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Quantum healing

by Arleen vasile
(Levittown New York )

With the energy from God and the universe I locate the pain because I'm am an empath. As I establish if the client believes in the higher powers,I have them breath deeply sending the breath right to the pain. Together we breath and I see or sense the energy and start taking about how the person is loved by the universe and god and myself. As we breath I see a color and it is usually it's dark or sticky so I give the person a brighter lighter color to breath into deeply so it lightens the pain and they can feel better. I give off either heat from my hands or vibrations that are felt by the person. As we are inhaling together they start to feel relief or tingling or vibrating. As they recognize something's happening I tell them to remember this feeling and when they have pain, to breathe remembering the color I gave them to lighten the pain. I have them look up to the golden sun above their heads and take it in for energy. Then I break my connection with them and take a golden sun for myself to replenish my energy. And that's the whole thing. Thank you spirit and God.

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Mar 28, 2017
by: LOR

Been healed by her and have seen her heal so many people!

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