again. Use as many breaths as you wish, pushing your field out with each exhalation.
  5. As you do this, the edge of your field will begin to encounter various energies within your energetic "orbit." Intend that the edge of your field will push any unwanted energies out as it goes (while passing over and assimilating those you wish to keep).
  6. Keep expanding your field, using its edge to push unwanted energy out as it goes.
  7. Push the unwanted/non-serving energy out to the point where you feel it is outside your energy field. Imagine the unwanted energy evaporating or just floating away into the universal energy field, where it is neutral.
  8. Adjust your field as necessary. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Try wiggling your toes.)
In a couple of weeks, I'll share an exercise for sending energy to others.

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A Technique To Strengthen The Boundaries Of Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

energy field

Last week, I gave a basic exercise for summoning and charging your energy field with light. Just by doing this, you give yourself a healing and help to address any possible energy depletion. It's also an excellent way to prepare for giving someone a healing.

You can also use this foundational practice to help you set stronger boundaries for your energy field.

Why You Might Want To Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries

Some reasons you might want to shore up the boundaries of your energy field include:

  • you often feel drained and depleted
  • you are going into a hostile situation
  • you need to interact with energetically invasive people
  • you feel you too easily take on the ideas or emotions of others
  • you tend to lose "yourself" or your personal trajectory easily
  • you have been getting sick a lot
  • you suffer from depression or anxiety.
  • Boundary strengthening is a particularly helpful practice for empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people—all "types" who tend to have porous boundaries. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that it's important to exercise some control over.)

Setting Stronger Energetic Boundaries

  1. Start by doing the basic practice, "Summoning and Charging Your Energy Field with Light," described in my last blog post, except for the final step (#9).
  2. After you have done steps 1-8, expand your aura again. Using intention and imagination, make it as large as you wish. Then bring it back closer to your physical body. Have some fun with this, till you feel done.
  3. Then adjust the the size of your energy field till it feels good. (You're not setting this in stone; it's just for right now, so don't overthink it.)
  4. Imagine/sense that your field is bordered by a thin, sharply defined edge of light, brighter than the rest of your field. If you can, imagine it in 3-D.
  5. Set the intention that this rim of bright light be a permeable membrane that lets in only the energy that is good for you, and lets out whatever doesn't serve you any longer.
  6. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Wiggling your toes is a good way to do this.)

Next week, I'll share an exercise for clearing your energy field, also based on the foundational practice of summoning light.

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