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Techniques For Using Breath To Heal And Uplift Your Energy

----by Nancy Hausauer

Healing breath word cloud

Several readers have asked me to write about direct methods to do energy healing for yourself. There are so many tools for self-healing. One that I love, both for its simplicity and for its effectiveness, is breath.

If you've been reading along with me for very long at all, that will come as no surprise. I'm always touting belly breathing both for its physical and its energetic benefits.

But there are many more ways you can use your breath to work with and heal your own energy. Really, your only limit is your imagination.

4 Ways to Use Healing Breathwork For Yourself

Here are four ways that I like to use breath to manage and heal my own energy. You can find 5 more ways to use it for self-healing, plus ways to use it when working with others, on this page.

  • When I find my vibration is slipping, I take several deep breaths and with each one draw my energy up, like a ball of light, to my sixth chakra. From there, I have perspective on my problem or mood and find that my sense of angst has passed. Of course, you can use your breath to move your energy to any of your chakras.

  • When I'm feeling a little down, frazzled or depleted, I use my breath to breathe light into my field. With each breath, I breathe in more energy/light/life force, and see/feel my field expand and grow brighter and brighter. I can either use that light for myself, or send it to someone or something else.

  • When I sense frozen energy somewhere in my body or field, I use my breath like a pump to get the energy flowing again. For example, recently I noticed that the energy in my right thigh was stuck. Starting with my exhale, I used my out-breath as a pump to get the energy unstuck and moving again. Then I used the inhale to draw in light, space and consciousness. (I continued for a few minutes.)

  • As you breathe in, your diaphragm muscle pulls down to draw in the air. This "massages" the third chakra area. So when my third chakra needs some support (such as when I am stressed or overworking), I use deep breathing, in and out, to comfort, balance and nourish it.

Go to this page for 5 more ways to use breath to heal your own energy, and 5 ways to use it when doing an energy healing for another person.

I hope you enjoy these practices.

Namaste, Nancy

Centering: A Fundamental Skill For Energy Healers

----by Nancy Hausauer

One reader asked about "how to find peacefulness when stressed or worried about something specific. I'd like to find a way to bring myself back to center more easily. . . I get so distracted."

Image of Peaceful Swan

Of course, this is sometimes a problem for nearly everyone. One of the best things you can do to restore your serenity and calm is to bring your energy back to your center. For brevity most energy healers just call this "centering."

What Is Centering

Centering is another foundational skill for energy work. It’s simply focusing your energies and bringing yourself into the present. Another way of saying it is that it’s centering your awareness in your own body.

Often our minds, emotions, and energies are all over the place. We’re literally scattered. Our thoughts are on that weird thing the boss said at work yesterday, our hearts are with a loved one who’s having trouble, and parts of our energy are stuck in the past, perhaps still traumatized by that year when we were four and our mother was too ill to take care of us properly.

Centering brings you—all of you—back to yourself, in the here and now. Being centered helps in doing most things, but especially in doing energy work. After all, if there’s more of you present, you have more to work with!

There are lots of ways to do this. Of course meditation is a great practice for centering. Belly breathing can also be a great aid in centering.

How To Center

Here's a lovely and powerful centering exercise for you to try.

Namaste, Nancy

Clearing Thoughts and Emotions That Generate Suffering

----by Nancy Hausauer

When we're in pain, there's the actual physical pain, and then there's the additional suffering we pile on top of that through anger, fear, or other emotions.

For example, if I cut myself in the kitchen, it hurts! But I make it much worse with reactions such as:

  • "I'm so careless! How could I have done that!" (anger), or
  • "Oh no! How bad it is? Will I be able to work this week? Will I need to get stitches? How much will that cost?" (fear)

The fear and anger actually make it hurt worse, or at any rate they make the perception of pain worse, and practically there's no difference. If I distract myself by doing something I enjoy, I hardly notice it.

How To Turn Off The Suffering-Generation Machine For Ourselves

But how do we stop the internal flow of thoughts that generate emotions that worsen our sense of pain? Simply by being aware of the internal chatter, and interrupting it. Return to the present, to the situation as it is, and stop beating yourself up and/or scaring yourself with negative scenarios. Just let it be what it is.

Turning Off The Suffering-Generation Machine For Others

How can we do that for others? By helping THEM return to the present, clearing the (perhaps unconscious) thoughts that generate fear and anger.

When doing an energy healing, often we can do that just by clearing the field over the painful area. (Or sometimes elsewhere.) The energy work can often clear the energy of fear and anger from the field, significantly reducing the sense of suffering.

Once I worked on a musician with a foot injury. Moaning with pain and barely able to walk, he was extremely distressed because he had an important performance in a few hours. He was skeptical about energy healing, but desperate. Working around his foot, I felt energy release. When I finished, he just got up and walked off. The pain was quite manageable and he was able to walk and perform quite well enough.

I think this is an area in which energy healing excels.

You can also work more directly with the client's body-mind to bring their awareness into the present and thereby clear the misery-generating thoughts/emotions, but that's a subject for another time.

Namaste, Nancy

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How To Talk to People About Energy Healing: The Flow Chart

----by Nancy Hausauer

A couple of weeks ago, I offered an example of a short written explanation of energy healing for people who are unfamiliar with it. I promised a second version, for when you're talking to someone face to face and need to briefly explain what you do. Here you go.

If the flow chart below doesn't show up in your browser or isn’t legible on your screen, you can see the flow chart and read the words in narrative format on this page on The Energy Healing Site, plus some additional wording that wouldn't fit on the chart.

Also, I’d like to know how YOU explain energy healing. It’s difficult, and we can all gain from each others’ efforts. Just go to this page on my site and scroll down to the bottom. There's a Facebook Comments box where you can leave your suggestions, comments or thoughts.

Flowchart: Talking to People About Energy Healing

I made the flowchart via Hope it is helpful.

Namaste, Nancy

The Energy Healing Lesson of the Spring Equinox: Silence And Stillness As Medicine

----by Nancy Hausauer

Image of white tulips

The Spring Equinox – March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere – is the solar event that marks the official beginning of Spring. At the Equinox, day and night, light and dark, are perfectly balanced. I like to imagine a single moment when they're poised, motionless, in absolute peace.

Stillness and silence are powerful healers. My body drinks them in like medicine, when I can get them.

Even before I was an energy healer, I unconsciously used stillness and silence as medicine. During a difficult period of my life, I started attending “unprogrammed” Quaker meeting: a whole, beautiful hour of nearly silent worship. On good Sundays, a deep feeling of peace would descend on the group in that profound, intentional, luminous silence. Slowly, Sunday by Sunday, silence by silence, my emotional wounds healed.

For energy healers, stillness is important not just for personal healing, but also as a foundational part of our practices. The cocoon of peace that we create in a healing has profound benefits for our clients. It allows their bodies to rest and rebalance, their natural self-healing energies to activate, and their intuition to surface.

It's also a doorway to our own intuition. When I’m doing a healing, particularly if I’m at a moment when I’m unsure what to do next, if I allow myself to pause and sink into a moment of deep, undirected stillness, information for my client or a direction for the healing always arises. Often the results are profound.

But it can be hard to find stillness. Even if we can find a quiet, calm place and time, I know from personal experience that it's difficult to stop the persistent internal chatter: what shall we have for dinner, need to call mom and dad, need to send a card to. . .

But we have to do it.

For everyone, taking regular time for stillness is important. For energy healers, it's absolutely critical. Make space in your life for daily meditation, a moment of bed-time prayer, a walk in the woods, a quiet vacation or personal retreat. You give a lot to others, and you have to replenish the well.

So -- how can you incorporate more stillness in your life? I encourage you to take a few moments to think seriously about this and commit to a plan in your journal or planner.

Namaste, Nancy

How To Talk About Energy Healing To Non-Energy-Healers

-----by Nancy Hausauer

Person with a question

Explaining energy healing to people who are unfamiliar with it can be difficult. For many people it's a very different way of looking at things, which makes it hard to put into words. You have to quickly orient them to energy healing's different perspective, without overwhelming them with Too Much Information.

I've spent a lot of effort trying to come up with words that can help people understand energy healing. My whole 114-page (and growing) website is part of that effort.

Here's a short explanation I often use in writing. I explain it a bit differently when speaking to someone in person, and I'll try to write about that in a later post.

A Short Written Explanation of Energy Healing

Energy healing is a way of helping people be healthier and happier. It's a form of therapy with ancient roots.

Unlike the scientific and medical way of looking at a human being, energy healing assumes that there is more to us than just physical matter and physical processes. Energy healing works with that "more," which in different times and different cultures has been called many things, including the aura, the energy field, qi/chi, life force, spirit, or just "energy."

This "energy" is the invisible foundation of your physical being, your aliveness, your consciousness, your mind, your emotions -- the foundation of everything that makes up "you."

Energy healing can take different forms, but all forms of it aim to influence a person’s energy to be more harmonious, balanced and flowing. When your energy is in a harmonious state, it helps your body, mind and life be more harmonious, healthy and happy. Perhaps most importantly, though, it supports the evolution of your consciousness.

In an energy healing, the healing is more than just making an immediate physical symptom or problem go away. Rather, it’s an ongoing, holistic process toward wholeness, balance, harmony, alignment and evolution. The healing can happen on any level – body, mind, emotions or spirit.


I hope this is helpful. You can use this if you want, just give me credit if you use it in writing.

Namaste, Nancy

The Case Of The Shoulder That Was Stuck In The Past

----by Nancy Hausauer

Kirlian photography of energy field

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on what you'd like to read about. I'll do my best!

One person asked for more anecdotal posts, so here's a case history that illustrates two things: 1) how we sense energy in different ways and 2) how energy healing can benefit people on different levels.

How Do We Perceive, How Do We Benefit?

A recent client (I'll call her Pam) had a shoulder injury that was healing more slowly than she liked. We'd been making slow but steady progress using energy healing and body-mind work. She also started seeing a PT, who was helping, but the shoulder still wasn't back to normal.

Near the end of our last session, I was gently stretching a shoulder muscle that was tight and contracted. (I'm trained and licensed to do hands-on work.) The intention of the stretches wasn't to mechanically lengthen Pam's muscle, but rather to gradually bring her awareness to it and to how it was protecting against a danger (the initial injury) that was no longer present. (This is common with trauma: a person's energy and the muscles associated with the trauma get "stuck" in a past reality.)

I guided Pam hold an intention to have the tight, protective muscle (and its energy) become more fluid, and to bring it into the present. I invited her to feel the energy flow more freely through the restricted area. Then I had her imagine feeling the blood flowing through the capillaries and the lymph fluid flowing through the tiny lymph vessels of her shoulder. (They're energy, too.)

As we did this, my hand was resting on Pam's arm. Suddenly I felt a burst of energy. It was unmistakable: the energy had released from her shoulder and rushed through her arm. Its suddenness startled me. "Oh!" I blurted out. "There's the energy! Cool!"

Just then, she started to cry, and then to sob. She sobbed for a couple of minutes while I held her hand. I wasn't concerned, knowing that it was just the energy releasing in another way. Then she started laughing. "That was good!" she exclaimed, smiling broadly. We finished up and I left the treatment room to let her integrate the treatment.

When Pam came out, she said she'd had some major insights. She realized that she had been angry at her shoulder for not healing faster. She also realized that the PT treatment, though useful, had been harsh and painful, and that it was also important to have gentle treatment like what had happened in our session. But it seemed to me that her most important insight was . . .continue reading.

Speak Your Mind! What Topics Would You Like To See On The Energy Healing Blog?

----by Nancy Hausauer

Here's your chance to tell me what you'd like to read about on The Energy Healing Blog. It's a very short survey and I'd really appreciate your feedback. There are 5 questions; please use the scroll bar on the survey to access them all. Be sure to click the "Done" button when you're finished so that your response is collected.

If you're reading this post someplace other than my website and the survey doesn't show up as it's supposed to, you can find it here, on my site.

Thanks again! I'll address your questions and topics in later posts, presuming I have something useful to say about them. :-)

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

And you may enjoy this free interview/teleclass from Donna Eden, this Wednesday, Feb 26.

--Namaste, Nancy

Advice To A Young Spiritual Seeker

----by Nancy Hausauer

Garden Path

A young reader, just 19, recently wrote to me that he'd become interested in the "theory" of enlightenment. "I'm deeply interested in my spiritual energy and have a million question," he wrote. "I can feel the vast potential for each [of the chakras] but don't know how to tap into the source." He asked if I could offer any guidance. Here was my response.


It's wonderful that you've started on a spiritual path. Of course, life itself is a spiritual path, but it's wonderful that you've started on it with consciousness and intention. 

My advice is not to rush your journey. You've got your whole life, and really, the journey's the thing. Be honest, fair and kind. Aim to add to the sum of goodness in the world. Be grateful for what you have and let your heart experience wonderment and awe at our magnificent universe. As you grow into adulthood, try to discern what work you might do to both nourish your heart and make the world a better place. (But really, you don't have to do something "GREAT" in this life. It's enough to do humble work, be kind to others and do as little harm as possible.)

Don't over-reach for virtues or wisdom that aren't yours yet. My experience has been that wisdom and virtues, once we're on a spiritual path, come to us in their own time. We must be open and wait. I see many people who strive so hard to reach a more enlightened state, and sometimes that striving is just one more expression of ego. So do watch for that. 

Also, don't cultivate one aspect of your life at the expense of others. For example, don't focus on expanding your upper chakras while ignoring the foundational lower chakras. You're in a body that's both physical and spiritual, and you must respect the physical aspects of your life. They're great teachers, and we're here, in these manifestations, to enjoy and learn from them, not just to transcend them. There's a saying I love, "The face of God is just inches away." It reminds me that all of life is sacred. So aim for slow, steady, balanced spiritual growth based solidly in this life. 

And enjoy your life--you're young and meant to have fun!


Warmly, Nancy

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Want Better Results? Stop Trying So Hard

----by Nancy Hausauer

Herculean Effort

Trying really, really hard is in practically in my genes. Here's how I was raised: To try is good; to try harder is better. Always. My family was big on pushing with the 3rd chakra. (Not that they would have called it that.)

But with energy heaing (as with many things in life), trying hard isn't the best way. In fact, trying hard can get in the way.

When we're doing energy healing, in most cases the energy we use shouldn't be ours. We shouldn't be pouring our energies into another person, or pushing our intellects to figure out a plan of treatment, or tensing our physical bodies to try to make something happen.

In most forms of energy healing, the more we can relax and let the energy come through us, the better. The more we can let intuitive information come to us, rather than reaching out for it, the better. The more we can quiet our mind and be receptive, the better.

So let the intuitive information come to you; let the energy come through you. Quiet your third chakra, stop pushing with it, and let go of attachments to particular outcomes.

In other words: don't try too hard. You can trust the energy to go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do. You can trust that you will receive the information you need to know. You can relax.

This approach can work in any part of your life, not just energy healing. Try it! (Just not too hard.)

Wishing you ease, Nancy

Nourish Your Creativity With This Energy Healing Technique

---by Nancy Hausauer

Energy Healing for Creativity Word Cloud

Last Saturday, February 1, was the Celtic holiday of Imbolc. As I wrote last week, one of the lessons of this time of year is patience. I need that lesson!

But Imbolc is also about creativity -- the creative fire that burns in each of us. In that spirit, here's an energy healing technique to stimulate creativity.

Energy Healing To Boost Your Creativity

  1. First, set aside at least a couple of hours. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Belly breathe for a while, letting your body-mind relax.
  3. Sense or imagine your energy field. Allow it to grow clearer and brighter.
  4. Hold the intention to have your field become balanced between the left and right sides. Just allow this. Don't try, and don't worry about the outcome.
  5. Rest your hand on your 2nd chakra, between your pubic bone and navel. Breathe into your 2nd chakra. Without trying or worrying about the results, allow your breath to clear and energize your sacral chakra.
  6. Surround yourself in a shade of orange that you find appealing. Allow the color to especially nourish your 2nd chakra.
  7. After a while, allow the color to return to clear or white.
  8. Move your hand to your 5th chakra, on your throat. Breathe into your 5th chakra. Without trying or worrying about the outcome, allow your breath to clear and energize your 5th chakra.
  9. Surround yourself in light, clear blue. Allow it to especially nourish your throat chakra.
  10. After a while, allow the color to return to clear or white.
  11. Keeping one hand on your 5th chakra, place the other on your 2nd chakra. Breathe into both chakras simultaneously, allowing your breath to balance them and strengthen their connection.
  12. Enjoy this as long as you like. Then remove your hands and breathe in light to strengthen and raise the calibration of your entire energy system. With each outbreath, release anything that’s hindering your highest level of creative work.
  13. Do this as long as you wish, slowly opening your eyes when you feel ready.
  14. Get up and do whatever calls to you. Don't judge. Don't feel that you must immediately attack that creative project you've been putting off. Whatever calls to you is what you need to do right now to nourish your creativity. Enjoy!

Celebrating your wondrous creativity, Nancy

Caring For Your Energy: The Lesson of Early Spring

----by Nancy Hausauer

Nancy's fig tree in early spring

How's your energy? Are you brimming with vitality? Is your life going fluidly and efficiently? Or are you overworked, exhausted, burnt out and running into lots of obstacles and blocks in your life?

Looking to nature, the season of early spring can teach us a lot about how to preserve physical vitality, maintain energetic balance, and make our lives run more smoothly.

The Wisdom of Early Spring

In the Northern Hemisphere, February 1 marks the ancient Celtic holiday of Imbolc. It's the beginning of earliest spring. As with each of the seasons, there's great wisdom encoded in it.

Imbolc's lesson is patience -- doing things when the time is right, and not before.

The Power of Patience

In earliest spring, the light is growing stronger and the earliest bulbs are starting to emerge. Personally, by this time I'm tired of winter and eager for the full delights of Spring -- more light, more warmth, more growth. But it's not here yet!

Patience is required: spring comes on its own timetable, not ours.

For the plants, there's no prize for coming up early. Break dormancy too soon, and their cycle for the whole year will be off. They may even die in a late freeze. So they wait till a complex set of cues tells them the time is right to start growing again.

Wait Till the Time Is Right

Our workaholic culture rewards work for work's sake. Work is a virtue, and not working a vice. So many of us try harder and harder, working continuously, never resting.

Taking the plants' lessons of patience and timing to heart -- giving both work and non-work, action and inaction their due -- can help us maintain our physical and energetic health.

This is partly because it builds cycles of rest into our lives, but it's more than that. When we act prematurely, we run into obstacles at every turn. The universe just doesn't seem to cooperate. Our energy is needlessly frittered away.

But if we wait till the right time, things go much easier. Doors open, people are eager to help, happy coincidences abound. Staying in rhythm with the universe, we preserve our own energy. It can remain smooth and flowing, rather than getting jagged and blocked. It's fueled, rather than depleted.

This year, watch closely as late winter patiently changes into early spring. Cultivate the wisdom of the plants, incorporating rest and judicious inaction into your life. You'll be so much healthier, happier, and more effective.

Namaste, Nancy

"Should I Start An Energy Healing Business?": Some Advice

----by Nancy Hausauer

I love this work!

People sometimes ask me whether they should go into energy healing professionally, as a business, rather than simply doing it for friends and family, without charging.

I did energy healing for 13 years as a nonprofessional before opening my professional practice, and I'm glad I did. It allowed me to develop experience, sensitivity, non-attachment to outcomes, and confidence, without the performance pressure that charging money brings.

So that's what I generally recommend to people: Don't be in a rush to turn your exciting new skills into a business. Give yourself time to enjoy doing the work just for the love of it, and to season as a healer. Friends and family alone will provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice.

If you ARE going to go professional, you should be very business-like about it. I usually advise something along these lines:

  • Make sure your primary motivation is to provide service, rather than make money. Don't expect to make a living solely doing energy work, especially for the first few years. Have a day job, or a partner who makes a decent living and can help support you financially.
  • Have a clear code of ethics and stick to it. (Here's my working code of ethics.) Be aware that some clients may be mentally, emotionally and/or physically fragile and may be highly influenced by what you say. Don't make promises you can't keep (e.g. that you can "fix" them), and don't pressure clients to come back for repeat visits.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Learn about transference and professional boundaries.
  • Be businesslike in your dealings. Maintain the proper business and professional licenses for what you're doing. Keep accounts (I use Quicken) and pay all required taxes.
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic practice space.
  • Stay within your legal scope of practice. Don't touch people physically if you're not legally allowed to do so; don't give medical advice unless you're a licensed physician; etc.
  • When appropriate, encourage clients to seek and follow the advice of appropriate professionals such as doctors and mental health therapists. You may want to keep a referral list for this.
  • Establish relationships with other energy healers. It can get lonely, and having someone to talk things over with can be a big help.
  • Take care of yourself, honor your limits and don't try to force yourself to do more than you can comfortably do. Trust your instincts and don't take on clients who don't feel right for you.
  • Don't expect to be a miracle worker. Just "do the work."

I hope that's helpful, Nancy

Setting Science Free: The Work of Rupert Sheldrake

----by Nancy Hausauer

Rupert Sheldrake, 2008

Last blog post, I mentioned that I am against dogma and close-mindedness, whatever the source. So I really like the brilliant British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, and I think you might, too. In my humble opinion, anyone seriously interested in energy and energy healing should know a little about him.

Once a distinguished scientist, he is now something of a pariah for challenging scientific orthodoxy, particularly modern science's materialist philosophy -- the mechanistic, reductionist view that there is no reality but material reality, and that people, as he puts it, are just "lumbering robots."

You can get a concentrated overview of his beliefs in his recent 9-minute Ted talk, which you can find here or embedded below if your browser allows you to see it.

The talk summarizes his 2012 book The Science Delusion (titled Science Set Free in the U.S.), in which he argues that "science is being held back by centuries-old assumptions that have hardened into dogmas." Questioning ten basic beliefs of science (which also represent the world view of educated people generally), he aims to regenerate science by making it "less dogmatic and more scientific."

His ten questions include "Is Nature Mechanical?", "Is Matter Unconscious?", "Is Nature Purposeless?", "Are Minds Confined to Brains?", and "Is Mechanistic Medicine the Only Kind that Really Works?". It's very thought-provoking stuff, and has particular value for energy healers, supporting the world view that underlies our work.

The talk, by the way, was banned from TED for being "psuedo-science," and has created quite a hornet's nest of controversy.

Wishing us all the delight of clear eyes and clear minds, Nancy

Photo of Rupert Sheldrake by Zereshk, 2008

Your Brain Is Wonderful, But It's Not The Source Of Your Consciousness

----by Nancy Hausauer

kirlian photography of energy field

One of my dear aunts recently died, so it seemed very fortuitous to me when I came across this article about scientific evidence of consciousness after death, and its vast implications, in the online magazine "Wired."

The article reports on the work of scientist Sam Parnia, a doctor who practices "resuscitation medicine." Parnia has documented the continuation of consciousness after the heart has stopped and the brain has ceased functioning--in other words, after physical death.

This argues against the traditional scientific belief that attributes consciousness/self/spirit to physical processes in the brain. If consciousness continues after the brain has ceased all activity, it's not possible that the brain can be its source. Consciousness/self/soul must be a separate entity from the brain.

My first reaction is, well, duh.

Of course brain cells can't account for human consciousness and thought! Of course mere metabolic processes can't account for the existence of life, for the life force in a person. And of course, since energy is not created or destroyed, a person's energy (though perhaps not their physical existence or egoic personality) is eternal. These things seem so obvious to me that experiments aren't needed to "prove' them.

Nevertheless it's nice to hear them voiced from a scientific perspective. I like it when science supports my take on reality, in which there's so much more to existence than the physical plane.

I'm not anti-science at all, by the way. I'm just anti- dogma and anti-close-mindedness, whatever the source.

I especially thought it was interesting that a person's conscious awareness hangs around for a while after physical death occurs. All of us have loved ones who will die eventually, so seems to me that's pretty important information.

Saluting you for the amazing non-physical consciousness that you are,


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Happy New Year!

----by Nancy Hausauer

Happy New Year!

Who hasn't wanted to fly?

Here's a chance to experience flight from the viewpoint of an eagle. It's amazing. (Use the link to view the video if the embed below doesn't show up for you, or if you want to see the video a little larger.)

I hope YOUR spirit soars in 2014.

Wishing you many blessings, Nancy

Wishing You Peace, Joy and Light

Winter scene

I wish you peace, joy and light.

Here's a beautiful site with tranquil images and music. Give yourself a little gift -- spend a few moments there and let your energy expand and harmonize. You can use the forward button at the bottom right to find the image and music that brings you the most peace.

Warmest wishes, Nancy

Seasonal Healing: The Restorative Energy Of Winter

----by Nancy Hausauer

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is just around the corner -- to be precise, December 21st.

Winter Rest

The Winter Solstice, the official beginning of winter, is the longest night and shortest day of the year. It also heralds the return of the light--I love the poetry of that.

Like each of the seasons, winter offers lessons about living in harmony with our energy.

The Wisdom of Winter

In winter, nature rests. The nights are long and still, the earth gestates, and many of the plants appear to die. It's part of the natural cycle, necessary for the growth and productivity of spring, summer, and early fall.

Often we forget that rest and stillness are also necessary for us, too. This is true for everyone, but especially so for energy healers and others who are sensitive to subtle energy.

In winter, nature teaches us that we must take time for internal stillness, external rest, and self-gestation. If we haven't taken care of ourselves, we can't take care of others. We don't have enough extra light to direct toward healing, creating, and other positive purposes. We must guard our time for restoration, and inner stillness with the fierceness of a winter storm.

Staying Energetically Balanced in the Season of Winter

Here are some winter-solstice-inspired ideas for making sure your precious subtle energies stay in balance:

  • Let go of traditions and social engagements that don't feed your spirit.

  • Get out into nature. Get as much natural light as possible.

  • Turn off the TV and do something creative.

  • If you feel tired, take a nap. Allow yourself as much sleep as you need.

  • Nurture your inner child with some play-time.

  • Bring rich, beautiful colors and scents into your home and workplace.

  • Take a mini-holiday every day, even if it's just a five-minute jaunt outside for a breath of fresh air.

  • Schedule regular time for stillness and reflection such as meditation, journal-writing, or contemplative walking.

  • Make room in your life for the distinctive poetry and beauty of the season.

  • Cherish the darkness, which is fertile and restorative.

  • Light candles or build a bonfire to celebrate the return of the light.

Take good care of your precious self, and have a beautiful, wise winter -- Nancy

Expand Your Heart Chakra With Tonglen

----by Nancy Hausauer

Kwan Yin

Last week my daughter went back to college after being home for a week. I watched her drive away in her old green Ford pickup, went back in the house, and couldn't shake the blues.

Wanting to shift my energy, I turned my awareness on my sadness. It felt very small, cramped, dark, separate, isolated and unique. I think that the energy of personal suffering is like this for many people. Then I remembered the beautiful Buddhist meditation practice of "tonglen," which my friend Margaret Ann had introduced to me.

As the beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron describes, tonglen "dissolves the barriers in our hearts that keep us feeling separate from others, and cultivates a deep compassion for all living beings, including ourselves. . . By practicing Tonglen we connect with a less defended and more open, spacious dimension of our being."

Doing my best to follow the simple practice, I breathed in awareness of my own suffering, paused to transmute it, and breathed out (as best I could) what would bring me relief. I did this for a few breath cycles. Then I expanded my focus, breathing in the suffering of every mother everywhere who is missing her child, pausing to transmute this suffering, and breathing out (again, as best I could) what would bring them relief. Immediately, I felt better. My energy expanded and brightened, and the sadness lifted.

This is, of course, a form of energy healing, one that uses breath.

When we allow ourselves to become aware of the like-suffering of others, we can transform our individual distress into a larger, more connected self. We can expand our consciousness and our energy, bringing light and space into the cramped, dark hovel of our own personal misery. We can outgrow our individual suffering, sometimes almost immediately, with a "pop," healing ourselves as we send healing energy to others and developing our heart chakra in the process.

( Note: If you're an empath who hasn't yet learned to manage her/his gift, wait to try tonglen until you've learned to be more in control of your sensitivities.)

Learn more about tonglen from Pema Chodron here , or watch the video below. (If the video doesn't show on your browser, here's the link.

Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer

Chakra Care

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing
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Career Advancement: Elevate Your Work Life With Energy Healing

----by Nancy Hausauer

The Biblioburro

Often when we think of energy healing, we think of healing the physical body. But energy healing can be applied to any aspect of your life. For many of us, a part of our lives that could really use some energy healing is our job or career.

Here's an energy healing routine that you can use to elevate and improve your work life.

  • Clear the energy of your workspace every Monday. If you have a window, open it and let in fresh air. If not, open an imaginary window and flood your space with imaginary fresh air and sunlight. Hold the intention to have the real or imaginary air and light clear and elevate the energy in your space. (Do this much more often if you meet with or treat people in your workspace.)
  • At the start of each workday, calibrate your energy. Ground and center and surround yourself with light, or do any other exercise or technique that lifts and clears your energy field.
  • Touch your heart chakra (in the center of your chest at heart level) to remind you to stay heart-centered.
  • Touch your third eye (between and slightly above your eyebrows) to help you think clearly and stay above petty work-place issues.
  • Set an intention for the day. This could be a work goal or something more general such as the intention to be courteous and calm to others, or to maintain a balance between your own wellbeing and the demands of your job. Write it down and look at it throughout the day.
  • It's easy to get lost in details, so remind yourself (and coworkers if possible) about the highest purpose of the work you're doing. For example, if you work in the accounting department of a university, you're not just balancing numbers. You're maintaining order and coherence and helping people make the world a better place by employing the gift of their intellect.

The Biblioburro Man -- I Want To Be Like Him!

Want a little inspiration for how your energy might look and feel if you're doing work that you're passionate about and energetically aligned with?

Watch this video --about a Columbian teacher who runs a mobile library that he takes to rural children on the backs of his "biblioburros." His energy glows with his beautiful sense of mission:

Wishing you work that brings you much fulfillment, Nancy

Photo by Acción Visual/Diana Arias (Wikipedia:Contact us/Photo submission) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life

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Sign up for my free weekly blog and updates!

Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips to keep yourself and your family healthier and happier. You'll receive my "Seven Chakras at at Glance" chart as a gift.

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