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Bioquantum Energy Healing

by Marko Legat
(Bled, Slovenia, EU)

BIOQUANTUM ENERGY HEALING is highly efficient method for alleviating and eliminating all kinds of diseases, injuries, pain and distress. Energy procedures are performed at a distance by "Bio-Resonance Energy Transfer" principles to renew and stabilize energy field (the matrix) of the organism and slowly but surely return the body to homeostasis – natural state of equilibrium and immanent ability for self-regeneration, selfcure, selfhealing and self-revitalization. Energy intervention eliminates deformation of the source frequencies in the client`s energy field. Establishing an energy balance ELIMINATES THE PRIMARY CAUSES FOR THE EMERGENCE OF DISEASES and causes very strong therapeutic effects in the organism - relieves stress, triggers homeostatic processes of self-regulation and restores HOMEOSTASIS resulting in normalization of biochemical processes and physiological functions and leading to the improvement of health and/or full recovery.

Bioquantum energy therapy can also be performed remotely, AT A DISTANCE, with no direct physical contact to the client (using quantum teleportation procedures). At the moment when therapist perform an energy therapy at a distance (4 consecutive days, up to 30 minutes per day), the client stays in the comfort of his/her home (apartment), while the therapist may be thousands of miles away. The effects on the human organism are manifold. Let’s list the most important:

• alleviation and/or elimination all kinds of diseases, injuries, pain and distress (including those formally regarded as incurable)
• rehabilitation of wounds, fractures and other injuries in the post-operative phase… accelerates the healing proces (recovery time) by up to 3-5 times
• relieving and eliminating the pain of all kinds (including persistent and chronic)… no painkillers and harmful side-effects…
• helps patients who are receiving chemotherapy to mitigate or eliminat the undesirable side-effects (nausea, vomiting, hair loss …)
• recommended before the allergy season, tough and stressful situations (eg. major sports events …)
• reducing or eliminating the effects of stress and thus affects the physical and mental stability – reduces the level of stressors hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol) and increases the level of adaptogenic hormones (prolactin and aldosterone) and slows down the aging of the organism
• riseing revitalizing ability and accelerating the regeneration of the organism – recommended for quick recovery after hard workouts, trainings and races - slows the aging process and moves up the regenerative capacity of the body
• increases blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the discharge of lactic acid from muscle sets
• renews energy level of clients biofield, strengthens the immune system and the body’s resistance to deseases

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