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Clearing Treatment/Session Space

by Sandra Whitney
(Lavergne, TN, USA)

Before a treatment/session I pray to allow the space and all who enter for a healing vibration that is in alignment with the session as requested by the client.

I Smudge the area before and after with a natural herb, resin and/or incense or freshen up the area with an essential oil mixture.

I usually use sage or lavender or light an incense or resin of frankincense and/or myrrh, based on the needs of the treatment/session. If I am in a confined space without a window, I use an essential oil mixture either by spraying or burning.

When the treatment/session has ended, I Say an ending prayer in appreciation for the treatment/session and the client.

(Music is played during the treatment/session. The client gets a choice, nature sounds, drums, harps, flutes. By their own choice of music, they will aid themselves in healing through sound)

Comments for Clearing Treatment/Session Space

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Jan 28, 2016

by: Nancy

Lovely, Sandra. Thank you for sharing the details of how you prepare and close your healing space for sessions with clients.

What a great idea to let clients choose their own music! Are you willing to share some of the specific CDs/artists that you offer? (I find it challenging to find sound tracks that hold the energy I'm looking for and am always looking for suggestions.)

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