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Intercessory Prayer

by Nancy

This may be one of the oldest known ways, but it's still around, and I didn't see it on the list! I practice intercessory prayer for my family and friends after meditation, naming each one and asking the Creator of Love to bless and watch over each one.

As I have spent this year, thus far, on a self-purification (particularly mental and spiritual), I have also begun Kundalini meditation. This morning there was a great deal of pressure in my hands when I opened them to pray (and release the meditation energy), so I think quite a bit of energy has gone out! There was also pressure in the area of my third eye, but that happens sometimes.

I am currently writing a book about the purification and, hopefully, the Kundalini experience.

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BioCell Therapy

by Chris Lovelidge
(Vancouver BC Canada)

This is quite a new vibration healing system that uses low power electricity to set up vibrations of various frequencies in piezo-electric quartz crystals.

The system first establishes the frequency of healthy cells in the body then reads the frequency of cells throughout the body via the Chakra system. If they are not at the "healthy" frequency BioCell feeds the body a remedial frequency that brings the cells back to normal. It is particularly useful for depression and some cancers have been brought into remission.

I also use another system to reveal the energy field around the body. It is called BioField Reader, details at
I find it useful to show clients the state of their field before and after a session.

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NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

by Luminara Serdar
(Eugene, OR USA)

We notice symptoms - pain, allergy, inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc - when the body is doing something inappropriate or is overwhelmed by toxins it cannot eliminate.

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) creates awareness throughout the body of what it's doing inappropriately or inefficiently. Once awareness is created, the body begins to function more appropriately. The NMT process gives an instruction, or training, of how the body can do something better, while allowing it to let go of old ways of behavior. This includes letting go of old pain patterns, old emotions and outdated responses to stressors. Distance and in-person sessions work equally well.

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