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Charge Water with Color

by Nancy
(Boston area)

I always charge my drinking water with Selenite, Apophyllite along with some other special crystals. I also always use a colored towel between the Selenite Slab and the glass bottle. At the moment Fuchsia is my color of choice.

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Jun 05, 2013
Great idea
by: Nancy Hausauer

Nancy, what a great application of color therapy. Thank you for the tip.

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by Nancy

I always loved blue when I was young, and I still have other people buying me presents in the color blue, thinking that's my color. So much so that I even decorated my bedroom in blue. Only to realize that the color that always lifts my spirits now is green! But I think that green and purple are my strong colors, and I'm wondering, shouldn't I try to emphasize the weaker colors, in order to balance my chakras?

I love trees and forests and gardening, though. That's what heals my soul.

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Jul 04, 2016
Blue and communication
by: Nancy Hausauer

Nancy, I also think it's interesting when different colors start showing up in our lives. I agree with you--I bet it has to do with 5th chakra and communication.

What about your books? Fiction or non-fiction? Titles?

Jun 29, 2016
Update to Green
by: Nancy (Mississippi)

I still love green. But I keep dreaming about houses in blue and white. Once, everything in the house was blue with whitewash over it, showing both colors. The second time, recently, I had painted the walls blue, and the furniture white, in a beautiful old Victorian. In both dreams, I got white paint on my clothes.

I'm really starting to like the blue and white! I know blue is the fifth chakra (communication), and I know my life is connected with communication. I hope this means I'm doing something right! (I write books, but not many people read them.) I think it's still okay for me to love green!

Oct 11, 2013
It's Only Paint
by: Nancy

Thanks for your comments. I do the same thing with enthusiasms for different colors, and sometimes have a hard time deciding exactly what color I do like. I guess that's why I'm so easily led by what other people think I'm supposed to like. I will stay with the colors I know I love, since I have an expert's advice (thanks)!

Oct 10, 2013
The colors we love as medicine
by: Nancy Hausauer

Nancy, I think that the colors we love are the colors we need, our medicine. I don't believe we should emphasize a color just because we **think** it might be good for us! That seems like our intellectual mind getting in the way. What we love seems like such a more reliable indicator of what feeds us...... but it's an interesting question.

I seem to have main colors that I love for years or decades, with occasional strong cravings for different colors. (Which sometimes leaves me with rooms painted the color of a temporary enthusiasm, but oh, well.... it's only paint!)

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Search for Yellow September

by Paul W.
(Brunswick, Maine)

Wherever I find yellow in my environment, whether natural or man-made, I often have to stop to wonder at it and catch my breath. I don't really know how to describe the feeling, but it is akin to my celestial home, which is fun, friendly, often dramatic and imaginative. Whether I am taken by a heap of wax beans at the produce market, or a painting with bold swathes of yellow in it, I know this is home.
Interestingly-enough, my solar plexus is where I hold most of my bodily tension, so I am most in-need of an infusion of yellow energy.
When I work on my solar plexus chakra (usually with a citrine, rose or clear quartz, the yellow energy feels so emboldening. It makes me feel like I have nothing to fear.
Pansies, some with little, yellow faces bobbing in the breeze, are my favorites, and daffodils are astounding. Signs of springtime and the appearance of delicacy, but holding great strength, patience and endurance.
Sugar maple and white birch leaves in the fall turn a brilliant yellow and surround me in country lanes, reminding me of my regality of friendliness.
My goldfinches are wondrous apparations that flit like magic gifts near my home all summer.
Just appreciating these manifestations of harmonious energetic color is usually enough to take maximum benefit.

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Jun 05, 2013
Pure poetry!
by: Nancy Hausauer

Paul, your description of yellow and how you use it energetically is pure poetry! Thank you for sharing.

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