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Healing My Obnoxious Brother Who I Love

by Jan
(Glendale,CA. USA)

As a teenager who is 15 years old, I was very unconcerned about the world around me and the mundane tasks that take place ever single day. Also, since my family, especially my parents were always encouraging me to be more productive around the house, I stumbled upon the the notion of energy healing. When I learned about energy healing and its basic guide lines and benefits, I trained myself for weeks and I finally started to feel energy from my palms! Earlier to learning energy healing, my brother and I would usually quarrel over the smallest things and my obstinate brother would never give up. His resilience that he has retained since childhood until pre-teen stage has really been a great advantage to him and so it was me who would usually get angry at him. Now that I knew the basics of energy healing and the laying of hands I was very calm and relaxed. So that day when my brother came home in pain, frustration, and sadness, I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he had a bruised finger after playing basketball. So, I told him about energy healing, and of course it was too much for him to understand, so I just said that I could make his little injury go away if he asked me to. I told him that he should sleep, because I have also learned that while sleeping the subconscious mind awakens and begins to heal the body. So while he was sleeping, I rubbed my palms together in the air leaving a small space in-between and I felt an incredible amount of vibration which I quickly placed over my brother's injured finger. The following day, my brother commented that his bruised hurt less and the next day after that, his hand was fully healed!! I was amazed with the results and I felt a strong encouraging feeling that energy healing is right for me! This is my amazing story of how I healed my brother who is annoying, but who I love.

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Dec 19, 2011
Hooray for Young Energy Healers!
by: Nancy

Jan, what a wonderful story -- thanks for sharing it. I absolutely love hearing about young energy healers. Having started with energy healing so young, I'm excited to think about the amazing things you will experience, learn, and do in your lifetime. I hope you keep it up!

Warmly, Nancy

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