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Intrinsic Touch Energy

by Colin Boyd
(Naitauba Island, Fiji)

Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd

Intrinsic Touch Energy is a process that allows us to spontaneously enter into a deeper space of conscious awareness that tunes into the vibratory dimensions of subtle energy while revealing a deeper reality of what we are as conscious beings.

This state of conscious awareness is a calming place that rests and re-balances the entire body, mind, emotional patterning and breath into a natural state of equilibrium and deep peace felt from the core of ones entire being when fully allowed.

There are 4 corresponding dimensions to this re-balancing and healing process that can be developed as their own healing process or combined together to be fully develop as a single process:

1)Loosening and freeing up the whole body with movement techniques that work the joints with gentle circular or rolling movements which help to open up or free blocked or stagnant energy and allows the subtle energy field that permeates the body to be accessed

2)The energy field is also accessed by breathing in synchronous timing with hand/arm and body movements thus allowing the whole being to fall into a deeper space of feeling in direct flow with this subtle energy field

3)Standing or sitting using minimal to no movement while allowing the body to find its natural repose and composure through deep feeling awareness and subtle energy breathing as the body enters into the Intrinsic depth of feeling

4)Resting into a deep state of sensibility and meditative conscious awareness of our bodily state and natural surroundings, while spontaneously feeling from inside to outside intrinsically and effortlessly, noticing that consciousness is unlimited and prior to the body.

This whole process allows our body, mind and emotional state to re-balance and rejuvenate itself via the heart as a deep state of intrinsic conscious awareness without effort.

Each individual may have a unique response to this process, but when it is engaged fully and profoundly there is an awakening that is noticed in and as the heart and felt as deep love and ecstatic freedom in the one reality that pervades everyone and everything.

When Intrinsic Touch Energy is deeply felt and entered into it may serve to enhance and invigorate such practices as the laying on of hands or any natural energy healing re-balancing system, which is simply our love tuned in to the god-force or the source place that connects all beings at, in and as the heart.

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Apr 10, 2017
Thank you!
by: Nancy

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing about Intrinsic Touch.

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