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Jin Shin Acutouch

by Michelle Mears
(Lemon Grove, California, San DIego)

"Compassionate Spirit penetrating through touch" describes Jin Shin Acutouch, the touch which stimulates the energy to flow in the channels of the body. Jin Shin Acutouch is a beautiful combination of the ancient arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Five Element Theory, Taoist Yoga, Chi Kung and other meditations, breath therapy, nutrition, herbs, and the principles of Tai Chi Chuan, which offers a complete system of healing.

The energy of the practitioner's hands activates the energy flow of the client's body when two points are touched and held simultaneously for one to five minutes. This process also can be accomplished by ones self. The hands serve as "jumper cables" recharging the client's energy system. It is not an exchange of energy between the practitioner and client but rather, the connection is more of an energy conduit allowing the energy to circulate between the two people. As the energy begins to circulate through the body in the proper meridians, the client becomes calm and quiet, allowing a return to a more balanced state of health and well-being.

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Life Alignment Technique

by christine Cameron
(Capetown, South Africa)

Life alignment is an umbrella of healing. It works with aligning your Life, Body, Home and Work with your Higher Purpose. The spiritual guidance that flows through our body needs to be listened to to keep blockages and imbalance away. With regular sessions it is preventative medicine that releases stress, pain, emotional and mental anxiety ultimately,and introduces lifestyle changes that prevent degenerative and autoimmune diseases from kicking in during the latter years.
It identifies and balances the emotional issues and traumas stored in the body by using magnetic cards, meridian therapy, emotional processing, deep clearing of toxins and negative blockages in the physical, mental and emotional bodies in order to raise the vibration of the body to sustain the highest Life Force. vibrant health and enthusiasm for life is the result of serious work with this modality. It is Life changing!
Locality is not a problem, altho we have practitioners around the world, because it is a form of distant healing.

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Forensic Healing

by Marisa Russo
(Melbourne, Australia)

The Forensic Healing System was inspired by the thorough approach forensic scientists use when investigating a crime scene - answering the what, when, where, why, and hows around a crime. Forensic Healing teaches biofeedback methods (like kinesiology muscle testing) to read the body and answer questions of interest about any life problem - physical, emotional, spiritual.

Accurate identification of the cause of a condition in detail exposes it, so it is naturally released. The more detail obtained, the deeper the resultant healing. The process rapidly establishes the cause of a condition and heals the negative impact of the past.

In essence, Forensic Healing involves profiling patterns, collecting evidence about a condition, analysing the evidence and reconstructing the whole story to determine the cause, beliefs, thought and
behaviour that has damaged the intelligence of the DNA - the blueprint of life in every cell.

The founder, Marisa Russo has found that the core problem in all conditions is damaged DNA. Identifying the cause of damaged DNA allows specific healing vibrations to be targeted for reconnecting and realigning the DNA.

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