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by David Phillips
(Cambridge, New Zealand)

3 Sizes of Bioptron

3 Sizes of Bioptron

Light (specifically the energy waves of colour)is what energizes cell systems of all living things on this planet. In 1981 Dr Marta Fenyo (Budapest Hungary) working with American Medical Lasers decided to create a multi colour low energy laser that had healing properties. Using Sir Isaac Newton's principle that light through a prism produces the rainbow (but not Ultra violet or Infra Red) she created Linear Polarised Light.

With the patent bought by a German entrepeneur it's name was changed to BIOPTRON (Biological polarised Electrons). Since its introduction to the public in 1986 it has undergone ongoing medical and scientific testing to prove its capabilities.

It has been found to reduce pain in minutes, assist wound healing, creation of fibro-blasts, T-lymphocites etc and has been used around the world to treat arthritis, heal operative and other inflicted wounds. With interchangeable colour lenses it reduces shock, quells pain, balances auric energies and chakras and promotes rapid skin healing.
Extensively used in European hospitals and owned by millions of people world wide for home use.

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