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Why You Need Spaciousness: Making Room for Healing and Intuition

--by Nancy Hausauer

Deep Space

I believe that a feeling of spaciousness, both external and internal, is important to anyone's sense of inner peace, but is especially helpful for energy healers. We need to cultivate inner peace and calm, and leave room in our lives for the Energy to show up and do its work.

Because I've lived in a small house for the last 20 years, I've had many practical opportunities to learn the value of space and spaciousness. My husband and I cherish the space we have. We're very careful about bringing new Things into our home. We periodically purge Stuff, too, because that spaciousness has proved really hard to protect.

My mind also tends to get crowded. I love information, thoughts and concepts. I used to believe that was the best way to be, but as I've gotten older, I've questioned that. I see the value of having more space in my mind as well as in my surroundings.

Here are some ideas for cultivating spaciousness and making room for healing, intuition and other blessings:

  • clear out a room or even just a closet; donate or discard
  • meditate
  • weed and prune your garden; transplant crowded plants
  • focus your attention on space, rather than the matter in that space
  • let go of past and future and just be present
  • get rid of "time-things"—an overcrowded schedule
  • spend more time with spaciousness experts: dogs and cats and little kids. They never clutter their minds or schedules.
  • spend a day in silence
  • go for a month without buying anything but food
  • get out in nature
  • set aside time to do nothing
  • avoid TV, social media and other electronic chatter for a week
  • write your worries down on a piece of paper and burn it
  • expand your physical interior space by belly breathing
  • visit unbounded places such as mountaintops, ferries/ships, a cathedral
  • let go of grudges
  • let your body relax and expand (get a massage?)
  • at work, see if you can delegate some tasks or offload in other ways
  • prune unnecessary commitments and tasks from your personal life

Wishing you all the room you need to dance with Hope, Potential and Possibility—Nancy

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Ways To Incorporate More Gratitude And Appreciation Into Your Life

If you're in the U.S., you'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. Whether or not Thursday's an official holiday in your country, counting your blessings is a reliable way to elevate your energy and your life.

Gratitude Journal graphic

A sense of gratitude generates positive energy. You can literally see someone's energy change when they shift from negative thoughts to gratitude or appreciation. (Try it!) Thankfulness clears and expands your energy, redirects your consciousness, builds your light body, and strengthens your connection to the rest of Being.

It's a basic tenet of energy healing that "energy flows where attention goes." So when you focus on negatives, you feed that with your energy. When you redirect your attention to what you're grateful for and what's going right, you feed THAT with your energy.

Ways To Incorporate More Gratitude And Appreciation Into Your Life

  • Observe your thoughts, speech and behavior. How much of these are negative or complaining, how much positive and appreciating?
  • At night before you fall asleep or first thing in the morning (or both), reflect on things you're thankful for (or appreciate).
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal. Alternatively, in the evening write down three good things that happened that day, describing them in some detail.
  • Be sure to notice and appreciate things you may normally take for granted, like clean air and water. (I sincerely hope you have these.)
  • Give thanks when things are going well, and more importantly, when they aren't. Even in hard times, there are plenty of things that are going right. You can always appreciate the air coming into and out of your lungs.
  • Regularly voice your appreciation to family and friends, for things both small and large.
  • Pick some aspect of your life you usually find fault with. Switch your perspective and focus on its merits.
  • Practice any or all of these things for 30 days. You'll establish new, more positive habits of mind. Notice how this changes your life.

I wish all of us a warm home, enough to eat, health, peace, safety, the love of family and friends—and the blessing of a grateful heart. -- Nancy

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--by Nancy Hausauer

Bleeding HeartsI had a nice post planned about spaciousness, but I just can't publish it now.

Here in the U.S., we're in deep turmoil. So much anger, sorrow, fear, despair. I'm not immune to it. I'm struggling, just like everyone else, especially since life goes on at the personal level. My dad, 91, has been in the hospital and that's taken up most of my attention this week. Still there have been spaces for strong, strong feelings about the state of my country to filter through.

Here are some thoughts I've been having this week:

  • This election cycle didn't create the deep divisions and problems that have showed up. They were already there. And I truly believe that consciousness is the first step in healing. It's hard to heal what we won't look at. So as difficult as these divisions and problems are, exposing them to the light of awareness may bring some evolution toward a higher consciousness. It gives me hope, anyway and…
  • ….we must maintain hope. Despair sucks the energy right out of you, and is the enemy of action. I particularly like this from writer Rebecca Solnit: "Hope is active engagement with uncertainty and the possibilities that it holds." It's all-purpose: favorable circumstances not required.
  • Emotions are meant to move through us, not get stuck. We should not be aiming to suppress strong emotions, but rather to keep them moving. So personally, I'm doing my best to keep my emotions within "containers" that don't encourage me to get "hooked" or stuck in the emotion.
  • I know that engaging in conflict is often the ego stoking itself. But I also know that silence in the face of wrongdoing is complicity. I am waiting for more light to help me walk the right path here.
  • I feel that continuing to move my energetic center into my sixth chakra is helpful.
  • Without turning away from the world, I know I need to turn to my spiritual teachers for wisdom, and to the people I love for support. Currently I'm reading this 2001 talk from Thich Nhat Hanh:
  • I know I need a plan. A plan will help me channel my energy effectively.
  • I know I need to ground, breathe, ground, breathe, ground, breathe. To be in nature. To send light. To pray.

Wishing us all wisdom, courage and heart, Nancy

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Practical Advice for a New Energy Healer

--by Nancy Hausauer

Sometimes Less Is Better

Reader Question

My wife has lower back pain, and I have used the "sensing" technique and think I feel a dense bump in the area. I once held my hand above it and "pushed" energy into it. About a minute later she asked me to stop, saying that it hurt more. However when I use the Sweeping technique, she says it gets warm and tingly and the pain reduces about 70%. I do that for about 5 minutes, and then stop because  my hand starts to hurt. When I stop sweeping her pain returns in about 5 minutes. Is there anything I can do to make it last longer or be better?

Nancy's Answer

It sounds like you are very sensitive to energy. The energy of pain can feel like a bump, or dense. So nothing you've told me so far sounds outside the normal experience for energy workers.

When you were "pushing" the energy into your wife's back, you were probably running too much energy into it. It is always best to use the least energy needed. You're just assisting people in helping themselves; helping them activate their own self-healing more than "doing it for them," or "fixing them." We all have our own innate and powerful self-healing force; sometimes we just need a little help in getting it going. This is true in almost all cases. So use a light touch.

Obviously the sweeping technique is better suited for your wife.  It's great that it helps, even temporarily. You're right to stop when your own hands start to hurt. We should never be hurting ourselves when we do energy work.

As for making it last longer, try doing it more often—several times a day, but shorter times. Stop before your hands begin to hurt. Then ground well. I would also suggest that you run your hands under cold water after treating her. Also experiment with different ways of preparing yourself before going into a healing session. You might meditate, pray, light a candle and set the intention for the highest good of both yourself and your wife, do a healing for yourself, go out into nature, do some breathing exercises to ground and center….

But the bottom line is that as energy healers and people on a spiritual path, we have to let go of attachment to outcome. We are not wise enough, in the end, to know what's best for anyone. So even though it can be frustrating when our work doesn't seem to help someone in the way we want it to, we must bow to a higher wisdom.

All the best to you and your wife.

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Let Deep Fall Teach You How To Nurture Yourself Deeply

--by Nancy Hausauer


Halloween, called Samhain in the traditional, agriculturally-based Celtic calendar, is here. Samhain marks end of the botanical year. It's the mid-point of the season of Fall and, where I live, also when winter really feels like it sets in.

Samhain is the start of the dark time of the year—the season for rest, reflection, stillness, wisdom, and mystery. Notice how the world of nature withdraws its energy and growth, to rest in quietness in the dwindling light.

Nature beckons us to follow suit: to rest, to be still within. Out of the silence, a certain ordering of spirit can begin, leading eventually to healing, restoration, renewal, and new growth. But for now, it's time to allow the fields of your soul to lie fallow.

Here are some ideas to explore the wisdom of the season during the coming weeks:

  • Sit down with your journal for a quiet evening. Write extensively about what you don't know.
  • Pay attention to your intuition. Assume that everything you see and hear has meaning.
  • Notice the spiders. What wisdom might you learn from them?
  • Meditate. Focus on the still place between thoughts.
  • Take the time to really savor an apple or a pomegranate—traditional fruits of the season.
  • Make an altar for a loved one who has passed on. Take the time to make it beautiful and satisfying. Meditate on the gifts they gave you and the lessons they taught you.
  • Honor your bones by cooking up some calcium-rich dark-green leafy vegetables or a deeply nourishing bone broth.
  • Turn off the lights and light a single candle. Notice how darkness and light complete each other. Allow yourself to absorb the nourishment of the dark.
  • Go to bed early, with journal and pen by your bed so that you can record any dreams you have. Spend time the next day allowing the meaning of those dreams to resonate within you.
  • Turn off your phone, TV, and all the other chattering devices of your life just for an evening. Notice what arises in the stillness.
  • Comb through your calendar, removing all unnecessary appointments and obligations for the coming month.
  • Allow yourself the adventure (and the luxury) of not figuring everything out.

Wishing you the blessings of the season, Nancy

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Learn to Wield These Two Powerful Words

--by Nancy Hausauer

Yes/No word cloud

I love road trips. You have time to really talk about things with someone. I got to have a nice, long drive with a good friend recently. Bliss!

One of our main "talk-abouts" was an experience in which she'd gone along with something when she didn't really want to. Her inner voice had said "No!" but she hadn’t heeded it. As a result she’d gotten into a really unpleasant situation.

We delved into the concept of personal boundaries, speaking our truth and the importance of voicing our "No’s" and our "Yes's." As we "threshed," we realized that our No's and our Yes's are acts of primal self-expression and power that need to be cultivated and honored if we are to live our lives fully. If we use them with full integrity and truth, they are sacred acts.

A Sacred No In Action

About this time, my friend and I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast. The two-year old at the table next to us started lustily exercising her "No." Her mother handled it beautifully—which is to say, pretty neutrally. We listened, delighted, as the little girl loudly continued to resist everything her mother suggested. Her "no" was just "no," powerful, clear, and un-conflicted. A perfect little teacher of the Sacred No!

Properties Of The Sacred No and The Sacred Yes

As I see it, the Sacred No:
  • honors our personal boundaries and what we don’t want
  • interrupts a flow that is not going where we want
  • represents the sacred dynamic of contraction
  • does not fear conflict
  • represents knowing and valuing self
  • is percussive in nature; establishes structure.

The Sacred Yes:

  • honors our desires and intentions
  • values forward motion
  • is in harmony with the flow of energy
  • represents the sacred dynamic of expansion
  • trusts the unknown
  • is melodic in nature; creates flow.

Cultivating Your Sacred Yes and Sacred No

If we can get right with our Yes's and our No’s, our lives will be so much cleaner and will flow so much more clearly. Cultivating your Sacred Yes and Sacred No will help you live your truth and establish a beautiful balance in your life, between melody and percussion, structure and flow.

To cultivate right use of these two ultra-powerful words, practice listening for your inner voice, or listening to information from your body. A Sacred Yes often starts with a feeling of expansion. A Sacred No often starts with a feeling of contraction. Pay attention, follow your inner voice more often, and see what results.

You also might want to create an altar or a ritual to support you in walking the path of your truth, or wearing a particular item of jewelry or carrying a pebble in your pocket to remind you.

Be creative and strong and exercise the power of your own integrity!

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You DO Perceive Energy. Here's Proof

—by Nancy Hausauer

What do these cliches and stock phrases have in common?The Secret Hiding In Your Cliches

  • getting a vibe
  • rubs me the wrong way
  • glowing with pride
  • warm up the crowd
  • read the situation wrong
  • scattered thoughts
  • crestfallen
  • took the wind out of my sails
  • head in the clouds
  • clear the air
  • heart-to-heart talk
  • break the ice
  • read the crowd.

I bet you've used at least one or two of these stock phrases before. And what's their common thread? To my ear, they all refer to experiences of perceiving energy. Although people probably aren't fully conscious of it, when they use phrases like these, I think they have subliminally perceived subtle energy and are trying to communicate about it.

Next time you use (or hear) one of these or similar phrases, stop and think about what you are really saying. Stop and reflect on what you were feeling/hearing/seeing/tasting/smelling/thinking—in short, the sum of the experience that generated the phrase.

In this way, you can help train yourself to notice when you are perceiving and reading energy!

The fact that phrases like these are commonly used, with no great fanfare, proves to me—if I ever doubted it—that the raw experience of perceiving subtle energy is widespread, if not universal.

But few of us are consciously aware of doing so.

  • Maybe the energy is more subtle than we expect.
  • Maybe we expect it to feel like something other than it does.
  • Or maybe perceiving energy is so natural to us that we don't even realize we're doing it!

But as cliches and stock phrases like the ones above show, our experiences of subtle energy were there all along, like a secret hiding in plain sight.

I'd love to hear your ideas about other common phrases that are actually talking about energetic experiences. Comment or share on my Facebook page.

Rethinking Depression: A Powerful Doorway To Healing

--by Nancy Hausauer

Degas painting of melancholy womanDepression affects so many people, myself included at times in my life. Even though scientists don't all agree that depression is caused by chemical disorders/imbalances in the brain, the medical world usually treats it as such, prescribing anti-depressants to an astonishing one in ten adult Americans.

My problem with this conventional interpretation—for myself—is that it reduces depression to a meaningless, random, biological phenomenon, marginalizing and trivializing a state that is probably experienced to some degree, at some point, by everyone. And as psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl said, "Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose."

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against anti-depressants. They can provide a foothold from which to climb out of the deep, black pit of severe depression. And I'm not saying that there isn't a brain chemistry component in any given person's depression. I'm saying that for me, attributing it to JUST that is reductive and dehumanizing.

If you believe as I do, that we're more than just biological machines, and as Viktor Frankl did, that a sense of meaning makes life's suffering bearable, then it seems reasonable at least to explore how something as deep and as widespread as depression might be more than just a bio-chemical phenomenon.

For me, even allowing the idea that there could be valid alternative interpretations of depression is freeing and empowering. It lets me interpret my own experience and make meaning out of my own life. Such empowerment seems especially important because it combats the deep sense of powerlessness that is often one of depression's key components.

Fortunately, beyond the reductive brain-chemistry view of depression, there's a rich history of alternative interpretations of this very human state, including:

  • The radical idea that it's a normal human process, rather than an aberrant pathology.
  • That it's more a cultural sickness than a personal illness, in the sense that our culture has become in many ways opposite to what we humans need to thrive. For example, Western culture is for the most part socially isolating, disempowering and sedentary. It does not support deep sleep or offer much truly nourishing food. All of this is antithetical to our basic biological and psycho-social needs, so it's no wonder many of us are out of whack.
  • That it's a sacred process and a call to transform one's life, rather than a meaningless, random curse.
  • That it's an energy phenomenon, for example a deep lack of grounding, or being walled off from outside sources of energy.

To take charge of how I experience my own life and to interpret it in ways that nourish rather than debilitate my spirit—this is some of the most powerful energy medicine I can imagine.

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You Want To Become An Energy Healer. Where Do You Start?

--by Nancy Hausauer

Reader Question:

Where Do I Start?I'm very interested in becoming a energy healer. Do you have suggestions as to where to start?

Nancy's Response

I have pages on my site about types of energy healing, and about learning energy healing. Those will be helpful to you.

Many other pages on my site will be helpful to you as well, and it's all free. I'd encourage you to spend some time with the whole site. A lot of the material there I haven't encountered anywhere else, and it's aimed particularly at folks like you, who are new to energy healing and have a lot of questions.

What Kind Of Energy Healing?

As for in-person classes, if you live in a rural area, you may have to take whatever is available. If you're in a more urban area, of course there will be more options. I often suggest Healing Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, or Reiki. If you're interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be interested in acupressure.

They're all different, and one method may appeal to you more than others. Why don't you go to the various websites of these methods (there are links for many of them on my Types of Energy Healing page); read about them and see if one calls to you.

For Right Now

In the meantime, try out a few of the simple techniques on my website. You can find them here.

Also begin practicing foundational techniques such as grounding. and centering , and look at this page that gives you some ways to begin to work with and care for your own energy.

I'd also encourage you to start noticing the ways that you are already interacting with other people's energies. Do some people, places and situations make you feel better than others? In your life as it already is, without being an "official energy healer" (if there is such a thing!) are there ways that you can touch peoples' lives in positive ways: for example, a smile, a word of encouragement, an honest compliment, keeping a level head in a contentious situation? How does doing that seem to impact others? How does it make you feel? What do you notice?

Experience Energy Healing As A Receiver

It's also useful to receive a variety of energy healings and see if you respond better to some than others. I would think the ones you respond strongly to would be ones that you might also have an affinity for as a practitioner.

Good luck and remember, it's a journey, rather than a destination. Enjoy the process.

Readers, do you have other suggestions? Share them on my Facebook page.

Let the Fall Equinox Help You Balance Your Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer

Autumn leaves on the Mountain

September 22 is the Fall Equinox. (Spring Equinox if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, but the principles are the same.)

On the equinoxes, day and night are equal. They're seasons of balance and equipoise, and as with everything in our world, they offer a lesson and a healing if we choose to take it.

Balance: One of the Key Elements of Healing and Health

One of the hallmarks of the Equinox is balance—day and night, light and dark. And balance is one of the key principles of healing.

Physically, our bodies are in a constant balancing process to maintain homeostasis. Most of us instinctively seek the stability and peace of balanced minds and emotions. And energetically, balancing is one of our key goals.

The Equinox is a good time to re-balance your life and energies—and recover greater physical, emotional and psychological health.

An Equinox Self-Healing for Balance

Here's an exercise to help you fine-tune your energies and your life.

  • Choose a decent-weather day around September 22. Grab a pen, journal, and whatever you need to be comfortable outdoors. Take a walk in a natural setting. Give yourself time to enjoy the signs of the season— the sights, smells, quality of light, feel of the air. Breathe it in, and let yourself feel that you're absorbing it into your cells.
  • Find a place to sit comfortably.
  • Ask yourself, "Where does my life feel in balance? Where in my life would I like more balance?" Let your intuition answer, and free-write about it. Does anything really stand out to you, or surprise you?
  • When you feel done, close your eyes and, without trying or using your mind, intend for your energy to become more fluid. Breathe deeply and allow it to shift, adjust and re-balance, without working to control what happens. You may feel it in your body, your energy field, or both.
  • Take as long as you like to allow this process to work, and then take more time to enjoy your re-calibrated state.
  • Then—this should take just a second—lightly intend to have your re-balanced energy stabilize into a kind of "liquid crystal" state—dynamic but stable. Again, don't overthink this; whatever you do will be just right. (I visualize giving my field a light, quick tap.)
  • When you're ready, ground yourself and bring your attention back to your surroundings. Enjoy the rest of your walk, and over the coming days, stay open to opportunities for further gentle re-balancing.

Namaste, Nancy

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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