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by Valentino Džaja

Iliaster is a new quantum leap in healing, and in human evolution. This modality has been recieved from a Indian Master Padmasambhava in the Clear Light vision by the Valentino Džaja.
It's origin can be traced in west from the genious and innovator Paracelsus. It's advantages is that it's fast to learn for it follows Natural processes within the facilitator, resulting in a fast and safe opening of the Third Eye, and middle channel In- Lightening the complete body. By this modality it has been noticed that in the instant, feats like telepathy, induction and healing can be demonstrated and practically shown, which is done in a two separate Level I. seminars. We are demonstrating and teaching the Esoteric Alchemy, resulting in developing Biofotonic body. This method is New as we are starting presenting it in 2017, in Croatia, till it's teachings spread properly to the World, which is our passion and objective. You woun't believe till you see it for yourself. Contact will be avaliable in due time. Peace,

Founder: Valentino Džaja

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