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My energy changing story

by Michelle

I have had many massages over the years. At minimum once a month for over 15 yrs. if not more.
So about a year and half ago I was getting a routine massage, When they where working on my neck and shoulders, I started to cry, I literally could not stop crying. It was so embarrassing. When I got home I started to call all my friends asking them what the hell just happened. I studied everything I could about a blocked emotions. This experience has changed my entire world. From my career to the way I take care of myself. Energy is a very mysterious thing. I had blocked emotions caused from energy trapped inside my neck for years and years and I did not even know about it. I am still to this day searching to discover why at that moment it decided to break loose. If any body has any Ideas please leave a suggestion for me. At this time I am just chalking it up to fate. lol.. Thank you for allowing me to share my story on your blog.. Namaste.


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Apr 24, 2014
Energy IS Mysterious!
by: Nancy

Hi Michelle. Great story. I've had that happen, too, both when I was receiving massage and/or energy healing, and when I was giving it. And one memorable time when I was receiving an energy healing, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair. This release went on for probably 5 minutes. It felt good, and I credit it with helping me recover very quickly from pneumonia.

In my experience, emotional releases are very common in bodywork and energywork. So having one is nothing to be embarrassed about. They're part of the healing, so they're good. And any experienced energyworker or bodyworker (massage therapist) has almost certainly encountered them before.

But I've never figured out the timing of them, either. The releases, emotional/energetic, just come when they come, like a storm or other natural event. Maybe it's that I'm finally ready for something to release, maybe it's the combination of the healer's energy with my energy that allows it to release, maybe the healer created an environment in which I felt very safe, maybe they' touched a particular spot in my body….. Energy IS a mysterious thing!

Namaste, Nancy

Apr 24, 2014
Blocked Emotions
by: Nancy T.

The one and only time I've ever had a massage - my husband gave it to me for a birthday present - it made me feel so completely relaxed that I felt as if I was drunk when I tried to drive home! I would say that massage definitely opens up blocked energy. Whatever was blocked in you has apparently been unleashed. Express gratitude to the Universe/God for the experience, and just keep up the massages!

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