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Developing Intuition:
How To Awaken Your Natural Gifts

Developing intuition is a worthy goal for anyone, but especially for energy healers. Most of us rely heavily on our intuition, so it makes sense to care for it like the exquisite gift that it is.

We all have intuitive abilities. There are many ways to develop and expand them. Perhaps the most important is just to use them. Practice, practice, practice! It works for most things in life. We get better at what we devote time to.

Remember, in developing intuition, it's important to get out of your intellectual mind. Our culture reveres this part of our faculties, and so it often gets glorified and prioritized over our intuitive mind. There's no need for this. As in most things, balance is what we should strive for.

20 Ideas For Developing Intuition

Here are some tips and techniques for cultivating your intuition, so that you can bring more of its creativity and light into your energy healing sessions as well as your daily life.

  1. Cultivate your sixth chakra.
  2. Free write in your journal.
  3. Mediate regularly.
  4. Keep a dream journal.
  5. Cultivate the right side of your brain.
  6. Create! visual art, poetry, gardens, meals, clothes…. anything works. Just make stuff.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Intuition often speaks through our bodies, so pay attention to it. When and where do you feel good in your body? When and where do you feel discomfort in your body? Watch for patterns.
  9. Pay attention to thoughts that just seem to pop into your mind or that feel different from your ordinary thoughts.
  10. Set aside time to be quiet and still so that you can hear your intuition.
  11. Play intuition games (e.g. guessing what cards will come up next in a deck), or explore tools such as divinatory cards (e.g. Tarot or Oracle)
  12. Ask your intuition for information or help, and wait/watch for answers.
  13. Respect and trust your intuition. When you receive intuitive information, write it down (consider carrying a notebook or putting it into a notes app on your phone) and act on it.
  14. Remember times that your intuition has shown up and helped you. How did it show up?
  15. Identify and work with your particular intuitive style.
  16. Get out into nature. It clears the mind and makes space for intuition to appear.
  17. Get a book that you find inspirational. Hold it on your lap. Close your eyes. Open the book at random and run your finger down the page, stopping when it feels right. Open your eyes and consider the sentence and/or paragraph your finger is on.
  18. When you enter a new environment, notice how you feel.
  19. Try using muscle-testing or work with a pendulum.
  20. Be playful! Being too serious about intuition is counter-productive.

How To Incorporate Your Intuition In Your Life

The best advice I can give for developing intuition is to use it. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your daily life. Use intuition to:

  • identify and handle problems before they get out of hand
  • "read" the environments and people around you, including whether or not they are safe and benign for you
  • to enhance imagination and creativity when you are working on a creative or art project
  • make decisions with less angst
  • discern between opportunities that are helpful to you and those that will pull you off-path
  • tune in to the feelings of your loved ones (or anyone)
  • check out worrying situations so that you can either act or set your mind at rest
  • check with areas of discomfort in your body to see what your body needs or what needs to change in your life
  • tune into the natural world around you for signs and lessons
  • notice patterns that might turn out to be meaningful
  • find lost items
  • choose clothes, foods or furnishings that support your well-being
  • discern when to wait and when to act, when to stay the course and when to make changes
  • interpret dreams.

I know you can think of lots more ways to exercise your beautiful intuitive powers!

Practicing with your intuition in your daily life will make it easier for you to access it when you are working with clients in healing sessions. Plus, it's fun!


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