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Did not even know I needed it until I experienced it

by Anonymous

I am not a touchy feely person. I do not get massages. I am not comfortable with people I don't know in my bubble. That being said I do have an Intuitive that I see a couple of times a year and I adore her. We vibe on a whole other level and we are like two Chatty Cathy's when we get together.

A couple of years ago I was feeling out of sorts. Not physically so much as mentally. Listless, aimless, basically lacking in direction and identity. I scheduled an appointment with my Intuitive, who also does energy work, and said I was open to whatever she suggested. She was rather hesitant when she said, "Your guides tell me you could use some energy work."

Having a negatively preconceived notion that energy work was not something I would benefit from, and I had been resisting for years, I threw caution to the wind and said, "Well if that is what the Guides say I need then that is what I need, but can we still talk because I love talking with you!" She laughed and said, "Of course!" and we scheduled an appointment for a couple weeks in the future.

The day arrives and we visit for awhile before the energy work session. I climb up on the massage table, fully clothed, and try not to giggle because I just feel silly. She puts on some soothing meditation music and I close my eyes and try to behave my unruly mind into being tranquil and in the moment. It was a very quick 30 minutes and afterwards I asked her what she did because I had dozed off a bit and wasn't really paying attention. She said all she did was stay out of the way while the energy work did what it needed to do. She asked how I was feeling and I remember feeling lighter and more optimistic in my Soul. She said that was a good thing and described some of the images she had received while doing the energy work. We parted soon after and I didn't think much more about it.

Until I realized that something was different. It took me a few days but when I finally could put my finger on it I emailed my Intuitive and asked her about it. The knot of anxiety that had been sitting in the middle of my chest for decades was gone. I had not realized it was there until it was gone. I had grown so used to carrying around all this crazy anxiety that I didn't even realize it was there until the energy work released it.

I still marvel at the relief I have from the release of that anxiety. I used to get a notion and just spin with it working myself up into a fine state of dread, fear, anxiety, and distress. Now there is nothing there to feed that so any wild notions I have just sort of dissipate before they even begin. I feel much more grounded. I feel much calmer. I feel so much less stressed out and fearful then I did before the energy work.

I never even knew I needed energy work until I experienced it first hand. I highly recommend it.

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Nov 20, 2015
Thanks so much for sharing your story.
by: Nancy

Thank you for sharing your story! I love that you illustrate how subtle energy healing can be, and yet how powerful. Just as you describe, you can walk away from a session thinking that not much happened, only to realize later that your entire world has shifted. A very helpful story, thanks again.

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