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Space clearing

by Kerryn Belli
(Geraldton Western Australia)

Hello I own 2 crystal beds and the energies themselves have asked me to cleanse the room with natural sources. In particular air, sunlight, moonlight and water. Once a week is a good cleaning of the whole room, and in between clients, I pass my left hand over the bed, under and around to transform the energy with divine love.

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May 29, 2014
Thank you!
by: Nancy T.

Thank you! This kind of water might be good for cleaning crystals, too. I don't actually have any crystals - can't buy them around here, I don't think (Mississippi) - but if I ever do get any, I think that this might be a good way to clean the energies.

May 28, 2014
Love your idea, Nancy T
by: Nancy H

I love your idea of exposing pure water to sunlight, moonlight, rain, and good intentions and using it to support intentions and affirmations.

I also think "super-charged" water is great to keep in your treatment space. And now that I think about it I keep water from Mt. Rainier, a sacred place for me, in my treatment room.

Great idea, Nancy T!

May 28, 2014
Natural Sources Clearing
by: Nancy T. (Pojo)

I love the idea too! I have bottles of water that I've distilled (boiled for 15 minutes) sitting on my windowsills to acquire energy from sunlight and moonlight. Some of the bottles I set out in rainwater. I also say prayers over the bottles, and I have a special designation for each one. The energy method depends on what the water is for. This is kind of an auxiliary to visualizations and affirmations, to create a ritual to give my thoughts more substance. Every so often, when I feel the need, I'll drink a tablespoon of water from one of the bottles. Other people may think this is silly, but I have fun doing it! (And it gives me a use for all of those wine bottles I keep saving!)

May 27, 2014
Using Natural Sources
by: Nancy

Kerryn, thanks for sharing your method of clearing your treatment space. I love the idea of using natural substances for clearing the energy. Curious about how you bring moonlight into the room -- is it through visualization/intention, or do you have a skylight or....? I also think that your clearing the treatment table between clients is a great practice.

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