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The Emotion Code

by Michael Wiest
(St. George, Utah, USA)

The Emotion Code Certificate

The Emotion Code Certificate

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, used in conjunction with applied kinesiology, helps to find trapped emotions or negative energy stuck within the body. Once an emotion is identified along with optional additional information (where the emotion is trapped, when it became trapped, and why it became trapped) the emotion is released with the aid of a magnet or simply the finger tips of the practitioner.

The heart wall

The core use of The Emotion Code is in identifying and removing heart walls. Multiple emotion energies can become trapped over time and concentrate around the heart, creating a wall of energy called a "heart wall". This is a defense mechanism the subconscious uses to protect us from heart break. It helps prevent additional emotion energies from getting to the heart. Also, it can prevent good, positive energy from getting out. Do you feel numb, unloved, unloving, or uncaring? Usually it's simply your heart wall needing to be removed to open you up to a new world of love and joy. It typically takes 3 sessions to completely remove a heart wall using The Emotion Code.

More information on The Emotion Code can be viewed here:

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Oct 21, 2015
Thanks, Micheal.
by: Nancy

Thanks for telling us about the Emotion Code. The concept of the Heart Wall makes sense to me.

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