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by Meisam

Faradarmani is part of an Iranian mystical school of thought called Interuniversalism.

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Oct 05, 2016
Faradarmani and psymentology over distance
by: Meissam

Facebook group:

Sep 27, 2016
From personal experience
by: Mohsin

Just a personal view - from what I have experienced Faradarmani seems work in a very simple way and the inter-universal consciousness enables open internal alignment and inter-operability within a person (i.e. person meaning multitude parts and bodies of a human being seen as a universe in itself) and that enables one to work towards external-interoperability (participation in life) that is fully guided by positive or harmonous (love based) interoperable circles that help a human being from the deepest micro cosmic level that is currently out of synch with the universal laws. This approach empowers one to realise the perfection of self and work towards the completion of the person as a fully realised or harmonious human being. In life what I feel is this is the foundation for universal inter-relationship and interoperability between all one and that is created - so at the core it makes all diversity in any area able to relate to the other keeping in mind the whole as one (one world like one whole human body)

Feb 09, 2016
by: meisam

You are very welcome Nancy.

Feb 08, 2016

by: Nancy

Thanks, Meisam.

Feb 08, 2016
More inf
by: Anonymous

The connections to consciousness are something like attunements.
Each connection is called "Halgheh"
A master is needed to attune you.
Like any other modality it works by intent.
Interuniversalism activates higher self, heals,repossesses, works on subconscious and prepare a pratitioner to get intuition from universal consciousness.

Feb 08, 2016

by: Nancy


How does one effect these multiple reconnections to the universal consciousness? And when you say "multiple," do you mean multiple times, or multiple ways? Is the reconnection something one does on one's own, or with the help of a teacher or practitioner?

Just trying to understand.

Thanks -- Nancy

Feb 06, 2016
Extra information
by: meisam

Of course Nancy,
Establish by Iranian mystics "Mohammad Ali Taheri" Interuniversalism is a mythical path and healing is just a part of it. Healing in physical/ mental level, repossession from non organic entities, sleep adjustment, and many more is done by establishing connections to universal consciousness.
The purification in this path is done by multiple connections to the universal consciousness. Each connection serve a specific aspect of human. therefore there is no meditation, no mantra, no imagination and so forth
The main difference between Interuniversalism and other modalities is that it considers a duality in consciousness as negative and positive and is called the law of duality. Therefore some psychic phenomena are not considered as positive in this system.

Feb 05, 2016

by: Nancy

Thank you. Can you say more?

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