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How To Clear Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

Energy field

Recently, I offered a basic exercise for cultivating your light-body. It heals and restores your energy, and also is an excellent way to prepare for giving someone else a healing. But you can also use this foundational practice to help you clear your energy field.

Why You Might Want To Clear Your Energy Field

Your might want to clear your field if you feel you've taken on energy that doesn't serve you well. For example:

  • you can't let go of a memory, idea, fear or emotion
  • you've recently interacted with energetically invasive people and feel a vague unease
  • you've let someone get close to you and now regret it
  • someone has done you emotional or physical harm
  • you feel you have taken on the ideas or emotions of others
  • you feel overwhelmed, depleted, or get sick a lot
  • you suffer from depression or anxiety
  • you have an entrenched, semi-conscious or unconscious idea that's limiting you (common!)
  • you work in a field that involves a high degree of interaction with others
  • you're an empath, introvert or highly sensitive person, all of whom generally benefit from clearing their fields often.

How To Clear Your Energy Field

  1. Start by doing the basic practice, "Cultivating Your Light Body," except for the final step (#9).

  2. After doing steps 1-8, strengthen the boundary of your energy field by imagining/intending a thin, extra-bright, crisply defined rim or membrane of light surrounding your field.
  3. Use intention/imagination to pull most of your light back in towards your core, retracting it till it occupies only your central channel (or any aspect of your energy system that feels like it contains just your essence).

    It can be helpful to imagine that you're drawing your field in with your in-breath. Use as many breaths as you like to pull your energy/light back to your core, where there is no "non-you" energy—just your essence. Hold this for a moment.
  4. Then, using your out-breath, slowly start to expand your field again. Use as many breaths as you wish, pushing your field out with each exhalation.
  5. As you do this, the edge of your field will begin to encounter various energies within your energetic "orbit." Intend that the edge of your field will push any unwanted energies out as it goes (while passing over and assimilating those you wish to keep).
  6. Keep expanding your field, using its edge to push unwanted energy out as it goes.
  7. Push the unwanted/non-serving energy out to the point where you feel it is outside your energy field. Imagine the unwanted energy evaporating or just floating away into the universal energy field, where it is neutral.
  8. Adjust your field as necessary. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Try wiggling your toes.)
In a couple of weeks, I'll share an exercise for sending energy to others.

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A Technique To Strengthen The Boundaries Of Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

energy field

Last week, I gave a basic exercise for summoning and charging your energy field with light. Just by doing this, you give yourself a healing and help to address any possible energy depletion. It's also an excellent way to prepare for giving someone a healing.

You can also use this foundational practice to help you set stronger boundaries for your energy field.

Why You Might Want To Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries

Some reasons you might want to shore up the boundaries of your energy field include:

  • you often feel drained and depleted
  • you are going into a hostile situation
  • you need to interact with energetically invasive people
  • you feel you too easily take on the ideas or emotions of others
  • you tend to lose "yourself" or your personal trajectory easily
  • you have been getting sick a lot
  • you suffer from depression or anxiety.
  • Boundary strengthening is a particularly helpful practice for empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people—all "types" who tend to have porous boundaries. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that it's important to exercise some control over.)

Setting Stronger Energetic Boundaries

  1. Start by doing the basic practice, "Summoning and Charging Your Energy Field with Light," described in my last blog post, except for the final step (#9).
  2. After you have done steps 1-8, expand your aura again. Using intention and imagination, make it as large as you wish. Then bring it back closer to your physical body. Have some fun with this, till you feel done.
  3. Then adjust the the size of your energy field till it feels good. (You're not setting this in stone; it's just for right now, so don't overthink it.)
  4. Imagine/sense that your field is bordered by a thin, sharply defined edge of light, brighter than the rest of your field. If you can, imagine it in 3-D.
  5. Set the intention that this rim of bright light be a permeable membrane that lets in only the energy that is good for you, and lets out whatever doesn't serve you any longer.
  6. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Wiggling your toes is a good way to do this.)

Next week, I'll share an exercise for clearing your energy field, also based on the foundational practice of summoning light.

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Cultivating Your Light Body

--by Nancy Hausauer

Region of sky around the Flame Nebula, by ESO and Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgment: Davide De Martin - ESO, CC BY 4.0,

Light is energy, and sometimes we energy healers refer to our energy fields as our light-bodies. Tending and nurturing our light-bodies is a good thing to do, especially for healers. It helps us stay healthy and also helps us in our work.

One way to cultivate your light-body is to summon light to yourself, allowing it to expand, charge, intensify and refine your energy field. This has many uses, including

  • healing yourself
  • restoring depleted energy
  • preparing for a session
  • clearing your field
  • setting your own energetic boundaries
  • gathering additional energy to send to others.

Summoning And Charging Yourself With Light

There are as many ways to tend and nourish your light-body as imagination can devise. But here's a basic practice you can use.

  1. Sit comfortably, spine straight. Ground and center. Allow your breath to slow and deepen. Feel yourself becoming calmer and calmer.
  2. Invite or intend light to come to you. Light/energy is everywhere in the universe and responds to intention.
  3. Use your breath to gather light to you. Imagine that you are breathing in light with each inhalation.
  4. First use the light to amplify your spine's radiance. Visualize, sense or imagine it as a radiant column, growing brighter with each breath. Extend it above and below your physical body.
  5. This is the central channel of your energy field. From here, as you continue to breathe in more light, radiate it outward, filling the rest of your body. Visualize light filling and charging your entire body.
  6. As you continue to breathe in light, expand it beyond the borders of your physical body, filling your aura. Allow the radiance to extend as far as you wish.
  7. When the dimensions of your aura feel right, visualize, sense or imagine your entire energy field growing brighter, more intense, more beautiful with each inhalation.
  8. When it feels intuitively right, stop calling more radiance to yourself. Notice the color of the light. Play with it a bit, in your mind's eye making it a color and intensity that feels beautiful and nourishing to you.
  9. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Becoming aware of your feet is a good way to do this.)

Just by doing this exercise, you will have given yourself a healing and helped to address any energy depletion. It's also an excellent way to prepare for giving someone an energy treatment.

In future posts, I'll write about a few more ways to use this practice: clearing your field, setting boundaries and sending energy to others.

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Combine These To Create Your Personalized, Super-Charged Relaxation Tool

--by Nancy Hausauer

Deep RelaxationUsing two principles that draw upon your humble sense of smell, you can create a powerful, personalized tool to help you relax deeply. Here's how.

Principle One: The Power of Scent To Recreate Vivid Memories

Our olfactory sense can be a powerful link to past experiences. One whiff of a particular scent can recreate strong memories, with all their attendant feelings. This can directly impact our physical nervous systems. ( Here's a researcher's interesting discussion of why.)

Principle Two: The Power of Essential Oils to Evoke Particular States of Mind

Essential oils (EOs) have a strong impact on the body-mind. Research and experience both demonstrate that some essential oils, most notably lavender, have the power to relax us. (You can learn more about how essential oils work (plus five more EOs that are effective relaxants) in this article.)

Combine These Two Principles to Create Your Personalized, Supercharged Relaxation Tool

When you combine these two elements, you get a more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts technique to quickly and powerfully induce relaxation.

  1. Purchase a good quality essential oil such as lavender, lemon, ylang ylang, clary sage or any other EO known to be relaxing. Everyone's nose is different; choose one you like.
  2. Determine a way to deliver the EO. You might enjoy an electronic diffuser, a candle-and-water diffuser, a room spray, or simply putting a few drops of the EO on a handkerchief or cotton ball and placing it near you. (Unless you're experienced with using essential oils, I don't recommend applying them to your skin.)
  3. Practice a relaxation technique that works for you. Here are several, if you need some ideas.
  4. Once you feel noticeably relaxed, employ your chosen method for dispersing the essential oil.
  5. Do this on several different occasions, so that you firmly establish a strong body-mind-memory connection between the smell of your essential oil and the feeling of relaxation.
  6. Once the association is established, you can begin to use the essential oil as a trigger to induce relaxation.
    • Use it at home as part of your regular relaxation routine,
    • or carry it with you when you work or travel and use it when you're feeling stressed. You don't need to take the whole bottle. You can just put a few drops on a cotton ball, place it in a zip-lock bag and carry in your purse, pocket or luggage.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 whenever you feel the need to re-establish your body-mind's association between the EO and the state of being relaxed.

Be sure to use real essential oils, not artificial perfume oils. It matters. There are many good sources for EOs these days. I've found both Mountain Rose Herbs and New Directions Aromatics to be excellent. (I have no financial connection to either.)

Enjoy. —Nancy

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Handle Stress: You Gotta Do It

--by Nancy Hausauer

Anxious personThese days, many of the people I see in my practice are dealing with a more-than-usual level of stress. I hear lots of therapists saying the same thing.

The body's stress response is supposed to be a fleeting thing. The nervous system revs the body up to deal with a particular incident that's deemed dangerous. The stress hormones do their job, move through the body and out.

But when there is a sense of ongoing, unremitting threat, the nervous system never quite calms down, and the stress hormones never quit pumping. That's very bad for your health. Prolonged stress, both from its physical and the energetic effects, ages the body and can make you vulnerable to illness.

If you're one of the many people feeling stressed on more than an occasional basis, I encourage you to put your own well-being first, and make stress reduction a top priority.

Here are some ideas:

  • Belly breathing should always be a go-to technique for stress. Do it morning and night for five minutes, and any time you notice you're getting tense. Here's how: How to Belly Breathe.
  • Play soothing background music. Music with binaural beats or embedded alpha brain wave frequencies can be especially helpful. (I like the Relaxation Company's nature sounds CDs.)
  • Exercise, even if it's just walking.
  • Lighten up on your caffeine habit. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. You don't need that if your nervous system is already twitchy. Add relaxing herbal teas such as chamomile to your day instead.
  • Meditate. Here are some ideas if you don't already have an established practice.
  • Aromatherapy can be a powerful aid. Lavender is a tried-and-true essential oil for relaxing. Here's more information.
  • Get outdoors. It's almost always soothing.
  • Place one hand on the center of your chest. Place the other on your forehead, covering the place between your eyebrows. Hold for a minute or more. Belly breathe while doing this. Lots more ideas in this article from the wonderful acupuncture website Actuake.
  • And of course: whenever you can, limit the things that wind up your stress response. Such as the news. Or fast-paced, suspenseful tv/movies. Or social media.

Take care of yourself! —Nancy

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Silence And Stillness As Medicine: A Lesson of the Spring Equinox

--by Nancy Hausauer

Image of white tulips The Spring Equinox – March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere – is the solar event that marks the official beginning of Spring. At the Equinox, day and night, light and dark, are balanced. I like to imagine a single moment when they're poised, motionless, in absolute peace.

Stillness and silence are powerful healers.

For energy healers, stillness is important not just for personal healing, but also as a foundational part of our practices. The cocoon of peace that we create in a healing has profound benefits for our clients. It allows their bodies to rest and rebalance, their natural self-healing energies to activate, and their intuition to surface.

It's also a doorway to our own intuition. When I'm doing a healing, particularly if I'm at a moment when I'm unsure what to do next, if I allow myself to pause and sink into a moment of deep, undirected stillness, information for my client or a direction for the healing always arises. Often the results are profound.

But it can be hard to find stillness. Even if we can find a quiet, calm place and time, I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to stop the persistent internal chatter: what shall we have for dinner, need to call mom, need to send a card to. . . and so on.

But we have to do it.

For everyone, taking regular time for stillness is important. For energy healers, it's critical. Make space in your life for daily meditation, a moment of bed-time prayer, a walk in the woods, a quiet vacation or personal retreat. You give a lot to others and you have to replenish the well.

So—how can you incorporate more stillness in your life? I encourage you to take a few moments to think seriously about this and commit to a plan in your journal or calendar.

And — happy, happy spring. — Nancy

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Expand Your Heart Chakra With This Beautiful Practice from Pema Chodron

--by Nancy Hausauer

Thanks again to all who wrote me to express support and love. It touched my heart deeply.

While I’m on the subject of hearts, here's a beautiful heart-opening practice from the Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron. It's from her book No Time to Lose.

"The next time you go out in the world, you might try this practice: directing your attention to people—in their cars, on the sidewalk, talking on their cell phones—-just wish for them all to be happy and well. Without knowing anything about them, they can become very real, by regarding each of them personally and rejoicing in the comforts and pleasures that come their way. Each of us has this soft spot: a capacity for love and tenderness. But if we don't encourage it, we can get pretty stubborn about remaining sour."

This practice can be amazingly heart-chakra-expanding.

It's pretty distracting to do this while driving in the city though, so I suggest you only try it at stoplights or while on foot.

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"Personal Leave"

Dear friends,

image of George Hausauer

I will not be posting an article this week, maybe not next week either. My father died Thursday. He was elderly and had been in failing health for the last 5 months. It was his time. But no matter what the circumstances, the journey of death and dying is sacred. To honor that, I am taking some days away from "business as usual."

I won't belabor you with personal details, but I just want to say this about my dad. He was unafraid and he died speaking words of gratitude. I am so proud of him.

I'm deeply thankful to and humbled by the many people who took care of him these last 5 months. The magnitude of the goodness out there--it takes my breath away.

I know some of you reading this have also lost a loved one in the past few months. For you, for all of us—for we will all eventually lose someone we love—I wish you comfort, peace, support, healing, reconciliation, integration, growth, insight, and some consolation from awareness of the sheer humanness of the experience of grief.

Wishing you love and light,


Let Early Spring Teach You How To Preserve Your Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer

Crocus and Fig Tree

How's your energy? Are you brimming with vitality? Is life going fluidly and efficiently? Or are you overworked, exhausted, burnt out and running into lots of obstacles and blocks?

The Wisdom of Early Spring

Where I live, signs of spring are just starting to appear. As with each of the seasons, there's great wisdom encoded in it.

Looking to nature, this season of earliest spring can teach us a lot about how to preserve physical vitality, maintain energetic balance and make our lives run more smoothly. One of this season's main lessons is to do things when the time is right, and not before.

The Power of Patience

In earliest spring, the light is growing stronger and the earliest bulbs are starting to emerge. Personally, by this time I'm tired of winter and eager for the full delights of spring—more light, more warmth, more growth. But they're not here yet!

Patience is required: spring comes on its own timetable, not ours.

For the plants, there's no prize for coming up early. Break dormancy too soon, and their cycle for the whole year will be off. They may even die in a late freeze. So they wait till a complex set of cues tells them the time is right to start growing again.

Wait Till the Time Is Right

Our workaholic culture rewards work for work's sake. Work is a virtue, and not working a vice. So many of us try harder and harder, working continuously, never resting.

Taking the plants' lessons of patience and timing to heart—giving both work and non-work, action and inaction their due—can help us maintain our physical and energetic health.

This is partly because it builds cycles of rest into our lives, but it's more than that. When we act prematurely, we run into obstacles at every turn. The universe just doesn't seem to cooperate. Our energy is needlessly frittered away.

But if we wait till the right time, things go much easier. Doors open, people are eager to help, happy coincidences abound. Staying in rhythm with the universe, we preserve our own energy. It can remain smooth and flowing, rather than getting jagged and blocked. It's fueled, rather than depleted.

This year, watch closely as late winter patiently changes into early spring. Cultivate the wisdom of the plants, incorporating "judicious inaction" into your life. You'll be so much healthier, happier, and more effective.

Namaste, Nancy

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Looking for Love? Start by Loving Yourself.

--by Nancy Hausauer

With Valentine's Day coming right up, it seems timely to address the issue of Love—in this case, self-love.

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Loving yourself is one of the foundations of being able to love and be loved by others. It's also one of the hallmarks of a well-developed heart chakra, AND one of the prerequisites for true happiness.

Yet for most people, it's really hard to do. In developing the heart chakra, it seems to be one of the most difficult achievements. It's so much easier to be compassionate, kind and non-judgmental to others.

All too often, we think and say terrible things about ourselves. It's so ingrained that we barely notice the steady stream of insults and judgements that we lay on ourselves--things we would never think about others, especially those we love.

For the heart chakra to fully develop, and for us to fully receive the deep, true love that we all want, we must love ourselves.

This doesn't mean that you don't see your own imperfections. It just means that you love and accept yourself anyway. Easier said than done if you have a life-time of unconscious self-judgment under your belt.

But it's just a habitual way of thinking, and all habits can be undone. With persistence, you can learn to treat yourself with more of the loving-kindness that you probably show to most other people.

Here's a suggestion for how to start practicing self-loving-kindness:

  • Start by noticing your own self-judgment and non-compassion—the thoughts and words that are less than tender, loving and kind toward yourself. (Such mindfulness alone would take you miles toward your goal of self-loving-kindness.) For example, let's say you've just noticed that you've mentally scolded yourself for being clumsy.
  • Now think of someone you love dearly. Ask yourself, would I berate my dear one like that? Would I want them to think such a thing about themselves?
  • Replace "clumsy" with a more charitable thought, for example that you're strong, or enthusiastic, or that being graceful is a lovely trait but not really very important in the grand scheme of things. Or think of a time when it wasn't true, when you were graceful. Or reframe it in a more neutral way, such as "Sometimes my mind/imagination is so active that I lose track of my body."
  • Make a habit of doing this. With practice, you can do the whole sequence in a few seconds. It will open your heart chakra to yourself, and subsequently to others as well.

Wishing you a self-loving heart, Nancy

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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