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Dear friends,

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I will not be posting an article this week, maybe not next week either. My father died Thursday. He was elderly and had been in failing health for the last 5 months. It was his time. But no matter what the circumstances, the journey of death and dying is sacred. To honor that, I am taking some days away from "business as usual."

I won't belabor you with personal details, but I just want to say this about my dad. He was unafraid and he died speaking words of gratitude. I am so proud of him.

I'm deeply thankful to and humbled by the many people who took care of him these last 5 months. The magnitude of the goodness out there--it takes my breath away.

I know some of you reading this have also lost a loved one in the past few months. For you, for all of us—for we will all eventually lose someone we love—I wish you comfort, peace, support, healing, reconciliation, integration, growth, insight, and some consolation from awareness of the sheer humanness of the experience of grief.

Wishing you love and light,


Let Early Spring Teach You How To Preserve Your Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer

Crocus and Fig Tree

How's your energy? Are you brimming with vitality? Is life going fluidly and efficiently? Or are you overworked, exhausted, burnt out and running into lots of obstacles and blocks?

The Wisdom of Early Spring

Where I live, signs of spring are just starting to appear. As with each of the seasons, there's great wisdom encoded in it.

Looking to nature, this season of earliest spring can teach us a lot about how to preserve physical vitality, maintain energetic balance and make our lives run more smoothly. One of this season's main lessons is to do things when the time is right, and not before.

The Power of Patience

In earliest spring, the light is growing stronger and the earliest bulbs are starting to emerge. Personally, by this time I'm tired of winter and eager for the full delights of spring—more light, more warmth, more growth. But they're not here yet!

Patience is required: spring comes on its own timetable, not ours.

For the plants, there's no prize for coming up early. Break dormancy too soon, and their cycle for the whole year will be off. They may even die in a late freeze. So they wait till a complex set of cues tells them the time is right to start growing again.

Wait Till the Time Is Right

Our workaholic culture rewards work for work's sake. Work is a virtue, and not working a vice. So many of us try harder and harder, working continuously, never resting.

Taking the plants' lessons of patience and timing to heart—giving both work and non-work, action and inaction their due—can help us maintain our physical and energetic health.

This is partly because it builds cycles of rest into our lives, but it's more than that. When we act prematurely, we run into obstacles at every turn. The universe just doesn't seem to cooperate. Our energy is needlessly frittered away.

But if we wait till the right time, things go much easier. Doors open, people are eager to help, happy coincidences abound. Staying in rhythm with the universe, we preserve our own energy. It can remain smooth and flowing, rather than getting jagged and blocked. It's fueled, rather than depleted.

This year, watch closely as late winter patiently changes into early spring. Cultivate the wisdom of the plants, incorporating "judicious inaction" into your life. You'll be so much healthier, happier, and more effective.

Namaste, Nancy

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Looking for Love? Start by Loving Yourself.

--by Nancy Hausauer

With Valentine's Day coming right up, it seems timely to address the issue of Love—in this case, self-love.

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Loving yourself is one of the foundations of being able to love and be loved by others. It's also one of the hallmarks of a well-developed heart chakra, AND one of the prerequisites for true happiness.

Yet for most people, it's really hard to do. In developing the heart chakra, it seems to be one of the most difficult achievements. It's so much easier to be compassionate, kind and non-judgmental to others.

All too often, we think and say terrible things about ourselves. It's so ingrained that we barely notice the steady stream of insults and judgements that we lay on ourselves--things we would never think about others, especially those we love.

For the heart chakra to fully develop, and for us to fully receive the deep, true love that we all want, we must love ourselves.

This doesn't mean that you don't see your own imperfections. It just means that you love and accept yourself anyway. Easier said than done if you have a life-time of unconscious self-judgment under your belt.

But it's just a habitual way of thinking, and all habits can be undone. With persistence, you can learn to treat yourself with more of the loving-kindness that you probably show to most other people.

Here's a suggestion for how to start practicing self-loving-kindness:

  • Start by noticing your own self-judgment and non-compassion—the thoughts and words that are less than tender, loving and kind toward yourself. (Such mindfulness alone would take you miles toward your goal of self-loving-kindness.) For example, let's say you've just noticed that you've mentally scolded yourself for being clumsy.
  • Now think of someone you love dearly. Ask yourself, would I berate my dear one like that? Would I want them to think such a thing about themselves?
  • Replace "clumsy" with a more charitable thought, for example that you're strong, or enthusiastic, or that being graceful is a lovely trait but not really very important in the grand scheme of things. Or think of a time when it wasn't true, when you were graceful. Or reframe it in a more neutral way, such as "Sometimes my mind/imagination is so active that I lose track of my body."
  • Make a habit of doing this. With practice, you can do the whole sequence in a few seconds. It will open your heart chakra to yourself, and subsequently to others as well.

Wishing you a self-loving heart, Nancy

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Pruning Season: Questions to Help You Let Go of Dead Wood

--by Nancy Hausauer

Fig Tree in Winter

Here in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, it's time to prune the trees. It's always sort of scary, especially when you take out the big branches.

You hope it's the right thing to do, but you can never be entirely sure. Will it leave a big hole? Will it unbalance the look of the tree? Is it too much? Too little?

But almost always, the bold cuts are the right thing to do. They bring in more light and air, making the remaining limbs stronger, the fruit more delicious and the tree healthier overall.

And even if you do make a mistake, the tree grows back sooner or later.

Applying The Principals of Pruning To Our Lives

Most of us could stand to do a little pruning in our lives as well as our gardens. In any life, there's always dead wood, and removing it almost always makes us happier and more satisfied.

Here are some questions to help you identify parts of your life that could use pruning.

  • What is your personal mission? What are your most important personal goals? What gives you the most satisfaction, inner nourishment or joy?

  • Then consider an average day. Which parts of your day contribute most to your mission, your goals or your satisfaction/joy/nourishment? Which parts contribute least? How might you minimize or let go of the less fruitful parts? Reflect on your average week and average month and ask the same questions.
  • Here's another approach to identifying aspects of your life that can be pruned. The well-known 80/20 rule observes that in many situations, 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. Which 20% of your life contributes most toward your mission, goals or satisfaction/joy/nourishment? Which parts of the less-productive 80% can you delegate, eliminate or otherwise let go of?
  • And finally, reflect on your life from this angle. Often we do things unconsciously, out of habit. Are there tasks, activities, relationships, organizations or other aspects of your life in which you're experiencing diminishing returns? Perhaps at one time they were valuable, but now they're contributing less and less to the overall health, growth and fruitfulness of your life. How might you shift your emphasis away from these less rewarding things?

Don't Be In A Rush To Fill In That New Space!

When you've identified areas that need pruning, make your plan and start whittling. Be bold, and don't rush to fill in the space you create in your life. Take time to enjoy the spaciousness. That air and light is good for you!

There may be some dead wood that you aren't able to eliminate immediately. But if you have an intention and a plan, one way or another, the right time will come.

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What's Wrong? I'm Not Sensing Energy Anymore: A Reader Asks

--by Nancy Hausauer

Reader Question


I used to be able to sense energy but over the past few months it has completely left me! I'm a Reiki student going for Level 2 soon and don't know what to do. When I try working with energy, it causes pain. What's wrong?

Nancy's Answer

I don't have an immediate answer for you, mainly a lot of questions.

How great is the pain? How long does it last? Does it happen with everyone you work with? How long have you been doing energy healing? Did something happen in your life, or shift energetically, around the time your ability to sense energy left you?

If it were me, I would tend to think that what is happening is a message. Information.

The "message" might be that you need balance and self-care. Are you working too hard? Do you need to take a rest from energy healing? Are you balanced in giving and receiving, or are you mostly giving? Have you received any energy healings lately? Are your clients appreciative of your efforts? Do they give you something in return?

Your situation might be an evolutionary calling, including a summons to better self-care, an opening of your heart chakra to your own self. Or perhaps you need to stop and let your light-body development catch up to your energy-sensing ability--do some work with your own evolutionary path. We can get egoically attached to our "special powers." It is possible that you need to let go of any attachments you have to sensing energy, or sensing it in a particular way?

Another possibility is that you need to tune into a different frequency of energy than you have been doing. If the pain is not too intense when you are doing a healing, just sit with it and see what happens. Of course if it is quite painful, or if nothing changes after a period of time, let it go.

Yet another possibility is that it's just part of the normal non-normality of subtle phenomena. What I mean is that subtle phenomena always seem a bit like wild creatures to me. They show up when they want to and leave when they want to. They're always there, we're just not always tuned in to them. Your situation could just be part of a normal ebb and flow, nothing to worry about, just something to roll with.

Definitely ask for guidance about your situation. Listen to your dreams and be alert to all the subtle ways that information can be offered.

Unless you receive strong intuitions/guidance not to, I suggest you go through with your Level 2 Reiki. You'll receive healing in that and I think it would probably be good for you. Also, you can ask your Reiki master about this directly, which will probably be very helpful.

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Keep The Energy Flowing Both Directions: Ways to Balance Giving and Receiving

--by Nancy Hausauer

Keeping Giving and Receiving in Balance

Balance is one of the major tenets of energy healing. We seek to help people restore and maintain balance in their energies, as well as in their bodies, minds and emotions.

It's important for us, as energy healers, to maintain balance in our own lives and practices as well. We don't want to always be giving, giving, giving, without receiving back. That's out of balance, and eventually it will deplete us.

By some means, we need to establish reciprocity with the people we give treatments to. The flow of energy should not all be one way.

If you have a professional practice that is done via money. The professional practitioner gives her/his time, attention, expertise and energy. Clients reciprocate with a monetary exchange, which is another form of energy.

If you are not receiving money for your energy healing services, as I expect will be true for most of you reading this, then it's good to establish a fair exchange of energy in other ways.

It might be that someone, such as a parent, spouse or dear friend is already so generous to you that it's not an issue. And when you are just newly starting out, your practice clients are giving you the gift of their time and trust. But if neither of those are the case, here are some ways that people might maintain energetic balance with you when you give them a treatment or session:

  • A small token, such as a bouquet of flowers or a jar of home-made jam.
  • If you're working with a child, a drawing or flower.
  • If you're working with an elder, a story, piece of advice, or recipe.
  • A service, such as walking your dog or weeding in your garden.
  • In some situations, just sincere thanks is enough.
  • You can ask someone to "pay it forward" and help someone else, or make a donation of time or money to a good cause of their choice.
  • And sometimes, people want to give you something substantial, such as something that they have created, or a gift certificate.
Most people are happy to maintain balance, and in fact are uncomfortable with being given something without reciprocating in some way.

It's also important to note that sometimes "helper-types," which most of us energy healers are, are just more comfortable in the giving role than the receiving role. Giving is a role of power, while receiving is a role of vulnerability. If you notice that you are extremely imbalanced between giving and receiving, I encourage you to explore whether this is true for you. Then work to redress the imbalance and become more comfortable with receiving.

It's all about balance.

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Creative Block? It's Your Subconscious Calling

--by Nancy Hausauer

Hello Self. It's me, your subconscious. We need to talk.

Creative block is the bane of every writer and artist. I don't know a single one who hasn't experienced it at some point.  Your Muse has vamoosed and she's not coming back anytime soon.

It doesn't just affect writers and artists, though. Each of us is a "creative" in our own way, and we've all gotten stuck on a problem or project at some point, as if blocked by some invisible, immovable force.

Here's a five-step approach to get you out of that maddening state of stuck-ness.

  1. Don't Blame Yourself

    You're not lazy, stupid or un-creative. Slinging mud at yourself only makes things worse. No blaming.

  2. Surrender

    You're not going to win a battle with creative block. The smart thing is to give up and work with the process instead of against it.

    Here's why. Creative block is caused by a battle of wills between the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind. Conscious Mind is telling you to get to work, and likely has a whole detailed plan. But Subconscious Mind is digging its heels in, bringing the process to a standstill. And guess what? In this standoff, Subconscious Mind wins almost every time.

  3. Reframe

    This mysterious and maddening state called creative block is really just your subconscious mind trying to get your attention and tell you something important.

    So reframe the problem. Creative block isn't a bad thing. It's a source of information, neutral at worst, a creative gold mine at best.

    What's the gist of the message? Something is fundamentally wrong with what you're doing, or how you're approaching it—so wrong that Subconscious Mind is not going to let you proceed.

  4. Drill Down

    Now that you've taken the angst out of creative block by reframing it as information rather than a personal failing, drill down for the specific content.

    Take a deep breath, step well back from your project or problem, and ask, "What isn't working here?" "What's wrong?"

    Then pay attention to your body, stray thoughts, images that come up in your mind, dreams, songs that you find yourself humming, words that catch your attention on billboards, that little voice in your head…all the usual, indirect ways that the subconscious communicates.

    Or do a free-write, or have a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend.  

    Go where the discomfort is greatest: that's where you'll often find the gold.

    Whatever the intelligence you receive, let it percolate for a while, and then……

  5. Information Is Power: Use It!

    Put that information to use. Make the changes Subconscious Mind is insisting on. It's almost always right. Sometimes the changes will be small, sometimes big.

    But following the guidance of your subconscious will almost surely get you unstuck, unleashing a flood of creative output and sweeping you along to a whole new level of creativity, authenticity and productivity as it does. Hooray!

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Making Sense Of Intuitive Non Local Experiences

--by Nancy Hausauer

You Are Not Here

Reader Question:

I've had two powerful experiences where someone close to me has passed away. I was a thousand miles away but both times I experienced physical symptoms at the moment of the passing: intense headaches, feeling like I was going to pass out, or feeling disconnected from reality. I've been exploring my own energetic body but still can't make sense of these experiences.

Nancy's Answer

I've heard many people talk of experiences either at the death of someone they loved or shortly after—far too many too discount. In my own life, I had a profound and life-changing experience of communication with my mother-in-law after she died.

These experiences DON'T make sense when viewed from inside the dominant model of reality, which assumes the absoluteness of time and space—that we are firmly bound in our current time and fixed in our current space. This dominant model of reality is just that—a model, like any other. It isn't reality itself, rather a human intellectual artifact, a product of a particular culture at a particular time in history.

Experiences like yours don't fit within that limited model of reality. But your experience WAS real, and it definitely supports a more expanded, "non-local" model of reality. From within this expanded, less material, more energetic model, it makes sense.

In this reality-view, we are connected to everything. Our consciousness is not absolutely bound by time or space. We are not just material beings, glorified machines that can be reduced to a catalog of chemical interactions.

In this model, time and space are illusions, tools at best, prisons at worst. You CAN be in contact with faraway loved ones, especially in moments of heightened significance such as birth and death. You can be in contact with loved ones after death as well, because death is just a change into non-physical form.

I don't pretend to understand it all, but it does seem clear to me that consciousness is non-local.

I think that Deepak Chopra does a very good job of explaining non-locality and other esoteric, subtle-reality subjects, so you might read one of his many books.

I also like the outlook that Esther Hicks/Abraham has on death. Here's a Youtube video that has been helpful to me in interpreting death in a positive way.

I also highly recommend Lynn McTaggert's book, "The Field."

There really is so much to support the non-local view of consciousness—including your own experience. It can be disorienting, though, because it's so at odds with what our culture has inculcated us with from birth. So it is good to seek out others who share this reality-view.

You're obviously energetically sensitive, so it's also important for you to take good care of yourself. There are many ideas for self-care on my website.

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You Don't Need To Be Perfect

--by Nancy Hausauer

Perfection Is Not RequiredSometimes aspiring energy healers ask me, "How can I help someone else when I'm so imperfect myself?"

Not a one of us could survive without the aid and support of other people, so it's fortunate that we don't need to have it all together to help someone else.

Because, as we all know from personal experience, no one is perfect. No one. Therefore, no helper or healer is perfect.

So that healer who helps you so much—s/he may be calm and wise and patient inside the treatment room, but I can almost guarantee that s/he has issues and faults and worries, just like everyone else. Just like you. She just does her work anyway, and you should too.

Here are some things to think about:

It's Not Your Energy Doing The Healing Anyway

First, we don't heal with our own energy anyway. I don't want to say that your personal energy has nothing to do with a healing session, but it has less than you might think. So don't worry so much about the state of your own energy or your own life. Isn't that a relief?

And here's something even better. If you can (mostly) put your ego aside, have clear intentions for good, and be in "the Now," often you will find that you have access to wisdom and healing energy that are far beyond what you individually possess. Inside the therapeutic "container," we can often tap into a something much greater than we are. That's where the real magic is, and it doesn't depend on you totally having your life together. This is both incredibly humbling and incredibly reassuring.

Your Humanity—Including Your Imperfections—Makes You The Perfect Person To Help Others

Second, who better to help a human being with human problems than another human being with human problems? Who better to understand, to be compassionate, to be-nonjudgmental, to know that the problem is survivable? It's hard to open up and share your troubles with someone who seems completely flawless. It's so much easier to talk to someone who's "been there," who's made mistakes, who's fallen down and gotten back up again, maybe who is falling down and getting back up every day of their lives.

As the late songwriter Leonard Cohen said, "Forget your perfect offering/There is a crack in everything./It's how the light gets in."

So embrace the cracks in your life, and let the light shine through them. Let the light shine in, and then let it shine back out for the benefit of other people.

Of course, you should be cultivating your light body, trying to live with ethics and integrity, trying to have a loving heart (including for yourself), trying not to cause suffering to others, and so on.

Just don't wait to start helping others till you're absolutely perfect, because that day is not going to come.

Celebrating our gloriously imperfect humanity, Nancy

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Wishing You A Radiant New Year

With the turn of the year just around the corner, I wanted to share these lovely Spiritually Literate New Year's Resolutions with you.

Wishing you a light-filled 2017—-With love and hope, Nancy

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Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for more health and happiness. (Visit The Energy Healing Blog to see what you’ll be getting.) I’ll also give you two gifts: my "Seven Chakras at Glance" chart and "First Chakra: Get Beyond Anxiety To A Sense Of Peace And Security."

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