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Directional Healing

by Terry
(Alabama, U.S.)

Directional Healing is a systematic, multi-dimensional approach to healing the physical and inner bodies through vibration. It does not attempt to diagnose or treat specific illnesses, but rather removes the blocks that impede circulation and free-flowing internal communication.

This type is taught by Susan Spaulding at The Center for Directional Healing in Huntsville, AL. Energy is information the consciousness can use to improve the body's health and one's whole life experience.

With the assistance of a trained practitioner, the healing occurs through a process of resonance, and may or may not involve touch. Through the shared vibrational field of a session, adjustments are made at every level in three distinct stages: Cleansing and clearing Relaxing and balancing Rejuvenating and rebuilding

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by Ms Deepa
(New Delhi, India)

Prana Violet Healing was founded in 2008 by Mr Siva P after 35 full moon prayers at the Buddhist Monument, Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is a Divine Healing gifted by the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Beings of Borobudur.
It is a No Touch No Drug Prana/ Energy Therapy and all Teaching and Healing is provided FREE OF CHARGE to everyone everywhere in the world.
Healing is based on Forgiveness (in sync with the Universal Law of Karma) and healing is done using Prana Healing Wand. Wand is a cosmic geometry, a symbol which constantly emits energy and this wand is used as the Energy Sensor and the Energy Provider. With the Wand we check the aura, chakras, energy of organs, presence of cords, negative energies, blocks etc and then do healing which is a 4 step process- Aura cleansing, Ida-Pingala-Sushumna Nadi Balancing, Removing cords(through Forgiveness)and Chakra Conditioning and healing the affected body part. For more info


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Dec 05, 2017
The Energy healing site
by: Bhavna Parsana

& also put water on Geometry after10 min Drink this water & feel amazing feeling as can’t explain in words

May 10, 2015
by: Yap Teong Aun

Dear Chidren of The Light,
I had the good fortune of meeting this Dynamic Altruitic Soul 8 years ago and had followed him even to The Spiritual Power Centre in Borobudur.
It has been a Divine Blessing as I was healed of a very severe growth in my cervical one growing into my cervical two which then impinged on my spinal cord causing partial paralysis! Although finally I had to go through surgery to remove the 4.7cm growth, it was the energy healing that gave me the strength to stay alive to fight the battle out. The operation was done in Jan 2011 and by God's Supreme Grace, I Am on the Road to full Recovery With Divine Healing Energy taught by Brother Siva p, verily a blessing to all who have come in touch with his modality of Healing---I AM A BEING OF DIVINE FIREI AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES, I AM GOD'S PERFECTION MADE MANIFEST IN BODY, MIND N SOUL, Say this after reading the FORGIVENEE AFFIRMATIONS! IF YOU ADD THIS "I AM LIGHT, GOD CONSUMES MY DARKNESS TRANSMUTING
IT INTO LIGHT. I AM LIGHT, LIGHT,LIGHT--flooding the world wherever I move, blessing, strengthening and conveying the Message of God. This would make you a Dynamic Soul!

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by Marilyn
(United Kingdom)

Hi, I notice that you haven't got anything here about Hawaiian Huna. Huna is an ancient science, thought to date back some 35,000 years. Originally called Ho’o-mana (to make mana or life force energy). In 750 AD the teachings flourished and were shared as a form of personal and spiritual development and healing. People often refer to it as Ho'oponopono or the Forgiveness Process, although this is just a tiny part of the modality. It utilises life force energy called Mana. Mana is almost like an invisible but magnetic fluid. Higher levels of Mana are thought to protect the body from disease. The more Mana the more empowered an individual. Huna works with the client’s energy system and using breath work and elemental symbols to change their energy and release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.

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