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Be Set Free Fast (BSFF)

by Stephen Coleman
(Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines)

Be Set Free Fast was developed by Dr. Larry Nims, a psychologist and was a student of Roger Callahan. Other Students of Roger Callahan are Gary Craig who developed EFT and Tapas Fleming who developed TAT or Tapas Acupuncture Techniques modalities of clearing negative emotions and energies.

BSFF is uses the subconscious mind to clear out emotional blocks. "The subconscious is our faithful servant, it will do whatever we tell it".

A set-up with instructions for the subconscious mind is read and every time we use a cue word which will cause the subconscious mind to do all the directions in the set-up and release the feelings and emotions that may be affecting our health and happiness.

It is fast and gentle and in just a few minutes more can be cleared than with a full session of hypnotherapy.

It can also be used to do surrogate work and even works with our loving pets.

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