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About Nancy Hausauer

Energy healing for Tacoma, Seattle,
and the Puget Sound region.

Contact me at 253-686-1214 for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Nancy Hausauer, Tacoma-based energy healerPhoto by Dane Gregory Meyer

I am an energy healer. I come by it naturally —- my great-grandmother practiced “laying on of hands,” and my grandmother was Christian Science. But I am also well-trained, with formal instruction in Reiki, Healing Touch, and most extensively, Restorative Touch™.

I am also a licensed massage practitioner in the State of Washington (MA00021672), but the focus of my work is energy healing, which I have done in one form or another since 1993. I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing teachers and healers.

At this stage, I practice a form of energy work based on Restorative Touch™, which was developed and taught at the Vibrational Health Institute in Tacoma, Washington, where I live.

My own style of energywork is infused with hands-on bodywork, which itself is heavily influenced by lomi lomi, a nurturing, flowing style of Hawaiian massage with a strong spiritual and energy focus.

My goal is to help people live their lives to the fullest--to make the most of their precious time on Earth--and to love being in their bodies.

I am passionate about sharing what I know (and continue to learn) about energy healing. I would like to see every family have at least one energy healer in it!

I have a private practice in Tacoma, Washington. You can learn more about it here, or contact me at 253-686-1214 to schedule an appointment. I do not do distant healings, only in-person.

I was a professional writer for many years before making a career change to the alternative healing arts.I still write extensively about energy healing and spirituality. My background also includes higher education fund-raising, parenting, poetry, peace activism, and choral singing. I am also a minister ordained through the Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards organization.

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Restorative Touch™ is a trademark and service mark owned by the Vibrational Health Institute.

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