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Giving Thanks Happily

If you're in the U.S., you'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. Whether or not Thursday's an official holiday in your country, counting your blessings is a reliable way to elevate your energy and your life.

Gratitude journal graphic

A sense of gratitude generates positive energy. You can literally see someone's energy change when they shift from negative thoughts to gratitude or appreciation. (Try it!) Thankfulness clears and expands your energy, redirects your consciousness, builds your light body, and strengthens your connection to the rest of Being.

It's a basic tenet of energy healing that "energy flows where attention goes." So when you focus on negatives, you feed that with your energy. When you redirect your attention to what you're grateful for and what's going right, you feed THAT with your energy. Hmmmmmm.....

Ways To Incorporate More Gratitude And Appreciation Into Your Life

  • Observe your thoughts, speech and behavior. How much of these are negative or complaining, how much positive and appreciating?
  • At night before you fall asleep or first thing in the morning (or both), reflect on things you're thankful for (or appreciate).
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal. Alternatively, in the evening write down three good things that happened that day, describing them in some detail.
  • Be sure to notice and appreciate things you may normally take for granted, like clean air and water. (I hope you have these.)
  • Give thanks when things are going well, and more importantly, when they aren't. Even in hard times, there are plenty of things that are going right. You can always appreciate the air coming into and out of your lungs.
  • Regularly voice your appreciation to family and friends, for things both small and large.
  • Pick some aspect of your life you usually find fault with. Switch your perspective and focus on its merits.
  • Practice any or all of these things for 30 days. You'll establish new, more positive habits of mind. Notice how this changes your life.

I wish everyone a warm home, enough to eat, health, peace, safety, the love of family and friends -- and the blessing of a grateful heart. -- Nancy

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If you received an email from me that was a blog post titled "The Energy Healing Blog/ Did Not Even Know I Needed It Until I Experienced It," it was a bit of an "oops."

It was a lovely story about an energy healing experience that an anonymous someone added to the website. I forgot to uncheck the box that automatically adds such entries to my blog, and so a few readers received it before I corrected the situation.

It's a great story; I just didn't intend to send it out, especially since as it appeared, it seemed that I wrote it. Here's the link if you'd like to read it: Did Not Even Know I Needed It Until I Experienced It

Stay Well!

----by Nancy Hausauer

The lymphatic system

As we head into winter, here are some energy-healing and mind-body tools to keep yourself (and your clients) healthy.

Acupressure Points for Immune System Strength

Try these acupressure points, both noted for strengthening the immune system:

  • CV6, The Sea of Energy Point
    Located two finger-widths below the belly button. Apply pressure gradually, and use light pressure if you're pregnant, ill, or medically frail.

  • ST36, Three Mile Point
    Located on the top outside of the calf, four finger-widths below the bottom of the kneecap, one finger-width outside the shin-bone (tibia). If you're on the right spot, you'll feel a muscle flex strongly when you lift your fore-foot off the ground.

Affirmations for Health

Affirmations strongly activate the mind-body connection. Keep them short and positive, and repeat them daily for at least 30 days. Here are some ideas:

  • My immune system keeps me in perfect health.
  • My body has a natural genius for wellness and healing.
  • Every cell of my body is radiantly healthy.
  • My immune system is a superbly coordinated, intelligent, dedicated team of defense.

Aromatherapy for Wellness

Try these essential oils to support your immune system:

  • tea tree
  • lavender
  • lemon
  • bergamot

Therapeutic Relaxation

Chronic stress suppresses the immune system, so simply relaxing is one of the best things you can do for health. Make time to do the things you find soothing and relaxing, such as walking, meditating, praying, exercise, crafts—whatever works for you.

Thymus Tapping

The thymus gland is a vital part of the immune system, located in the center of the upper chest, behind the sternum, a little below the neck. If you feel a cold coming on, use a loose fist or the fingers of one or both hands to tap your chest over your thymus. Tap gently but firmly for 30-60 seconds.


Laughing clears and lifts your energy and promotes immune system function. So call up your wittiest friend, see a comedy, read a funny book, and look for the humor in life.

Belly Breathe

Belly breathing relaxes the nervous system and helps pump lymphatic fluid through your lymph vessels. Just breathe slowly and deeply into the lower third of your lungs, so that your belly rises when you inhale, and falls when you exhale. Do this five minutes every day and you'll feel great.

This page gives more tips on using energy healing for illness.

Wishing you radiant health, Nancy

Expand Your Heart Chakra Through Self-Kindness

----by Nancy Hausauer

"Be kind to yourself. What happens to you happens to everybody."


This is the amazing "transmission" that one of my clients received during a session recently. Transmission is the best word I can think of to describe those times when it seems like some insight or wisdom is being downloaded to us from a higher source.

As she received the insight, she was experiencing what she described as a kind of beautiful plasma that was everyone and everything—the One.

I think her transmission, arising out of that amazing experience, is one of the best articulations of this essential concept that I've yet heard.

Self-Love and Self-Kindness: For Many, an Essential Stage in Heart Chakra Development

As I was discussing with my friend Peggy recently, for many people self-love seems to be one of the later stages of development for the heart chakra. Many of us, especially in the Western tradition, can love everyone else a lot better than we can love ourselves. It's deeply ingrained.

It's in our relationship with ourselves that some of our last vestiges of judgement and unkindness and even cruelty can hide. Ever notice the rotten things you say to yourself within the privacy of your own mind? Many of us call ourselves all kinds of terrible names that we would never direct at someone else.

Loving-Kindness to Yourself Is Loving-Kindness to Humanity

I think we treat ourselves without self-love partly because we can't yet see or experience how profoundly and utterly we are all one. "What happens to you happens to everybody" because you ARE everybody (and everybody is you). In a very real way, there is only one Heart, one Consciousness.

Whoever you are, you deeply, truly and completely deserve love and kindness from every possible source. But there's more to it than even that. By being kind to yourself, you're raising the sum total of love in the world and finding a way to love humanity at a deeper, more complete level. Because in a holographic kind of way, you ARE humanity, and until you can regard and treat your own self with loving-kindness, your loving-kindness is incomplete.

Queries To Deepen Self-Kindness And Expand The Heart Chakra

In the coming weeks, I'm going to be engaging deeply with the questions below. I invite you to join me (or make up your own):

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12 Ways to Deep-Nurture Your Energy in the Season of Samhain (Halloween)

----by Nancy Hausauer

image of fall leaves on a tree stump

Halloween, called Samhain in the traditional, agriculturally-based Celtic calendar, is this coming Saturday. Samhain marks the end of the botanical year and the very beginning of winter.

Samhain is the start of the dark time of the year -- the season for rest, reflection, stillness, wisdom, and mystery. Notice how the world of nature withdraws its energy and growth, to rest in quietness in the dwindling light.

Nature beckons us to follow suit: to rest, to be still within. Out of the silence, a certain ordering of spirit can begin, leading eventually to healing, restoration, renewal, and new growth. But for now, it's time to allow the fields of your soul to lie fallow.

Here are some ideas to explore the wisdom of the season during the coming weeks:

  • Sit down with your journal for a quiet evening. Write extensively about what you don't know.
  • Pay attention to your intuition. Assume that everything you see and hear has meaning.
  • Notice the spiders. What wisdom might you learn from them?
  • Meditate. Focus on the still place between thoughts.
  • Take the time to really savor an apple or a pomegranate—traditional fruits of the season.
  • Make an altar for a loved one who has passed on. Take the time to make it beautiful and satisfying. Meditate on the gifts they gave you and the lessons they taught you.
  • Honor your bones by cooking up some calcium-rich dark-green leafy vegetables or a deeply nourishing bone broth.
  • Turn off the overhead lights and light a single candle. Notice how darkness and light complete each other. Allow yourself to absorb the nourishment of the dark.
  • Go to bed early, with journal and pen by your bed so that you can record any dreams you have. Spend time the next day allowing the meaning of those dreams to resonate within you.
  • Turn off your phone, TV, and all the other chattering devices of your life just for an evening. Notice what arises in the stillness.
  • Comb through your calendar, removing all unnecessary appointments and obligations for the coming month.
  • Allow yourself the adventure (and the luxury) of not figuring everything out.

Wishing you the blessings of the season, Nancy

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Color! Energy Healing That's All Around You

----by Nancy Hausauer

Color can be powerful therapy. It's an easy, delightful way to do energy healing for yourself.

Light Spectrum

Color is light, specifically the reflection of a particular spectrum of light. And light is energy, so color is energy with particular properties.

These particular properties can carry strong therapeutic benefits for our energy fields. You'll know their impact because of how they make you feel.

How You Can Tell What Colors You Need (Hint: It's Easy!)

You know instinctively what colors are supportive and healing for your energy. You respond to them instantly, in a primal, physical way. You just LIKE some colors. These are the colors that are energetically good for you.

So color therapy isn't rocket science. Just notice which colors feel good to you, and then find ways to incorporate them into your life.

How to Do Self-Energy-Healing with Color (Hint: This Is Also Easy!)

Obvious and important ways to use colors are in your clothes and your home. You may also find that you feel better living in or visiting regions where certain colors predominate.

I also love to use the seasonal colors of nature. Soon, for example, a small persimmon tree by my entryway will turn into the most magnificent colors of red and orange. I like to stand by it for a moment when I come home and soak it up.

In early spring where I live, the vine maples leaf out and standing under them with the sunlight streaming through is pure heaven. After the gray winter, the light green feels amazingly nourishing to my energy field.

Later in the spring, I have two huge rhododendrons covered in lavender blooms.They create an enormous block of lavender, and I like to just stand in front of them and soak it up. I wait for it every year--it's like my yearly dose of purple, and I NEED it!

Color impacts us whether or not we're aware of it. But like most things, if we're conscious of it and take the time to really let it in, it offers much greater benefit. Color is one of life's great gifts. Appreciate it, enjoy it, and use it to support your energetic health.

How Do YOU Use Color?

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Namaste, Nancy

How to Give Yourself an "Acupressure Flu Shot"

---by Nancy Hausauer

Fall is definitely here in in the Pacific Northwest, and that means cold and flu season is upon us.

Sick child in bed

This easy, four-point acupressure routine takes only 2 minutes and will strengthen your immune system and improve your chances of avoiding colds and the flu.

Acupuncturist Sara Calabro recommends that you do it twice a day to build your natural resistance.

Note that I'm not encouraging you to NOT get a flu shot. You should work with your medical doctor to determine what your medical needs are. But whatever you decide, the "acupressure flu shot" is a great resource for helping you stay well this fall and winter.

The whole website, called "Acutake," is full of fun facts and ideas. If (like me) you're an acupressure/acupuncture aficionado, you'll enjoy exploring it.

Be well, Nancy

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If You Can Sing (And Even If You Can’t) You Can Do Energy Healing

---by Nancy Hausauer

If you’ve read my work at all, you know that I believe that EVERYONE can do energy healing, to one degree or another. In the popular imagination, it’s something that only a gifted few can do, but I just don’t believe that’s so.

Jean-Étienne Liotard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To me, energy healing is a lot like singing.

Most people can sing. It’s true, some people have a special gift, say a broad vocal range, an especially beautiful voice or mad musicality.

But nearly everyone (except for a few people with specific issues) can sing to some degree. Maybe not well, but they can do it. And anyone who can sing can get better at it, with practice and training.

That’s a lot like energy healing. It’s an inborn, natural thing. If you have any compassion or love or positive intentions toward others, you can do it.

And if you practice and study a bit and learn from others, you can get better at it.

As with singing, not everyone is going to want to do it professionally. Not everyone cares enough about it to put in the effort to get really good at it. Nothing wrong with that.

But as part of everyday life—in the car, in the shower, to their kids, with friends and family—most people enjoy a little singing. It's so natural, and it makes life better!

And the same is true of energy healing. Whether you work energy healing into your life just for yourself, or whether you do a little energy healing for friends, family, spaces or situations, it’s easy and fun and beneficial for you as well as for whomever or whatever receives it.

So whoever you are, I encourage you to do energy healing. It doesn’t have to be a big deal — you can just send light to someone you love, send good intentions to someone who is struggling, even just smile at a stranger. Like singing, it’s just a natural thing.

Wishing you music and light, Nancy

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Use Body Language to Shift Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory

I used to bristle when I was a girl and my mom would nag me to stand up straight. But she was on to something. I could have used a boost in confidence, and scientists are now finding that there is indeed a connection between the way we hold our bodies and faces, and the way we feel and think.

And if something is affecting our feelings and thoughts, it's undoubtedly also influencing our energy. This gives us another powerful "every-day" energy healing tool to help us shift our energy to more positive states. It can easily be taught to others, too.

How to Shift Your Energy with Body Language

Here are some poses, gestures and expressions that research has shown affect your state of mind —and hence, your energy field. These easy, down-to-earth techniques can work in as little as 90 seconds.

  • Powerful poses banish fear and timidity, making you feel powerful and confident and reducing stress hormones. So hold your head high, throw your shoulders back and take up a lot of space if you need to expand, advance or hold your own energetically.
  • Conversely, slumping leads to sadness and energy that is withdrawn, collapsed, sunken and self-protective -- another reason to sit and stand tall. (Great article:
  • Smiling, especially with your whole face, lifts your energy and makes you happy.
  • Crossing your arms helps you maintain persistence. My sense is that energetically it helps anchor your energy and keep it from "flying away," and deflects external energies that may distract or introduce doubt.
  • Mimicking others (discreetly!) helps you understand them better. You're literally reproducing and experiencing their energetic state.

We can project this concept of using postures and gestures to shift our energy closer to the state we're seeking. For example,

  • assume a relaxed pose to feel more relaxed and promote harmony and flow in your energy
  • adopt a loving, open look on your face to expand your heart and feel more love for your mate
  • look up to feel more optimistic and open yourself to help and inspiration
  • position your feet shoulder width apart in a strong, stable stance and be aware of the connection between your feet and the earth or floor to help yourself ground
  • get up and move around to get your energy moving
  • move your body in ways that are unusual for you to support creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • hold your hands palm-up to open yourself to receive energy and support.

Namaste, Nancy

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Let the Fall Equinox Help You Balance Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Autumn leaves

September 23 is the Fall Equinox. (Spring Equinox if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, but the principles are the same.)

On the equinoxes, day and night are equal. They're the seasons of balance and equipoise, and as with everything in our world, they offer a lesson and a healing if we choose to take it.

Balance: One of the Key Elements of Healing and Health

One of the hallmarks of the Equinox is balance -- day and night, light and dark. And balance is one of the key principles of healing.

Physically, our bodies are in a constant balancing process to maintain homeostasis. Most of us instinctively seek the stability and peace of balanced minds and emotions. And energetically, balancing is one of our key goals.

The Equinox is a good time to rebalance your life and energies -- and recover greater physical, emotional and psychological health.

An Equinox Self-Healing for Balance

Here's an exercise to help you fine-tune your energies and your life.

  • Choose a decent-weather day around September 23. Grab a pen, journal, and whatever you need to be comfortable outdoors. Take a walk in a natural setting. Give yourself time to enjoy the signs of the season -- the sights, smells, quality of light, feel of the air. Breathe it in, and let yourself feel that you're absorbing it into your cells.
  • Find a place to sit comfortably.
  • Ask yourself, "Where does my life feel in balance?" Where in my life would I like more balance?" Let your intuition answer, and free-write about it. Does anything really stand out to you, or surprise you?
  • When you feel done, close your eyes and, without trying or using your mind, intend for your energy to become more fluid. Breathe deeply and allow it to shift, adjust and rebalance, without working to control what happens. You may feel it in your body, your field, or both.
  • Take as long as you like to allow this process to work, and then take more time to enjoy your recalibrated state.
  • Then -- this should take just a second -- lightly intend to have your rebalanced energy stabilize into a kind of "liquid crystal" state -- dynamic but stable. Again, don't overthink this; whatever you do will be just right. (I visualize giving my field a light, quick tap.)
  • When you're ready, ground yourself and bring your attention back to your surroundings. Enjoy the rest of your walk, and over the coming days, stay open to opportunities for further gentle rebalancing.

Namaste, Nancy

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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