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About Restorative Touch Energywork

Restorative Touch™ seeks to support health, healing, and spiritual evolution.

Mt. Rainier from Tacoma, home of the Daphne Michaels InstituteCopyright Dane Gregory Meyer

While all forms of energy healing share some commonalities, it has some unique distinctions.

While most types of energy healing channel or use external energy, it works with the energetic resonance of the recipient's own highest potential, calibrating and aligning their body and field to that highest potential. 

Practitioners work mostly with their hands in the client's energy field.

As part of helping people align to their highest potential, it also supports recipients in bringing their core essence fully through into the physical world. This cultivates the recipient's personal vitality and contributes to a life that fulfills their deepest, purest longings while uniquely serving the world.

Health and healing are viewed through this lens. Practitioners may work with the energy field and chakras, as well as other aspects of the energetic anatomy, clearing and balancing as many other forms of energywork do, but also calibrating to the energy signature of the individual's own highest potential. Thus the work is highly individualized and supportive of the recipient's uniqueness.

Developed by Daphne Michaels, founder and president of the Daphne Michaels Institute, it's based on a model of reality and consciousness called the Vibrational Paradigm. The Vibrational Paradigm is a body of work created out of Michaels’ integrated view of psychology, philosophy, modern physics, and ancient wisdom traditions. Like most forms of energy healing, the Vibrational Paradigm views the universe and everything in it as energy.

Certified practitioners go through at least four years of training.  The four year training fosters developing personal energetic radiance and a refined light body (developing a refined energetic presence), expanding awareness, living consciously, mastering the use of intention, and embodying of one's full potential. Practitioners are  licensed, held to high ethical standards, and required to undergo continuing education. Most practitioners are located in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., near the Tacoma-based Daphne Michaels Institute. Many combine RT with other professions.

The Daphne Michaels Institute (formerly the Vibrational Health Institute) is a Washington State licensed vocational school dedicated to human development.

You can find out more at the Daphne Michaels Institute's website .

Full disclosure: I was trained in Restorative Touch.

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