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Prana, Reiki, Intuitive guidance, Oracle readings, Crystal healing

by Vanessa Lawrence
(Phoenix Arizona )

I have been born with the ability to heal as well as psychic abilities and have always been very connected to the spiritual realm. I had an hour healing at the beach by an aging healer about 5 years ago. He said he cleared many blockages, I am psychic, have many blessings and angels. I kid you not I felt 50 pounds lighter. That's when I started really feeling different and went through a rebirth or transformation. I always knew I was intuitive however I gained confidence in my abilities and started practicing. I also believe I have been on a divine course to get me to realize my mission as a healer. I went through a break up, and thought I was falling apart. The next morning Angels gave me messages of hope and birds sang loudly at my window all week. Then the most powerful very at first kind of scary thing happened where my hands were vibrating. I kept rubbing them and they were so hot and then I just knew in my core it was time to start healing. The results of the several friends I did were so encouraging. I have read about techniques, however it came so natural. Eventually I had clients coming to my home. I had many great influences and did not feel paying for training was at all necessary because this was a part of me. I use my body as a portal for the creators, Universal or whatever you believe, the life force energy flows through me and into my hands out which is why I know and believe "Everyone can Heal" Some just have the ability just like an artist that never was taught. My goal is to learn and master as much as I can and build my own practice as well as tell my story to others and even teach.

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