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The Healing Power of Colours

by Vanya L. Mariniva

There is a powerful healing energy in colors. Each color is emotionally loaded and matches different emotions. Choosing the right colors helps balancing your emotional system. Moreover they can help uplifting your emotional energy level. You simply need a minute of silence to listen to your inner voice.

I feel outside world and people. I feel colors too. Usually I let my body choose the color or if I use color to help friends in need I let their bodies choose it.

The technique I am using first I read about in one of Chris Griscom's books. She is a well known energy healer. I have been using it for the last 15 years to help myself and my friends.

I want to share a story about helping a friend in need with colors.

My dearest friend had a difficult time with her teenage son. They couldn't understand each other. She was concerned about how the bad communication between them would affect her son's important decision.

She lives in another country. I had a feeling that I have to try and help her with colors.

So I asked for her permission to distantly send them colors the next seven days.

When I first connected with them their bodies chose the color black. It surrounded them both. I let the color be and flow through their bodies until they became the color and so their auras did.

For the next 6 days their bodies needed all the rainbow's other colors. It was like they fought too much so that they were running out of energy to reach the bottom neutral black level.

After few weeks my friend told me that they are making slow but good progress. It's been a year and their relationship is much better now.

I am not a professional energy healer. I can't definitely say on what level and how much my help contributed. But the fact that after I sent them colors their relationship changed its direction to positive made me thinking that there is a power of my genuine loving intention to help them and sending them colors did part of the work.

Colors are our world. They trigger our emotions. It's time to cherish them for bringing brightness and joy in our lives.

Can you imagine what your outside world would look like without them and how would you feel?

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Jul 11, 2016
by: Nancy

Vanya, what a wonderful story, both about healing with color and about distant healing! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am sure that your sending them colors helped immensely.

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